10 Best Tablets: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tablets have become a standard in our society. They are practical, they are handy and they are extremely versatile in use. With a tablet, you can not only make a perfect professional impression but in the private environment brings the tablet corresponding advantages. Tablets of the newest generations can be used very well in the collection of data.

In addition, the multimedia devices can be used perfectly in a private environment. Especially when used as a game element or as an eBook reader. We looked at the latest-generation tablets and the older generation and looked at various features. In particular, however, we were interested in the equipment.

After reading the comparison of the top 10tablets, you can immediately get a good summary of important purchase information. In the large guide section, you will also find numerous helpful tips for choosing the right tablet computer.

Top 10 Tablets

Tablet buying advice: These things should be noted!

It does not matter if you want to read the daily paper in a digital form in the morning at the breakfast table or if you would like to surf the internet on the couch in the evening – with a tablet this is really very easy for you, whereby you also benefit from a few other application possibilities and advantages ,

But when it comes to choosing a suitable tablet, many consumers are asking what equipment features are most important and what requirements should best be met by this technical device.

We would like to answer all the questions about tablets in the purchase guide described below so that you will quickly and easily find a top device that optimally comes into question for you.

There are different tablets to buy for these target groups

  • Flexible Tablets with Android

If your budget is limited and you are looking for a device that can handle a wide variety of functions, then you should definitely take a closer look at the Android tablets of the different manufacturers because you are very likely to find Here is a suitable model with which you will have a lot of fun.

Both for learning at school or in college as well as for the job and at home, these devices are also very suitable, depending on the equipment. Internet browsing is just as easily possible namely, as the streaming of videos or films, provided a connection to the Internet. Plus, with direct access to the App Store, you can access millions of programs and massively extend the tablet’s functionality, which is very convenient. From entry-level models to high-speed processors, there are now many Android tablets to buy. So you should set yourself a concrete budget and evaluate the individual user behavior. For example, if you watch a lot of videos or movies, you might want to think of high-resolution devices with a large display. If you like to play with your device, then pay attention to a good performance, which applies especially to the built-in processor, the memory and the large enough internal memory.

  • iPads from Apple

On the other hand, with an iPad from the iPhone manufacturer Apple, you are a bit more limited and dependent on the iOS operating system. However, in terms of multimedia, as well as office and apps , there are also many different functions available to you, all of which you can use with an iPad. Basically, devices from this range are primarily recommended for you, if you already use products from the ecosystem of the manufacturer Apple anyway. This means that you can ensure that different programs are used on all products and that work can be continued here.

For example, if you started surfing on an iPad, the data would be redirected to the Apple iPhone, which also applies to documents and things like that.

Basically, you have to grab for a recent Apple iPad also a little lower in the purse, because compared to the tablets, which are equipped with the Android operating system, higher prices are due. However, you will always benefit from devices with a high-resolution display, which always offers good performance and are supplied with the latest software from iOS for many years.

  • Tablets for children

Today, many manufacturers also offer equipment that is especially suitable for children. As a result, additional setting options make it easy for you to monitor the use of different apps and greatly reduce the functionality. Of course, the same applies to the operation of the web browser installed on the tablet. If you are looking for a good device for children, you will find in the assortment of the manufacturer Amazon suitable models, which the dealer markets within the series Fire.

Tablets with Windows – Microsoft Surface

If you primarily work with the Windows operating system, you may expect the same arrangement of controls on the tablet as well. In this case, you are dependent on devices with the Windows operating system, which are now available in the form of tablets for consumers. The manufacturer Microsoft offers in this regard for the popular Surface devices for you to purchase, which are available in a price range similar to the Apple iPads. So you benefit from a practical alternative if you exclude devices with iOS or Android for personal use.

What features should you look for when buying a tablet?

After you have evaluated their individual usage, it is necessary to check the attached properties of the devices that are suitable for you.

    •  display size

Of course, the size of the built-in screen plays an important role, because the larger the display, the more content you can display on it. This is especially important if you want to use your tablet primarily for office applications or to stream movies or similar things. However, large displays are also associated with disadvantages. Thus, increased energy consumption is expected, which also applies to the maximized weight. So if you are looking for a very compact model that can be easily transported in your pocket, then small 7-inch tablets may be better for you.

    • Resolution of the display

Especially low-priced tablets, which are often offered for less than 100 €, often offer quite large displays, but above all, the resolution leaves much to be desired. However, the display resolution should be at least at full HD level to ensure a good presentation.

    • processor

So that the scrolling with the tablet is easy to realize and it can come here to no stuttering, the manufacturers obstruct fast processors, which are also used in smartphones. Depending on the usage behavior different chips are suitable for you, whereby today dual-core processors are part of the standard equipment. Especially in the Android segment, there are also some tablet computers to buy, which are even equipped with quad-core processors. Be sure to pay attention to the number of cores and the overall clock speed, which is especially important if you want to use your tablet for playing.

    • Internal memory

To store local data on the tablet, you should have as much space as possible. Depending on the manufacturer and model, it is often possible that the storage capacity can be easily expanded with the help of additional Micro SD cards. Keep in mind, however, that today tablets can also use practical cloud storage thanks to their direct connection to the Internet. This makes it easy to realize that you can conveniently retrieve documents that you have edited on the tablet on your computer.

    • random access memory

The larger the RAM, the more applications you can use in parallel on your device. If you also use quite complex programs, then the memory of your tablet should amount to at least 2 GB of RAM. Today, especially photographers and filmmakers ( iPad Pro ) use this equipment on the go. In such a case, a memory configuration with at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended.

    • camera

Many tablets also have cameras. These are not only available to record photos but to take advantage of the feature of video calling. If you would like to talk to your contacts via Skype and Co., it is very important that the camera on the front of the device has a good quality. If, on the other hand, you would like to take pictures of high-quality photos with the rear camera, please pay attention to a sufficient resolution, which the manufacturers specify in megapixels.

    • connections

In order to use additional accessories with the tablet, appropriate connections should be available, such as USB, Micro USB, and other ports. Especially for fast data transfer, this is very important to connect the device with a USB stick. In the field of connectivity but also the possibility of connection via WLAN or Bluetooth should be mentioned. Thus, then a connection to the World Wide Web can be made, which are also apps to install.

    • Battery life

Before you commit to a tablet, it is always advisable to check the battery life. Modern devices from the higher price segment offer a running time of well over 10 hours with a fully charged energy storage. Of course, this information always depends on which apps you use. For example, if you are primarily browsing the internet with your tablet, such a value may well be sought in practice. But not only the battery life is of interest, but also the overall charging time needed to fully charge the battery. It is recommended that you read consumer reviews that have already tested the devices you are considering.

    • Additional keyboards

Using a Bluetooth keyboard, you can easily turn a modern tablet into a 2-in-1 device, using a small notebook on the go. However, it is always recommended that you check the availability of the various keyboards in advance of a purchase decision, with the respective manufacturers of the tablets usually providing the best-to-use accessory products.

Conclusion on choosing the right tablet

Tablets with modern technical components and easy operation guarantee a real connection between standard smartphones and computers. However, you can easily turn such a device into a notebook with the help of additional accessories, so you always have an electronic companion benefit, for example, to edit documents much easier or to surf the Internet.

When it comes to choosing a tablet, you should always ask yourself what you primarily use the device for and what your budget is. For example, if you prefer the Android operating system, or you prefer to use Apple models, only certain devices will work for you. Enclosed you will find a list with recommended tips that relate to three different target groups.

  •  Tablets for use in your own home

If the device should primarily be used for surfing at home or for various multimedia applications, then the inexpensive models for beginners are recommended for you. These are already available for less than $ 100, usually using Android tablets.

  • Tablets for true multimedia fans

If, on the other hand, you want to edit pictures or videos, you should ensure the best possible performance with regard to the tablets. In such a case, especially the iPads from Apple are recommended for you, but with higher prices to book. It also lets you benefit from a convenient interface to your computer if you’re using Apple Macs in the field.

  • Tablets for users of the Windows operating system

In such a case, we can especially recommend to you the models of Microsoft that are marketed within the product line Surface. Thus, you benefit from high-quality workmanship, modern technical components, and a user-friendly operating system.

Tablet FAQ – The most frequently asked questions in the overview

  • Which tablets are the best?

This question can not be answered with a recommendation of a specific tablet. Nevertheless, we would like to help you with our above list of the 15 best tablet computers, and you should always evaluate your individual user behavior.

Cheap tablets come, especially in the Android segment. Here are the brand manufacturers Samsung, Huawei and recommended by Amazon. On the other hand, assuming the Apple iOS system, you access a more expensive iPad, which is also available in a special Pro version.

In the Windows segment, it is best to use the Microsoft Surface Tablets, which are also available in several different versions.

    • Which tablets make the best photos?

If you would like to use the tablet for photographing or recording videos, only selected models are suitable for you. For example, the Apple iPads of the newer generations have quite good cameras. In the Android section but also some top models are available for you to choose from.

    • Which tablets are recommended that can be connected to an external keyboard?

A tablet is a great option for surfing the web or editing documents while you’re out and about. But it is the latter function that makes sense in the first place when you use a keyboard with which the tablet can be easily coupled. The Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 is recommended among other things. The same applies to the Lenovo Miix 720-12IKB 2-in-1 tablets and the SW312-31-C8ZK Acer Switch, which are also available for purchase at fairly good prices.

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