10 Best Thermoses: Reviews and Buying Guide

A few weeks ago I had to see myself in the situation of changing the electric heater in my home , the one that had not heated the water properly and the cost of the repair that the technician gave me made this not profitable, so I put my hands I started looking for the best options when buying a new electric heater for my house that same afternoon, as that research work has taken me several days. I thought it was best to share my impressions with you to give you the best results. Best possible recommendations when buying your water heater.

Top 10 Thermoses

Types of electric heaters

To find out what is the best water heater market first thing we have to consider are the types that exist currently are 3: gas heaters, electric heaters, and solar heaters.

The gas heaters are an option that today is not viable for me, we are my husband, me and our daughter of 5 years so the consumption of hot water is not so high and a gas heater would be very expensive , the solar thermos was also not an option with the sun taxes that there is in Spain so we decided to buy an electric water  heater , it is the best option for secondary homes or when you are not a large family that needs huge quantities of hot water in your home.

This is when we choose among the main types that exist, that I tell you a few lines below along with the best quality/price models that I have found for each one after talking with my father-in-law who is a boiler installer and knows a lot about the subject.

Best vertical electric water heaters

They are the most common thermos, are designed to work in a vertical position which is very helpful because they occupy very little space and enter small gaps if these thermoses have deposits are often known as vertical boilers.

Guide to buy the best electric water heater

Size and capacity

The OCU (Organization of consumers and users) emphasizes that capacity and size are two things to consider when choosing your electric water heater, normally the capacity depends on the liters that can be stored in the thermos tank (50L, 75L, 100K, 150L, 200L and 300L), for each person in the family it is normal for the thermos to consume between 30 and 50 liters of water per day, if you count and calculate more or less the consumption of hot water that you have at home you can calculate the capacity you need, as normal are thermos between 100L and 150L, here I leave you a series of tips to calculate the capacity of the deposit you need:

  • A number of members in the family: The normal thing is that each person consumes about 30 liters of water, if that person spends a lot of time in the shower the consumption may increase to 50 liters, the recommended for 3-4 members is a deposit of 100-150 liters and for 2 people one of 100 liters.
  • Medium in which it is used: It is not the same to take a shower as to have to fill a bathtub, the latter consumes much more and causes your consumption to shoot up to 50 liters of water per person.


When installing the heater it is important that you do it in an area where there is a high demand for hot water, for example, near the kitchen or the bathroom because otherwise, you will suffer heat losses during the hot water supply, there the importance of choosing a vertical or horizontal thermos depending on the space available in the area closest to the house where this hot water will stop, thus becoming the most efficient types of boilers to ensure the efficiency of the thermostat and the correct Water temperature measurement.


The electric water heaters are undoubtedly the type of boiler most used today because of the facilities and comforts that it provides, the speed and constancy of the water temperature are a plus, for this reason, it is important to do the proper maintenance of your heater, more advisable according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) is:

  1. Turn off the thermos when you are on vacation if you are going to spend a long period of time on vacation is very advisable to turn off and unplug your thermo to avoid deterioration.
  2. Do not force your limits, it is advisable to never use the maximum temperature of the thermos but the recommended, in addition to saving in terms of consumption will help to keep the thermos better and for longer.
  3. It invests in a thermos of quality , the faults in the thermos usually occur after its period of life that is around 5 years, the extra time that lasts an electric water heater will depend on the quality of it, that is why in this guide I recommend boilers of good quality at very affordable prices that will allow you to save money both in consumption and in future refills or repairs.
  4. Choosing the right place to install it, it is important that the thermos is inside the home and as close as possible to the areas where more hot water is needed to keep the pipes warm if installed outside it is important to use thermal insulation to avoid deterioration.


The OCU also points out that consumption is also important, as a general rule electric water heaters are the best option if you do not need huge amounts of hot water so you can program your thermostat to get more efficient use of our heater and reduce the consumption of water. energy, you can save between 20% and 30% on the electricity bill, also there are models of low consumption if you need hot water on rare occasions.

The brand of Junker’s electric water heaters emerged in 1895 when Hugo Junkers patented the heater, a device that became the technological base of water heaters for home, is one of the brands of electric boilers most known today and a option to take into account whenever you look for quality in the products you are looking for. Their homemade electric heaters are the best value in the market and the quality and finish of them are one of the best of the current brands, here I leave the three heaters Junkers best valued by users.

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