10 Best Travel Umbrellas: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you have landed on this page, you should be interested in buying an umbrella, right? We have the ideal guide to buying the best umbrellas. Reviewing our recommendations, we are convinced that you will find what you need. Now that we have seen the best umbrellas and said what we think is the best umbrella in the world  (in the sense of classic umbrellas of a lifetime), it is a good time to take a look at two types of umbrellas that have emerged in the recent times and they are very interesting. It is the reversible umbrella that closes upside down and the windshield umbrella and Senz antitorque. Let’s go see them.

Unless you are planning a visit to the Sahara Desert, a travel umbrella is an excellent companion for almost any trip. They should be compact enough to fit in your carry-on bag or everyday suitcase so you can take it with you to use at any time. They must also be durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. Additional features designs ranging from flexible glass fiber designed to survive high winds, transparent umbrella, inverted umbrella, up awnings that protect against sunlight and rain

Top 10 Travel Umbrellas

What umbrella to buy?

As you can imagine, there is no way to tell which is the best umbrella. You have to take into account several aspects to recommend the best product (among them, the buyer’s budget). So we bring you the best options according to different criteria.

Buy reversed and reversible umbrella that closes upside down

One of the biggest problems of traditional umbrellas, and why there are umbrella stands, is that, when closed, as they are wet, dirty and wet the entire floor. And that has always been a problem. So far, thanks to reverse reversible umbrellas that close upside down.

In addition, it has many other advantages. Imagine, for example, that you are in the portal and it is raining, and they pick you up by car. You go to the car with your umbrella, without getting wet, but, the moment you get into the car, you have to close the umbrella before entering, and that makes you get wet (because, once you’re inside, you can not close it). That does not happen with the reversible umbrella.

Another advantage is that it is much more resistant (but much more), to the point that you can pass a car over (even being open!) And does not break. Also, because of its shape, it is much more comfortable to have picked up. You can leave it on the ground and stand upright (its pyramid shape is the reverse of normal umbrellas).

This is one of those cases in which someone teaches us that we have been doing something wrong throughout our lives and we put our hands to our heads for not having seen it before. For you to see it more clearly, I show you a video where the operation of these umbrellas is explained. And, if you want one, you can see the options that I present below.

Products that we test

How we tested

Our reviewers spent five hours trying one of the most popular travel umbrellas on the market. We ask you to consider the most important features of this umbrella, including portability, durability, and value. Below, we describe some of the most important considerations so that you also know what to look for when you make your purchases.

What to look for in a travel umbrella


If you are buying a travel umbrella, you definitely do not want one that is as heavy as the wooden handle found at the entrance of your house. Look for a travel umbrella made of lightweight materials, such as alloy, that can offer protection against rain without sacrificing portability.


Wind and rain tend to come together. A lot of cheap umbrellas can withstand a minor rain shower, but they will break as soon as they are hit by a gust of wind. Get a sturdy folding umbrella that has been designed to tolerate all elements, with features such as a Teflon, coated top or a flexible fiberglass design.


You have enough to put in hand luggage without an umbrella occupying a ton of space in the possibility that you can use it.

Luckily, most travel umbrellas are quite small, with telescopic abilities that allow them to close in a few centimeters.

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