10 Best Vibrators: Reviews and Buying Guide

What used to be an absolute taboo subject can now be said openly. Each of us wants to experience sexual highlights and everyone has their own personal preferences. Sometimes with the help of a vibrator. Whether alone or in a stimulating game of togetherness – a vibrator can elicit unexpected climaxes. But only if it is the right one. Sometimes it is too short, sometimes too long, sometimes too weak, sometimes too strong. But also the shape and the material are of crucial importance. Not only in terms of sexual satisfaction, but also in terms of skin compatibility.

Once the right vibrator is found you will not want to miss it anymore. But only with the right handling and care your new toy will be preserved for a long time. We would like to introduce you to the most popular vibrators in our vibrator comparison and give you many useful tips on handling, care and correct purchasing decisions in the following guide. In addition, you will find out if Stiftung Warentest has already carried out a vibrator test.

Top 10 Vibrators

How to find your best piece – Vibrator Guide

If you are looking for a variety of moments in the bedroom, a vibrator should not be missing. It provides versatile moments thanks to individual shapes, materials, vibrations, and pulsations. The large product range of the manufacturer leaves nothing to be desired. You have the choice between classic vibrators, lay-on vibrators, vibrating eggs, anal vibrators and more.

They differ in terms of handling, the field of application, operation, functions, material and, of course, shape, size, and color. If you buy a vibrator, it is primarily about the fun factor, but this is only guaranteed if you also choose a skin-friendly material.

Since sex toys come in direct contact with the mucous membranes, you must pay attention to safe materials without pollutants. Sex toys made of medical grade silicone have proven particularly useful. What is important when buying a vibrator, which vibrator types are there and more information is available in the following guide.

The most important features of a good vibrator

The vibrator is not the same vibrator. Apart from the fact that there are numerous variants, models, and sizes, further points play an important role in the purchase decision. We have summarized the most important features for you and will discuss them in detail below.

  1. The fun factor – Which vibrator type are you?
  2. The functionality and handling – how practical are the models?
  3. The material – silicone, latex or ABS (thermoplastic)?
  4. The cleaning and storage – hygiene ensures maximum service life.

Which vibrator type are you?

Before you buy a vibrator, it is important to find out which vibrator best suits your stimulation needs. Often it does not stay with a model. But good vibrators have their price, so you should start with a model, which promises you a lot of fun. So to speak, a basic model for many moments, whether alone or in pairs. We give you an overview of the most popular vibrator types.

The classic vibrator

The classic vibrator is similar in shape to the male member. Sometimes less bent, some larger some smaller. Some models have a smooth surface, some are textured for additional stimulation on the surface. All models have one thing in common: the vibration. This can be switched on and off via a button or a wheel and regulated in speed.

When buying, pay attention to the number of speed levels. Too little choice could turn out to be a disadvantage. It’s also important to know where the button is, so you do not accidentally come to the power button in the middle of your lustful ecstasy. Then the pleasure ends abruptly, which can be sobering.

G-spot vibrators

Outwardly, G-spot vibrators are similar to the classic vibrator, but you still have an “extra” on board. The tip is always lightly protected because it should also stimulate the intimate massage your G-spot, which is located about 5 centimeters in front of your vaginal entrance. A double pleasure, so to speak.

The Rabbit vibrator

The G-spot vibrator is an extension of the classic vibrator and the Rabbit vibrator combines both variants. You can buy it either straight or in a curved shape, as well as smooth or structured. The curved shape brings you the added pleasure of the G-Spot Stimulator. But what gives the Rabbit vibrator its name and its function are the outwardly placed “rabbit ears”, which temporarily sets your clitoris in turmoil. To experience with a Rabbit vibrator equal to a threefold pleasure.

Love balls

Love balls are not vibrators, but they still deserve your attention. And in two ways. These little magic balls not only help you to feel more intense during sexual intercourse but also have a positive effect on your health. With increasing age, the pelvic floor muscles relax, which promotes incontinence in old age. In the act of love, it leads to your partner missing tight embraces in the act of love. Love balls promise remedy.

Regularly worn, they train your pelvic floor muscles, provide more tightness and give you more intense feelings during sexual intercourse. At the same time, they act preventively against possible incontinence in old age. There are light and heavy love balls with and without vibration as well as silicone or metal.


Anal vibrators are available in different versions. For example, anal probes, anal plugs, anal balls or in the form of a classic vibrator. They are either battery or battery operated and available at different speed levels. Anal vibrators can spin, pulsate or vibrate and are inserted into the anus of the sexual partner. To avoid pain and promote concomitant relaxation, the use of lubricating gel is recommended.

The functionality and handling

  • Control: Here you should make sure that the button for switching on also during use can be operated well, but without you accidentally come on it and your lovemaking ends surprisingly. He should not be too big and not too small and without eye contact.
  • Speed levels: the more, the better. So you can vary depending on your mood.
  • Volume: Too loud vibrators can be stimulating but also do exactly the opposite. Test the volume before first use.
  • Remote control: Some vibrators come with remote control, which can be handy. Especially when lovemaking for two.
  • App control: Some vibrators can be connected via Bluetooth with an app that makes operation even over long distances possible. Especially interesting for couples and surprising moments.

The material and the workmanship

Sex toys made of rubber, latex or PVC were the only available variants a few years ago. But then it was found that they contained a large number of harmful plasticizers, which break away from the material and penetrate our organism – so harmful to health. It had to be rethought what most manufacturers did.

Nowadays, medical silicone sex toys dominate the market, as they have proven to be particularly skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. At first, it was mainly used in medicine until developers came up with the idea of making products such as menstrual cups or vibrators out of it. But there are other variants that we now introduce.

The cleaning and storage

No matter which sex toy you buy, hygiene is the name of the game! If you are too careless in this point and leave the vibrator used, it provides an optimal breeding ground for bacteria and germs. If you then insert it again, all the doors are open to a bacterial vaginal infection or a vaginal fungus. Not infrequently than a visit to the gynecologist and treatment with antibiotics.

But with proper cleaning, such unpleasant situations can be avoided. Clean your sex toy thoroughly after each use. Water is suitable in combination with special toy cleaners. These you can buy for your toy and thus be sure that it is also suitable for your vibrator. You should refrain from chemical household cleaners, as these will damage the material and may also cause painful rashes or irritations on contact with the mucous membrane.

The use with lubricant gel – that you should consider!

For an even more intensive stimulation, but also for easier insertion, you will not pass a suitable lubricant. From a medical perspective, lubrication is essential if you suffer from vaginal dryness. Because then the planned lovemaking with a vibrator can become a nightmare and cause pain rather than pleasure. But even without medical reasons lubricants are a sensual addition. However, you must pay attention to whether the lubricant is also suitable for your vibrator. You will find the note on or in the packaging of your sex toy.

There are:

  1. Water-based lubricant
  2. Silicone-based lubricating gel
  3. Lubricant based on oil
  4. Gleitcreme

Keep your eyes open when buying a vibrator – the most important points at a glance

  1. The vibrator type
  2. The application areas
  3. The size
  4. The material
  5. The operation and functions
  6. Suitable for which lubricant
  7. The volume
  8. The cleaning and storage

The female orgasms. Would you have known?

The orgasms of women are for many a great, unsolvable mystery – sometimes even for women themselves. So some struggle with having never experienced a real climax, others are looking for multiple orgasms and still others are constantly changing. But how many are there? Three, five or twelve? An article from the Huffington Post claims it’s all twelve. We will now take a closer look at some of them:

  • The vaginal orgasm:  This is probably the most well-known among all, yet, according to a study, of all women surveyed, only about four percent experienced one. This orgasm explodes in the abdominal region, is shorter and less intense.
  • The clitoral orgasm:  Most women know this orgasm because, according to a study, it is the most common form. And for many women even the only one. The clitoris is stimulated until contractions arise that trigger an indescribably intense and, above all, long orgasm. It can even spread over the entire body and last up to a minute.
  • The Anal Orgasm:  Anal sex may not be for everyone, but wonderful climaxes can be achieved here as well. This is proven by a study in which about 94 percent of the respondents stated that they had once experienced an anal climax. However, you have to be careful with anal intercourse and best use a lubricant.
  • The oral orgasm:  While not every woman will experience that, some find their true highlights in it. In oral orgasm. This is also related to how sensitive or sensitive the nerve cells on the lips, the tongue and the mouth of each woman are. It can also happen that the oral stimulation is experienced so intensely that it triggers more orgasms of another kind.
  • The G-spot orgasm:  The G-spot owes its name to the researcher Ernst Gräfenberg, who wanted to have discovered him circa 1950. However, scientific evidence remains to this day. What is certain is that at a point within the vagina, about five centimeters from the vaginal entrance of numerous nerve endings and strands converge and this point is therefore very sensitive. In addition, many women confirm that they feel a special pleasure there, which is why there are also the popular G-spot vibrators.
  • The A and U point orgasm:  No, you have not read. Supposedly there is an A and U point next to the G point. The U-point should be near the G-spot – a bit deeper towards the uterus, the U-point near the urethra. Both require a deep penetration of the manor vibrator and should lead to intense climaxes with proper stimulation.
  • Zone Orgasm:  Orgasms can also be induced at any other body site. Surely you know the term erogenous zones, some have them on the ear, some on the neck. But every job is possible. You have certainly also collected your personal erogenous zone and sensual experiences, as these can lead to intense elation at the right touch.
  • Breast orgasm: The breast is one of the most erogenous zones. With the man and the woman. The stimulation can be done by stroking, licking or pulling and pinching.
  • Cervical Orgasm: The uterus can also become the center of major emotional explosions when it is subjected to deep and prolonged pressure. But not in all women, because of some rule rather sensitive to pain, if the vibrator or penis penetrates too deeply. Other women feel lustful climaxes.
  • The “Blended Orgasm”: Blinding we only know about whiskey. A mixture (blend) of different varieties. The orgasm is a mixture of the vaginal and clitoral orgasm and should be quite easy to reach. Any woman who has ever seen him, can not get out of the warming.
  • Multiple orgasms: In this form, you reach many orgasms in a row, so multiple. True fireworks of emotions and indescribably intense. Women who know their body well, conjure up a lot of these fireworks – often even with a good vibrator!

Which vibrator brands are there?

Lumina Fun Factory Nikon Joy Division cupid
Durex Satisfier Tracy’s iFun Nabini and many more
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