10 Best Ultrabooks: Reviews and Buying Guide

Portable, feather-light, pin-sharp picture quality and outstanding performance, which is hardly inferior to conventional devices. Ultrabooks are becoming more and more established. The market is getting bigger and more unmanageable. If you are just looking for the right Ultrabook for you, we will give you an overview of current models in this guide.

We compare the 15 best and most popular devices together. In the guidebook section, we assist you with words and deeds, which criteria your future laptop should fulfill so that you enjoy it for a long time.

Top 10 Ultrabooks

What is an Ultrabook?

An Ultrabook is a laptop in a very handy format. The name was protected until 2014. Not every laptop that was small, handy and light could be declared as Ultrabook. The manufacturer Intel had the term protected and set criteria, which devices may be designated as:

  • Extended power saving system
  • Battery life of more than 6 hours watching Full HD videos
  • Battery life of more than 9 hours idle with Windows 8
  • touchscreen
  • voice control
  • Intel Wireless Display
  • Powerful Intel processor
  • Fast startup

Since 2014 there are no more specifications from Intel, so that each manufacturer of a handy laptop may mark this as an Ultrabook.

What is the difference between ultrabooks and laptops?

The difference between the two is mainly in the design. The manufacturer Intel wants to combine high performance with the greatest possible portability. Therefore, the challenge for the laptop manufacturers is to build a very lightweight case. This works best with aluminum, magnesium alloy or carbon. According to Intel, a 13-inch ultrabook was not allowed to be more than 2 centimeters thick. Now, though Intel has lifted the criteria, this trend has remained. Manufacturers are still trying to keep their ultrabooks as flat as possible. In normal laptops, the different companies and manufacturers do not pay much attention to the thickness and weight.

Also with the display, there are differences. Most ultrabooks have a diagonal of about 13 inches. Normal laptops are equipped with screens around the 17 inches. Although the Ultrabook displays are smaller, they convince with excellent, razor-sharp picture quality. The screens are usually brighter and allow a larger viewing angle. There are two variants of the displays: reflective and matt. Mirrors are most suitable for use in buildings. Anyone working in the open can benefit from a matte display.

Ultrabooks put the focus on manageability. That’s why there are fewer connection options on the devices than on laptops. So they often do without a CD drive and bring only a few USB ports. If you want to connect many external devices and therefore can not get around, is with a laptop in most cases better served or needs additional options. For example, Microsoft offers an additional docking station that makes additional connections possible. Ultrabooks usually have a Bluetooth function. It lets you wirelessly connect many devices to your Ultrabook, so you’ll need fewer USB slots.

Also in the heart differ Ultrabooks and laptops. The former are predominantly equipped with a special processor series from Intel. The advantage of this series is that it is very energy efficient. The disadvantage is that the performance is lower than the conventional laptop processors. In most Ultrabooks, no graphics card is installed, but a chip. This takes up less space but comes in graphics-intensive programs or games to its limits. The hard disks of the small, portable devices are equipped with the SSD technology. They are about 3 times faster than normal hard drives. The disadvantage of this is that they offer less storage capacity.

Ultrabooks convince by long battery life. With laptops, however, often only a few hours. With Ultrabooks, you can work for about 8 hours, watch movies, or play games until they need to plug back in. The question of whether an ultrabook or a laptop is better, can not be answered flat rate. Both categories provide convincing arguments. So it depends on what you need a portable PC for and what you expect from it.

What’s behind the term Ultrabook Convertible?

More and more often terms such as 2-in-1 devices or convertibles appear. But what is behind it?

This describes ultrabooks that can be converted into a tablet with just a few simple steps. Either because the display can rotate 360 degrees so that the screen lid comes to rest on the keyboard or because the keyboard can be completely separated from the screen. In both cases, the operation then takes place via the touchscreen. The touchscreen can also be operated in laptop mode, so you can make inputs via mouse, touchpad or via the touchscreen. Especially digital signatures are easier. When editing images, this feature makes it easy to bring in special features such as self-drawn illustrations.

What should I look for when buying an Ultrabook?

An ultrabook is an investment that should be well considered. The better you beforehand to think, the more you can enjoy the new Ultrabook in everyday life. So that you can decide more easily, we present you properties that fit your usage habits. How to find your new device faster.

Ultrabook criteria for the study

Handy, fast, quiet and a well-operated keyboard. These are the criteria that a laptop should fulfill for students. Ultrabooks are generally practical and have a quiet, if not completely absent, radiator noise. So you can fit in almost any backpack or handbag and can easily be taken to the university.

Those who study usually write a lot. E-mails, papers or transcripts. If you need your ultrabook for studying, it is recommended that the keyboard is not too small. A connection for the LAN cable and other devices are also useful.

Ultrabook guide to the office

If you want to use your Ultrabook only in the office or at another fixed location, you do not necessarily have to pay attention to the battery performance. You probably have the device mostly connected to the power, so that low battery capacity is not negative. But what you should pay attention to is the number of connection options. In the office, it is usually necessary to connect many devices to the laptop. For example projector, mouse, LAN cable, second screen, printer, hard disks, and other external devices. Ultrabooks usually offer fewer connections than a conventional notebook. So make sure that your new device has as many ports as you need or that the ports are expandable.

Depending on the work you do in the office, it may make sense to pay attention to the keyboard size, display size, memory or performance. The more programs you use or produce, the larger the storage space should be. The more you write, weather reports, articles or other writing, the more sense makes a larger and more comfortable keyboard. Some Ultrabook manufacturers equip the keyboard of their devices with the microfiber Alcantara. This gives them a pleasant feel and thus a special feeling when using the Ultrabook.

Which Ultrabook is suitable for games?

Laptops that can easily play graphics-intensive games are king of the pack. It is the same with the Ultrabooks. Here, the challenge for manufacturers is to put a lot of power into as little space as possible. In this ultrabook comparison, for example, we present two Ultrabooks of the gaming manufacturer Razer, which are ideal for gambling.

You should pay attention to the gaming ultrabook:

  1. Powerful processor
  2. High memory
  3. Built-in graphics card
  4. Sufficient hard disk space
  5. Connection options for mouse, headset and Co.

Image and video editing with an ultrabook

Similar to gaming, high-performance processors are needed, especially for video editing, and in the best case an embedded graphics card. Also, a memory with several GB is useful. Most Ultrabooks have a graphics chip built in, which saves space. However, this comes quickly when cutting and editing 4K videos to the limits.

With image editing programs, if the screen is too small, the buttons and panels may become smaller and thus less recognizable. Therefore, it is best not to select the smallest inch size for these purposes. Some displays have a touchscreen. This makes a character tablet unnecessary for a logo or graphic creations. If you do not have an external hard drive or online storage, it makes sense to have sufficient storage capacity.

Ultrabook for the home office

Working from home is becoming more and more popular for more and more employees or self-employed. To work efficiently and effectively from there, an ultrabook is suitable for the home office. Because they are also easy to carry, you can use the Ultrabook at home, in the office, or even while traveling to work.

Significant in addition to a handy design and low weight, adequate processing power. This is important for you to be able to use several programs in parallel without slowing down the workload. Sufficient storage space should also bring the Ultrabook to work, so you can easily save your data and programs on it. In order to easily write your reports or other texts, it is important that the keyboard fits your hand size. If you have big hands, typing on small keys becomes difficult. An appealing haptic perception also ensures high writing enjoyment.

Around the world with an Ultrabook

You like to go and go on vacation? You do not want to miss surfing the internet, your favorite games or your work? Then do not do anything wrong with Ultrabooks. They are, so to speak, made for traveling. The small size and the marginal weight hardly burden you during transport. They take little space in the suitcase or backpack. The battery life is often better than conventional laptops.

Special attention should be paid here to the display. If you enjoy working outdoors, glossy displays will reflect. This can be very hindering for some tasks. There are also matte screens. The advantage is clear that you do not reflect and even in the open a perfect picture. The disadvantage is that the contrast is not as pronounced as with the glossy displays. This is especially noticeable in films. They are less colorful.

General recommendations for the Ultrabook purchase

The inside of the ultrabooks is crucial for the purchase. Because you want to have as much fun while working, playing or surfing with your new device. Neglecting, however, is not the appearance. The Ultrabook, or any other laptop, should also please you from the outside and have a design that appeals to you. Most Ultrabooks come in several color variations. So there is a high probability that you can buy your favorite in terms of performance in the right look.

It’s also a good idea to think about which operating system you want to use before you buy. Do you still want to use the one you already know and get along with? Or may it be a new one, which brings you different user experiences? The decision is crucial before you buy, because some devices, such as MacBooks, can only be operated with the system installed on them.

Where to buy Ultrabooks best?

The laptops in a handy format are available in almost every consumer electronics store and also on the internet. If you buy the device in a retail store, you can take it home right away. You do not have to wait long for the package, you can start working directly with it. However, there are now several options for almost every device. This variety cannot be offered in the market so that usually the cheapest and the most expensive variants are available there. Or even so, it may happen that your chosen model is not available.

If you want to order an ultrabook online, you can be pretty sure that this model is offered. Online retailers have a much larger storage area where you can store all the models. You can also find out more about the model and read customer reviews. The disadvantage here is the delivery waiting times. But you can also counteract these with premium shipping options.

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