10 Best Walking Shoes Men: Reviews and Buying Guide

When walking or spending a long time standing it is important to have a shoe that provides comfort, to have a comfortable footprint and avoid aches and pains of walking a lot or standing for a long time with inappropriate shoes. If you need to buy walking shoes, this article has been written to help you choose the best shoe for men.

It should be taken into account that they are light, so that they do not represent a great weight when walking and they tire the legs faster, in the same way they must be soft so that when supporting the foot in the shoes they cushion the footprints as much as possible and do not mistreat the foot, when some shoes are very hard after walking they cause pain in the feet, so it is very important to take this aspect into account.

After paying attention to how comfortable and comfortable the shoes, quality should be considered, at this point you should take into account the outer material, the lining, the sole, the type of closure, in order everything related to the material that has been produced. The design also plays an important role, because the fact that it is comfortable and of quality does not prevent it from having a good design that allows us to be comfortable and at the same time look good.  

Top 10 Walking Shoe Men

What are the best walking shoes in the market?

Performing some type of physical activity in a constant way is highly recommended for people of any age. The movement of the body helps to maintain a correct circulation, as well as good development of muscles and joints.

Walking for a while each morning can help improve your metabolism and health in general, and it is proven to improve the mood and help people’s social relationships. In some urban environments, the proliferation of cars and people on the street is such that many users choose to go on foot to work. In these cases, it may be possible to achieve daily exercise requirements just by going from your home to your office. If you are interested in applying this technique, you need to acquire the right shoes for it. In addition, the use of this type of footwear allows much more comfortable mobility and helps the foot to obtain the support it needs.

Shopping guide

What kind of walking shoes are better?

Next, we will analyze three of the most influential characteristics in the quality of walking shoes so you can know what to look for when choosing a model from the shelf or in online shopping stores.


In any type of footwear, materials play a very important role in terms of quality and strength but when it comes to sports shoes, this feature can be decisive if you want to maintain good hygiene and health of the feet.

When it is necessary to acquire footwear to practice sports, it is highly recommended that these be resistant and ergonomic since the pressures of the footsteps and the constant movement can wear them more quickly.

Likewise, it is necessary that the shoe allows a correct transpiration to avoid the formation of fungi and bacteria and also helps to maintain a constant air circulation that helps the foot to stay fresh does not matter if you decide to take the walks in the city or in the countryside, it is necessary that you take the necessary time to evaluate the effect of the footwear on your feet so that you can avoid discomfort or later infections.


The walking shoes can be of different shapes and have different designs so in this case, it may be a bit of your part and pleasure to choose the most suitable for you.

Braided type closures are recommended if you want to get a much more specific fit on your foot, either because you want to ensure your footwear as well as possible or simply because you like to tighten it according to your sensibility.

It is also possible to find walking shoes that do not need braiding, these are much easier to put on and take off, but they can get out more easily from the foot, which can be dangerous in some cases. In addition, this can cause injuries and discomfort in unstable terrain.

In addition, it is very important that you can acquire the appropriate size so that the footwear can adapt correctly to the size of your foot to offer you greater comfort and support.


Now, we focus on the type of sole of walking shoes. When it comes to sports shoes, it is necessary to analyze the type of environment in which they will practice physical activities since each sole is designed for a particular terrain.

For example, if you decide to take walks in urban environments where the ground is mostly made of asphalt, you need shoes with soft and comfortable soles that help you get good traction to avoid slips and that, in addition, offer you the necessary support to each foot pressure against the ground.

If you want to practice hiking in the countryside, it is advisable that you acquire rigid-soled shoes with specialized designs to improve traction to offer you better grip and stability. In this type of environment, the shoe may wear out more quickly, so you must acquire high resistance models that allow you to carry out your activity safely.

Main advantage:  

The shoes for walking Skechers ON THE GO COURT, are very comfortable and comfortable, which means they can be used for long walks or to stand for long periods.  

Main disadvantage:  

Some users comment that they feel very soft at first, but then they get used to them.  

Verdict: 9.8 / 10  

As for its exterior, these shoes are made of synthetic material with unlined lining. In addition, they have very strong and durable seams that allow you to wash them comfortably.



If any advantage can have a footwear is a comfort, this translates into well-being in all the senses for the user, since it is our feet that are in charge of taking us, bringing us and keeping us in any place where we are, therefore There is nothing better than a comfortable footwear, that facilitates the daily journey or accompanies us in those moments in which walking will be the priority.

Skechers ON THE GO COURT shoes, provide great comfort, are light, soft and fit very well to the foot, providing a walk with rested feet and without pain. Its softness reduces the pressure on the joints as it cushions the footfalls.  

Price quality ratio  

Being the price-quality ratio a feature much appreciated in any product, the Skechers ON THE GO COURT walking shoes are a good example of this, they are comfortable, comfortable, lightweight and of quality at a relatively low price. Which means that by saving money you can have access to a good product.

Generally, good shoes usually cost large amounts of money, however, in this case, the quality and the good price come together to offer a great opportunity to acquire walking shoes at a really acceptable cost.  


The material with which Skechers ON THE GO COURT shoes is made is of quality. Its exterior component is synthetic, with unlined lining, users limit that the seams are quite resistant and allow them to be washed in the washing machine without problems.  

The rubber sole with lace closure, the type of heel is flat and the quality of all the materials with which these shoes are made result in good footwear, with comfort and comfort features that users long for in footwear.



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