10 Best Toilet Paper Brands: Reviews and Buying Guide

Today toilet paper is a basic product that can not be missing in any home. The good news is that these current papers offer great comfort with quality materials and all kinds of additional elements that help us make this part of our personal hygiene more bearable. Among the most outstanding papers that we find today we have the toilet Tork 120776. 

An industrial type product that nevertheless offers comfort and durability equal or almost better than that of many domestic products. If you are looking for a traditional paper, Scottex Original paper is still one of the most valued. A soft paper, double layer and with good durability, which is still present in many homes despite the rise of white brands.

There are products that by their own characteristics are totally indispensable in all homes. For this reason, this time we have prepared a purchase guide for you to present the best hygienic papers at the moment.

It may seem like a simple product, but what is clear is that toilet paper cannot be missing in any house. Moreover, it is always good to have enough and not wait until it is over before buying again. Therefore, to help you make your purchase decision, this time we bring you a guide with the best hygienic papers. 

Top 10 Toilet Paper Brands

What is the best toilet paper in the market?

Since the days when the fig leaf or the stone helped us to complete our personal hygiene, we have improved considerably. Fortunately, today the supply of toilet paper is considerable, with models of all types, sizes, thickness, and additives, so that it can be somewhat complex. The good news is that with our guide to buying the best toilet paper you will have easier to decide which paper is the most convenient for you and your family.

Shopping guide

Kind of paper

At present, the amount of options is so remarkable, that in any comparison of toilet paper that we see we can find dozens of products of all types, use, and thickness. Therefore, this is the first aspect that we are going to consider when it comes to orienting you on what paper we should buy.

The main difference when it comes to traditional papers has to do with the number of layers. The cheapest and lowest quality paper usually only has one layer, the most common being two layers inside our homes. From here we also have three paper and some excessive and go through the four layers, in a process reminiscent of razors with leaves. The choice, in this case, is more personal, although with two or three layers is usually enough.

These layers often count, especially on higher-level papers, with additional format elements that give greater comfort. For example, we can find padded toilet paper, which helps to use it more comfortable and fit.

We also have papers with silk, cotton and similar finishes, which offer a more pleasant surface than coarser papers, such as industrial papers. There is so much to choose from that you surely do not have problems in finding just what you want.

Dimensions and presentation of the paper

In many occasions, you will have bought cheap toilet paper, which visually looked very good, but when it comes to using them, it turns out that they last rather little by pulling at nothing. Do not worry, it is not that the paper has disappeared, but that you have just been the victim of the deception of the paper, in which although it seems that you make a good purchase, it really is not like that.

And it is that when it comes to buying toilet paper without spending too much, the roll and its measurements are a key aspect. In this case, the best test is to see the thickness of the roll. Although it is something that also influences the type of paper and the layers it carries, the smaller the thickness of the paper compared to the cardboard, generally, less time will last you at home.

This is completed with the approach to the number of rolls. Ordinarily, the more rolls you buy at one time, the cheaper they are. Typically, the paper is presented in formats of 4, 8, 12, 24, 36 and 48 rolls, although industrial or large format products can be found even in larger formats. Ordinarily, to a higher format, lower cost, although as we say, it is convenient to compare prices so as not to fall into the format trap.

Additional elements of the paper

Although the evolution of the paper has been considerable, as we have already seen, one of the last novelties of the market is the papers, so to speak, enriched, that have new functions with which to take better care of your skin in such a sensitive area. Obviously, there is a difference in how much this type of paper costs compared to conventional ones, but it is really worth it.

Among these treatments, one of the most common is the one that offers us paper in which different oils or elements that care for the skin are impregnated. Among them are the treatments with aloe vera or with essential oils, which during the process of use avoid irritations and take better care of the skin. In this field the variety is considerable, so you can choose the perfect product depending on the desired additive.

Another interesting novelty is the so-called wet products, which in this case are presented in a format that improves the cleaning product and are highly appreciated as a learning role for the little ones in the house. However, they are also appreciated by all types of users because they help to maintain more remarkable hygiene during the process of use.

What is the best toilet paper in 2019?

When it comes to buying paper for the bathroom, there is no doubt that we all try to find what is the best toilet paper that, within our budget, we can find. Luckily, the wide range of products allows you to have all kinds of products so that finding the perfect paper for you is easier. And the proof is in our selection of the best toilet papers of 2019 that we will see below.

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