10 Best Bike Repair Stand: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

If you want to carry out minor or major repairs on your bike on your own, the purchase of a bicycle stand can be quite worthwhile. Whether you choose a tripod or a wall mount, cycling repair is much easier. After all, your bike sits firmly in the stand, so you do not have to be afraid that your bike could tip over at any time. Just as practical: You can even use some of the leading bicycle repairs stands on the market to save space when needed in your apartment. There it is perfectly protected from the harmful effects of bad weather and possible long fingers.

10 Best Bike Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stand – What is it?

As the name implies, a bike mount stand can be used as a practical mount to mount different parts to your bike. This type of stand is therefore also known as a bicycle repair stand. This special holder is suitable for the care, maintenance, and repair of your bike. The bike will no longer have contact with the ground once you attach it to the stand. After all, most bicycle repair stands are four-legged tripod stands, while bicycle repair wall brackets are the exception rather than the rule.

Whether you want to screw around on a mountain bike, want to make used bikes, a children’s bike or a racing bike again afloat, is only incidental. Because for the most different types of bicycles can, of course, find the right bike stand. The bicycle bike stands are not to be confused with a practical bike holder. You can also use your bike stand to store your bike.

Tripod or wall mount for bicycle repair?

If you are looking for the right bicycle stand for a repair on your Puky bike, Bulls bike, diamond bike or your Cube bike, you can choose between a wall mount and tripod mount. In the search for the right bicycle accessories, you will soon discover that stand stands are clearly in the majority. This type of bracket has been proven in DIY bicycle repair for the following reasons:

  1. Does not have to be screwed tight to the wall
  2. Can disappear after use in a space-saving way in the basement, in the garage or in a storage cabinet
  3. Comparatively low acquisition costs
  4. Foldable and therefore portable
  5. Most of the bike mount has a freely swivel and rotatable 360-degree tilt

The However, tripod stands for your bike are also associated with a decisive disadvantage. You can tip dangerously when the load gets too big. On wall brackets, however, this can not happen. They are usually hinged and therefore also extremely space-saving.  The brackets for the wall are also easy. However, the clamp for the bicycle mount is not free to pivot on all wall brackets.

This means that you may find it harder to reach some parts. Your bicycle repair with a wall mount is also complicated and time-consuming because you can not walk freely around the bike, which now hangs on the wall. In addition, you must screw this bracket firmly to the wall. This is only possible if you have a sufficiently stable wall. On a lightweight wall, on the other hand, you will have problems with this type of bicycle repair mount.

Which bike to buy? These criteria are important!

Whether you want to buy a bicycle helmet , a bicycle speedometer, a bicycle trailer , a new bicycle tire, a Pegasus bicycle, a Gazelle bicycle or various bicycle parts in December 2018 , as a smart consumer you first find out about the most important criteria in search of your personal favorite , If you are not working at a bike factory or workshop, buy a bicycle repair stand for the first time. We would like to take this opportunity to show you the most important criteria when purchasing this practical tool:

  • The load capacity – the maximum load in kilograms
  • The maximum permissible frame diameter (especially important for the MTB repair)
  • Whether there is a tool tray (ideally magnetic with a number of handy storage compartments)
  • How many clamps and holding hooks are there and their adjustability
  • Whether a telescopic rod for attachment of the handlebar is present
  • The price (be sure to pay attention to the price-performance ratio compared to the direct competition)
  • The manufacturer and his reputation
  • The weight of the stand
  • The minimum as well as the maximum working height
  • The design and the color (often black, but also available in pink, blue, etc.)
  • How space-saving the assembly stand can be folded up
  • Other features such as an individual height adjustment of the individual legs for a leveling on an uneven floor
  • How many legs your stand has (crucial for stability)
  • The customer reviews of the other cyclists (thanks to this customer feedback is worth the purchase online especially)
  • The material quality (usually powder-coated steel)
  • That all hooks and clamps were gummed so that the paint of your bike can not scratch unnecessarily
  • Can the stand be bolted to the floor? (in a bicycle repair stand professional, which is used in a workshop, clearly beneficial)

Pay attention to the frame diameter

The clamp brackets of the common bicycle repair stands are suitable for a frame diameter of 25 to 40 millimeters. Whether you want to screw around on a road bike, a children’s bike or a trekking bike and your city bike, this tolerance range is sufficient in most cases. It looks different, however, when you ride a mountain bike.

After all, your MTB must withstand high loads in the terrain. For this reason, many mountain bikes have a particularly strong top tube, which may well exceed the specified tolerance range under certain circumstances. Not every bicycle repair stand is therefore suitable as an MTB repair stand. If you are interested in a special MTB assembly stand, you should not only measure your own bike before you buy it. Rather, make sure that the stand your final choice is for can give you a large enough frame diameter. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to fix your bike to the seat post. This should be possible with most repair stands.

Adjustment possibilities of your bicycle assembly stand

Before you buy a bike rack for your bike, you should make sure that your new bike rack can provide you with sufficient adjustment options. The best bike repair stand should be adjustable from about 100 to about 190 centimeters in height. Only then is a back-friendly bicycle repair possible – even if you are particularly tall. If you want to repair your bike at a fairly high working height, it makes sense to pay attention to an additional holder for the bicycle handlebar when buying. After all, such a telescopic arm rod provides more security.

Ideally, the clamp that secures your bike to the repair stand should also be able to tilt and pivot 360 degrees and be securely locked in almost any position. After all, the only way to ensure that you have access to a variety of bike parts and areas easy and can carry out the necessary bicycle repair, without having to strain yourself strenuously. The more bike brackets and clamps are available, the safer you can fix your bike in your new stand.

Is a bicycle bike stand really a must?

Maybe you’ve always done that by simply turning your bike upside down to make a repair. However, this procedure is only conditionally recommendable and can simply be regarded as an emergency solution. Of course, you can set up your chain on this way again on the fly. However, when it comes to complex and particularly extensive repairs, you are much better advised with a professional bike repair stand. This is especially true if you want to carry out the following repairs on your bike on your own :

  1. Setting the gearshift
  2. Installation of a dynamo lighting system including the associated wiring
  3. Adjusting the brake
  4. Mending the tires
  5. Replacing the wheels
  6. Coat change

Since you can flexibly access all parts and components of your bike from all sides, the next bicycle repair will be much quicker and easier for you. In view of the comparatively low purchase price for a bicycle repair stand, this time saving is certainly worthwhile for you as well. Which bicycle repair stand is the right choice for you depends mainly on which of the following bike models you would like to repair:

  • children Bicycle
  • Trekking bike
  • City Bike
  • MTB
  • racer
  • electronic bicycle

However, the best bike mount stands have such a high maximum payload and so many clamp brackets to offer that they can be used flexibly for any type of bike. Be sure to pay attention when buying. Because even if you may not own an e-bike now, you may want to buy such a bicycle at a later date. Then it is very convenient if you already have a suitable bicycle repair stand on hand.

Does it make sense to build a bike stand yourself?

Even if you can build a bike repair stand with the necessary instinct yourself, we would rather advise against it. This is especially true because your self-built bicycle repair and repair stand must be able to cope with a comparatively large load. Otherwise, your bike could possibly tip over while you just screw it on. You do not need to worry about this unnecessary risk of injury.

This is especially true because the standard bicycle repair stand on the market are offered relatively cheap. You can hardly build your own stand much cheaper. In addition, there is a much higher risk in a home-built stand that your bike could carry off unsightly scratches and dents. If you’ve recently bought a new bike or if it’s a very expensive bike, those obvious blemishes are even more annoying.

Bicycle Repair Stand Repair Stand Brand Selection

Whether you want to buy a Mountainbike bike rack or bike rack for bikes like city bikes and trekking bikes, we can only recommend the choice of a quality-conscious brand with a correspondingly good reputation. But which brands do you expect in the search for the right bicycle repair stand? The following list tells you in detail:

  • Powerfix assembly stand
  • Ibera repair stand
  • Contec
  • Feedback Sports Repair Stand
  • alright bike repair stand
  • Park Tool
  • femur
  • Relax Days
  • Amzdeal
  • ultra Sport

Practical tips for using your bicycle stand

Now that you have decided on a professional bicycle bike stand from our detailed and non-binding comparison, we would like to give you some practical tips for dealing with your repair stand on the way. With these tips, you can repair your bike not only in a short time back-friendly, but you also protect the bike itself :

  1. Ideally, attach carbon wheels to your seat post so that the very delicate frame cannot be damaged
  2. Alternatively, place it on a tripod stand with a fine adjustment of the clamp so that it does not exert too much pressure on the carbon frame
  3. Secure the wheel securely in any position to minimize your risk of injury
  4. Adjust the working height over and over again to protect your back over the entire repair period
  5. Consistently use the magnetic tool tray so you do not have to search long for your tool
  6. Choose a stand with four legs and a high dead weight for excellent stability for the sake of your safety
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