10 Best Soccer Cleats: Reviews and Buying Guide

Being able to practice our favorite sport with total comfort and confidence, is something that both professionals and beginners want. Soccer is one of the most played disciplines in the world, that’s why getting the ideal footwear to do it is a bit difficult because there are many models and brands, which can offer you a great diversity of boots. The first thing you must do is to have clear the main characteristics before making your choice, among which we can highlight: the materials, height of the heel and heel cut, and the type of sole, where the most recommended are those that bring tacos that give you a better grip on the terrain. To make your choice a little easier, we compare the boots with the best sales in the market and we recommend two models to start with; The first of them is him Nike Mercurial Vortex II FG, which has studs of different dimensions for greater stability in the field and are manufactured in waterproof materials. Also, we recommend the Adidas AF4836 that are flat sole with various reliefs to improve friction and are synthetic.

Top 10 Soccer Cleats

What are the best football boots in 2019?

To be able to count on the perfect model of footwear for the practices or tournaments for soccer, will allow us to have great precision in each one of our launches and movements on the turf of game or room, since there are different models for each type of sport and it is for that to be able to know which is the best soccer boot of the market for you, will depend on the needs that you have, the place where you are going to use them and the frequency with which you will do them; but given the variety of models this can be complicated.

That is why we have made for you a brief description of the models competing among the best soccer boots of 2019 that you can buy so that in this way you can determine if one of them fits your needs or, on the contrary, you should keep looking for another more suitable type.

What is the best soccer boot on the market?

Given the great variety of designs, models, and brands, it may be difficult to determine which is the best soccer boot in the market, because your choice can not depend only on the type of size you usually wear in your footwear, but other parameters that go to determine your purchase.

The first thing that you must determine if the use that you are going to give to the boots taking into account if you are a professional or a beginner, this will depend on the model you are going to choose because of the frequency of use. You should also analyze what type of terrain you are going to use, even if all the models resemble each other in a certain way, the sole will indicate the type of surface to which they can adapt.

Shopping guide

Why buy some football boots?

Buy some boots that allow you to play football with total comfort and also, stability to avoid having unwanted movements when we face our opponent is paramount, so you must have the right model of shoes, this should fit perfectly to your feet anatomically and that allows you to move like a professional, if you still are not.

When making a comparison of football boots that you will be able to find in the commercial world, we can start by telling you that there is a lot for professionals as well as for those who are new to the sport, so the variety that you have is quite broad and maybe that choice is complicated.

But some tips that you can take into account before choosing are: the materials of confection, that will give you the desired comfort and also avoid damages caused by external agents; the design of the last, that although it seems basic every model is designed for different movements and of course its sole, almost primordial element.  

We have prepared for you a guide to buying the best football boot and we will detail a bit more those parameters that you should evaluate before making the choice depending on your needs.


The main element in a pair of boots for football is his sole. This tends to be varied depending on the surface on which you are going to play, we must remember that this sport is not only practiced on the lawn but also on sand and cement.

The most used are those that have blocks, this because they provide greater stability of movement and grip the field. These can be rubber or aluminum, depending on the model you choose and the activity to be carried out, since the former is recommended for natural grass and wetlands, while the latter is generally used for harder fields such as those that are synthetic.

Those that are of rubber sole but smooth, without tacos, are used generally for practices or futsal because they are sustained with greater effectiveness on the smooth surfaces.  


This is an extremely important element when buying some boots for football. The materials are those that are always in direct contact with the ball and the grass, sand or cement, so this can make the wear is greater, so first, you have to see is if they are resistant.

Then you must study if these are waterproof, that is to say, if it is synthetic, if the place of play is wet or it rains, this element will help you to have greater stability and also allow you to keep away the excessive humidity inside the footwear. Some of the materials most used by the most common manufacturers of this type of article are leather, synthetic and kangaroo leather.

Size and design

The size is always a factor that you should always take into account, almost always each user knows the number he usually uses for his daily shoes, but this may vary in sports models because they should always be really comfortable at the foot. According to the manufacturers, it is best to look for one more size if you make purchases online to avoid that they are adjusted and have damage by rubbing, however, depends on your choice.

The anatomy of the model is strictly linked to the design; when we talk about this we not only refer to color and details but also to the shape they have because there are some types of brands that insist on giving a figure that helps improve the speed of shots, running speed and accuracy of the torque. Por that is why it is important to analyze this element.         


For being a fundamental element for the practice of this sport you must be clear about the budget you have before you start to see the models that are in the market, know how much it costs, it can be decisive.

The variety of football boots models of the market will allow you to get some good and economic if it is what you are looking for, or the most sophisticated and used by the so-called stars of this sport. When comparing the most sold brands of the market we can give you some references in prices that can go from 40 euros in the simplest models and those that can surpass the 300 euros.     



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