10 Best Table Saws: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are a hobby craftsman or a professional, you may already have thought about purchasing a table saw to complete your equipment with high-quality tools. Thanks to a table saw you can machine mobile workpieces in no time and you can enjoy particularly precise cuts. However, the choice is not so easy due to the numerous providers, so we provide you with a table saw a comparison on gmomf.org, with the help of which you can find the right model.

Your choice does not always have to fall on the most expensive device with the high-wattage, but often you achieve the goal of a precise cut already with cheaper devices. In addition to the power consumption, numerous other factors such as the engine power and the diameter of the circular saw blade play a crucial role. Thus, even inexpensive table saws often make amazing. If you are willing to spend a little more money on your new table saw, the device often has a sliding carriage, a mobile undercarriage, and a soft motor start. These features make your job much easier. This makes moving the wood even easier and the cuts are even more precise.

Top 10 Table Saws

What is a table saw?

A circular table saw is a circular saw that is mounted in a special plate so that it does not have to be guided by hand. The table saw is fixed, whereby you can normally adjust the angle so that it is possible to saw the wood at different angles.

The table saw is particularly suitable for cutting larger pieces of wood or for the production of equal sized beams. Especially in the following works, the saw is very popular:

  • Sawing of laminate and parquet
  • Production of beams for interior work

Especially with the laminate and parquet, it is important that the individual pieces fit perfectly together to form a flat, beautiful floor covering. For beams, the right thickness and a straight shape are also very important. This not only has a visual background but also has a direct impact on the support of the beams.

How does a table saw work?

The table saw works with the help of a built-in motor. The saw blade is usually not activated by an inserted V-belt or the like but is mounted directly on the engine. Due to the direct seat on a shaft of the motor, the saw blade is driven directly. This has the advantage that no “intermediate steps” are needed and no energy loss takes place. This allows the saw to achieve optimum performance and enables clean cuts.

Electric table saws are powered either with normal current (230 volts) or with so-called power (480 volts). If you care about clean interfaces, you should pay attention to the highest possible speed. This has a direct effect on the blank, whereby the shape of the saw blade plays a major role.

Select the correct saw blade

It is not the diameter important, but the spaces between the teeth. In general, the more teeth a saw blade has, the cleaner the cut becomes. However, the high payment has a decisive disadvantage, because the small gaps clog quickly. This happens because the fine saw blades produce finer chips, which settle faster in the small chip spaces. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

What is the difference between a normal circular saw and a table saw?

Both the circular saw and the table saw are indispensable aids for the production of furniture and the like. Each model has its specific advantages and disadvantages, which we shed more light on.

A circular saw is ideal for sawing larger items. If, for example, you want to saw a long bar long ago, this will hardly be possible with a table saw, unless you are a couple. So one could lead the wood and the other make sure that the piece does not slip or tear off the plate.

Since the said plate is firmly attached to a table saw and not just large, it is difficult to zuzusägen larger pieces. With a circular saw, on the other hand, even long bars can be saved, as you can fix them on a suitable table top. The circular saw then simply guide you by hand as needed. In order to get straight cuts, it is important when using a circular saw to use a guide rail. These attach to the wood and thus guarantee a straight, clean guidance of the saw.

The disadvantage of the circular saw over the table saw is clear at the latest when several identical pieces are needed. It is almost impossible to lay the guide rails several times so that exactly the same pieces are created. Even if, this procedure is associated with an immense amount of time. In a table saw, the saw blade and the table top are firmly anchored and can be adjusted once for any number of pieces. As a result, you achieve the highest precision and save time for the recurrent setting of the required dimensions.

What should you look for when buying a table saw?

Before you buy a table saw, you should first consider what work and how often you want to use them. The purchase price is determined by these data as well as by the willingness to afford a particular model.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to which accessories are included or can be purchased. The more functions your table saw should have, the more you should be willing to invest. Think about whether you need the following attributes, for example:

  • A big worktop
  • Special stability
  • Parallel guide / transverse stop
  • Various saw blades

The better you can define what your table saw should offer, the easier it is to pick the right model. Pay attention to the choice of a good workmanship. This means, for example, that sharp edges should be avoided. It is also important to wear appropriate glasses and gloves when using a table saw. So you can protect yourself from flying chips.

In order to reduce the number of flying chips, a so-called riving knife is attached to most machines. Especially with cross sections, you should use this because it increases the longevity of the saw blade used in addition to safety.

What performance should a table saw have?

Since there are numerous models in a variety of price categories, the offered wattages are very different. If you think that low power is sufficient for occasional use, we must disappoint you here. The performance of a table saw has a direct influence on the quality of the blanks. In other words, the fewer watts a table saw has, the smoother the results will be.

If you do not want to risk your work from tearing and uneven edges, you should buy a powerful table saw. By “powerful” we mean models that work with at least 1,000 watts.

Professional craftsmen usually work with table saws, which apply between 2,000 and 3,000 watts. However, such devices are quite expensive and not necessary for occasional use. However, if you plan to use the table saw on a regular basis, ie every day, it would make sense to purchase a professional model. However, then is to be expected accordingly higher costs.

How much is a table saw?

In general, it can be said that the quality of a table saw should not be limited only to the price. Of course, the cost factor is very important, but should not be the deciding factor. To answer the question of how much a table saw should cost, it is important to understand in advance what and how often it is used.

There are different subdivisions:

  • The layman

As a layman, you rarely use the table saw. When it comes to using, it is more about the one-time sawing a piece of wood and not the steady production of equal pieces.

In this case, a cheap table saw is sufficient to satisfy your needs. This will save you a lot of money. In addition, such a device is sufficient for practicing, if you want to switch to a higher-quality device.

  • The hobby handyman

As a DIY hobbyist, they are already relatively skilled and skilled in using different tools and use them more often. They are no longer satisfied with beginner models and insist on high-quality equipment.

The perfect table saw for your needs settles in the mid-priced segment and already offers some additional features compared to the simple models. The price range of such devices is around 250 euros to 500 euros.

  • The professional home improvement

As a professional, you demand more from your tool and use it almost daily. Accordingly, the quality and longevity of the table saw must be guaranteed.

For you a table saw from the upper price segment is suitable. Then you can be sure that not only the processing of the table saw but also the results achieved are right. Many vendors offer numerous accessories for high-priced devices, which are either included in the price or can be purchased cheaply.

If you ask yourself the following questions before purchasing, then you can better decide on the right category:

  1. How many times will I use the table saw?
  2. How much is the purchase of a table saw worth?
  3. Will I make individual works or do I need larger quantities?
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