10 Best Travel Power Adapters: Reviews and Buying Guide

In the following comparison, I will show you some of the best plug adapters available on Amazon. I will build on its most important characteristics, the reviews left by customers and their prices.

I confess that in the past I forgot to carry a universal plug adapter and I have had a bad time. Because, when traveling around the world you cannot load any of your devices because the electrical outlets may have different inputs to your country. That is why it is recommended to verify what kind of plug is in your destination, to avoid inconveniences. In total there are 14 types of plugs, they are identified with the letters of the alphabet from A to N. Being like this.

Before starting, we recommend that you review this international guide of adapters that you know what type of adapter you need according to your destination. It is important that you know that we will help you look for adapters that are not voltage converters. Most smartphones, tablets and other modern devices can handle different voltages. In the case of laptops, you will usually see a voltage range, such as “100-240 V”, printed on the power pack, which means you do not need a converter. However, we recommend that you do not plug these adapters devices like a hair dryer or a similar product without a voltage converter, as you could damage it.

Top 10 Travel Power Adapters

Factors to consider before buying a plug adapter

Where are you going to travel?

Do I need a US plug adapter? Or an adapter plug UK? The answer depends on where you plan to go. Therefore, it is essential that you know and informs yourself about the kind of plug that is in your destination country.

In general, the most useful are usually the European-American plug adapter, the European-to-English plug adapter, the American-to-European plug adapter, and the English-to-European plug adapter. However, it all depends on where you will travel and how often you will travel.

I recommend a universal plug, which includes the necessary adaptation to several countries, and is not left alone with one option.

What is the best English plug adapter in the market?

When leaving our trip outside of our city and another country like the United Kingdom, we find the surprise that many of our devices do not work because the electrical outlets have inputs different from those we know traditionally. Before this an English plug adapter is necessary for our suitcase and when traveling. Taking the above considerations, we have prepared this guide to buy the best English plug adapter.

Shopping guide

Why buy an English plug adapter?

Because we are not going to run out of electricity in our devices when we travel to London and even other places in the world that have in their decoration the use of English plugs. Having an article like this benefits us because we are not going to be downloaded when we arrive at the hotel or residence in London, but we will know and be able to use our devices without any setback.

Being able to communicate with our loved ones or carry out some work by using an English plug adapter will allow us to be safe when making a trip. With the confidence of an open letter, we can manage our laptop, our smartphone, tablet, hair dryer or razor.

Number of entries

Although having such an adapter is not so complex at the time of use, we must, when considering a comparison of English plug adapters, the number of entries. This feature is essential since there will connect the most important electronic devices and have greater utility in our day to day, which may well be our cell phone or laptop.

This is advantageous since we will not have to wait to load a device and then another and thus go feeding them with energy since we will consume our time waiting for them to load. The most advisable thing is to have at least two tickets. Although if we are the kind of person who does not get complicated and we just need to connect our Smartphone we will not have the desire to have more tickets.


When you go to buy one also look at the tension voltage of the country to visit. An adapter couples the voltage to the used one. For example, in North America, many countries in South America, Japan, and the Caribbean voltage is 100 to 125 V. While in Europe and Asia voltages between 220 and 240 V are used when devices are connected.

How many you need?

If you are going on a business trip to different countries, you may not want to carry a collection of adapters in your luggage. Although you must take into account the number of devices you need to charge and use during the stay. But this is relative, as I mentioned above I, if you regularly visit with often the UK, acquires a plug adapter English if the United States, an American plug adapter. But if you are a world traveler, a universal one is much more practical, and all in one.

USB connection

One of the most useful details that a plug adapter can have is whether it is a small connector or two USB ports. They work to load the tablet or smartphone directly, as well as the hair dryer or laptop. A powerful USB adapter plug is very useful, however, it can be a bit more expensive than traditional ones.


It is important that the London plug adapter or the Chinese plug adapter you purchase has CE, FCC & ROHS certifications. They will tell you that their manufacturing and product regulation materials are those imposed. An adapter should not use certain heavy materials in electronics, so there is no need to tilt over adapters without ROHS certification. I recommend those with nickel-copper plug and materials such as ABS.


Check both a UK plug adapter and a US plug adapter, which is designed for protection against power surge, and therefore, our equipment will not be damaged by it. So check the indications that explain in your description, in addition, there are adapters that have the label of not suitable for high power electrical appliances, so take care of this aspect to avoid problems.


The best thing about an adapter is that the level of relief it will give you is enormous compared to the prices they have. The cheapest and on offer you can get on Amazon from 7 euros, up to 15 euros.




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