10 Best Water Shoes: Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach or river, having proper shoes is essential. Among other things because a stone, a small animal or any rest that is in the sand or water can dig into our feet, without forgetting the risks arising from possible landslides and falls that can sometimes occur. To enjoy more of your beach days, you can rely on products like the Cressi Unisex Scarves model. A product of traditional design, with a perforated design very comfortable to ventilate the interior and evacuate the water, completed with a lightweight to give you more mobility. If you prefer a more traditional design, the Cressi Neoprene Coral neoprene slippers They incorporate the design in mesh with the non-slip sole of high grip, so you do not worry about a possible fall while using the shoes.

Top 10 Water Shoes

What are the best water shoes for 2019?

If you wonder what are the best water shoes to walk in areas such as beaches and rivers, we find safe and comfortable options such as those discussed below. So, so that you do not have to spend much time searching, we leave you with our selection of the best water shoes of 2019, with products of all types and designs to find the most suitable for you.

What is the best water shoes on the market?

At the time of walking by the river or the sea, the water shoes are a good proposal, very interesting to avoid problems with the stones, the garbage and the vegetal remains that sometimes are inside or outside the sea. So that you do not worry more than to enjoy, we leave you with our guide to buy the best water shoes, suitable both for your preference and what interests you the most.

Shopping guide

The format of the shoes

Within any comparison of water shoes that we find in the market, the usual thing is that there are not many differences between models since the designs and the formats really are what they are. This does not mean that sometimes there are some differences that are worth considering, especially for the little ones or for users with greater comfort needs.

When talking about format we find, on the one hand, with the integral water shoes. Good and cheap shoes that are usually made in one piece to give you a complete solution when walking. In this case, it is convenient to pay attention to the fact that the product allows us a good width to fit the foot, as well as a one-piece construction. The models that are manufactured with different glued pieces have a lower resistance and usually fail precisely for the joints.

As an alternative, we find the shoe style materials, which have a format more similar to that of a canvas shoe or a similar product. These models have a greater comfort at the time of putting the foot, thanks to the mesh inserts of the upper part that make it more flexible. As a drawback, the model has more weight, but not much more to make it worrisome or annoying. In any case, you have these two main designs at your disposal according to what interests you the most.

Clothing materials

As important as the design are the materials of manufacture of the product, which usually also establish the difference in what refers to the comfort of the product. And is that as we have indicated before, some materials are lighter or less rigid than others in what gives you comfort. By the way, there is not much difference in how much a model costs from one material or another.

If we start talking about products based on plastic or rubberized materials, the sensations and comfort when carrying the product are somewhat less pleasant than the models with textile inserts. Since it is simply plastic, it can stick to the foot in a more iron, although it is true that it has a greater ability to evacuate water during use and do not gain weight during use, since the material does not retain water.

Another of the most popular models is the neoprene, a material that protects your feet from both water and cold, as well as providing great comfort, as it is a material that adapts well to the shape of the foot. These models, in addition, usually include a sole of rubber or silicone, which provides these shoes with all the protection and security you will need.

Something that may be the weak point of some models is that sometimes they include areas of mesh that can let the water pass to your feet. These elements give a comfort more pleasant to the touch and to the adjustment than the plastic or rubber products, although they have this drawback.

However, due to its structure, the drying process of that water that accumulates is faster, so the problem is easily solved. These mesh models are probably the most suitable for children, to give a better comfort of use, so if you are looking to equip the smallest of the house this is a good option.

Tallajes y medidas

As the last aspect to keep in mind with the purchase of your water shoes is to check the sizes and measurements well. Since these types of products are practically glued to the foot, in many cases, a good adjustment of the product is necessary to really help. Nothing is useful for a product that is too big, that in the end makes us go in a flip flop and can even get out of the foot, or a product too firm and narrow with which you will not feel comfortable and can injure your foot.

Therefore, it is necessary to check exactly the measures of the product, both the width and length of the footwear, to see that they really fit your foot. And is that one of the problems that tend to be with the carving is that in many cases do not fit properly to the user.

Partly because some products are carved according to the English metric systems, which do not correspond to the European ones, and partly because even within these sizes, with the same size, it is possible that there are notable differences in measurement between a model and other.

Therefore, the fundamental advice is to measure the foot or shoes that you have at home and verify that the chosen water shoe complies with these measures. It is the best way to avoid returns and to find an ideal product for your foot.


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