10 Best High-Pressure Washers: Reviews and Buying Guide

With a high-pressure cleaner, you can quickly and thoroughly clean various areas in the house and garden. The high-pressure cleaner helps to easily remove even stubborn dirt. The device is versatile and flexible, so you can clean soiled terraces, facades, gutters or paved walkways around the house. In addition, the high-pressure cleaner is very good to wash your bike or car … Read more

10 Best Fan Heaters: Reviews and Buying Guide

A fan heater or heating fan called provides, in the winter for cozy warmth and in the summer for a cool air. This electrical appliance is ideal for quickly bringing a room to the desired temperature and proves to be irreplaceable, not least in the event of a heating failure. In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in an unheated bathroom, garden shed, a … Read more

10 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

Clean quickly, environmentally friendly and easy – with a handheld steam cleaner no problem. These household appliances, which are often referred to as Dampfente, promise a power-saving cleaning without chemicals. Our guide contains detailed information on how a steam cleaner works and builds, as well as numerous suggestions for using and maintaining the device. With the help of … Read more

10 Best Garden Hoses: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

For your perfect equipment for your hobby garden, a garden hose is essential. Whether you want to water your garden or use a high-pressure cleaner, a flexible garden hose is needed in the garden in many situations. From the length of the hose to the maximum pressure it has grown, there are many things to consider when buying. So that the constant rolling, unrolling … Read more