10 Best Smelling Laundry Detergent: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you one of those who buy the detergent according to what is on offer? Do you prefer to bet on the more expensive because you do not want to risk that the clothes go wrong? Not always the cheapest is the worst, but to guide us in choosing a soap that works, the OCU has analyzed 63 brands of liquid detergent for washing machines, both in bottle and capsules, and the highest score has been the gel for white and colored clothes from Bosque Verde.

The two following detergents on the list are Formal, the white label of Lidl in capsules format, at 3.99 euros, and in a gel format, at 2.99 euros. The results of the first were especially good in terms of the whiteness of the tissues. The second also obtained good results in grease stains and pigments.

The fourth-ranking is the gel of the brand Eroski Superior, at 4.95 euros, which gets the same score (66 points) as the fifth, the Liquid Ariel Actilift Alpine, from 11.90 euros.

Top 10 Smelling Laundry Detergent

When it comes to having your clothes clean and fresh, even if you have the best washing machine on the market, if you do not use a quality detergent, you will surely not get the expected result. Luckily, today we have a large number of proposals to choose from, in formats ranging from the traditional powder to the most modern pills through gels and liquid detergents. Suitable options, therefore, for all needs and garments. If you are looking for a classic as always, the Professional Blue Colon detergent has its improved formula that removes dirt from all your clothes and leaves a fresh and pleasant smell in your clothes. Another improved classic is Wipp Liquid Liquid Detergent Blue, which is able to remove the most unruly dirt even in cold water, maintaining the shine and appearance of your clothes after many washes.

What is the best washing machine detergent of 2019?

Handling a quality detergent is one of the secrets of clean and odorous clothing. Something that would lead us to ask you what is the best detergent for a washing machine that we can find to get it, although the fact is that the answer is not so simple.

Among other things, because there are many manufacturers, formats, and types of detergent that we can find in the market, cheaper or less depending on several factors such as its format, size, and brand. Luckily, you can get an idea with our selection of the best washing machine detergents of 2019, with options of all kinds and for any cleaning need, you may have.

What is the best washing machine detergent on the market?

Just as it is important to have a quality washing machine, so is choosing an efficient detergent that leaves your clothes impeccable and with that fresh smell that we like so much. A job in which we can rely on many of the detergents that we have in the market, although it never hurts to dive until we find that perfect detergent for us.

A job in which our guide to buying the best detergent for washing machine will be very useful because it will reveal what features you should consider when making your purchase.

Shopping Guide


Although they have been around for a long time, laundry detergents are a relatively modern invention. In fact, our grandmothers were the first to move from the Lizard soap bars or the scale detergent to the powder detergent, which nowadays sounds like something from the past. In part, because today we have different formats for that detergent, as we will see below.

One of them, which is still present in any comparison of detergents for washing machines, is the dust that we have already mentioned. A product that is still efficient and generates a good general quality wash. However, more and more users are betting on liquid detergents, which mix optimally with the wash water and penetrate the clothes very well because of their high dissolving capacity.

Something similar happens with gel detergents, denser than liquids and with which we can even directly treat the most complicated spots before washing.

And the last novelty within this section are the detergents in capsules, which follow the same principle as those used for the dishwasher, being manufactured with a water-soluble plastic and containing different liquids and detergent powders that are released as are needed. They are the simplest option to use, direct to the drum, although they are somewhat more expensive than traditional proposals.

Cleaning characteristics

Another characteristic that we can use to select our detergent is its cleaning properties. Properties that vary both depending on the clothes for which it was designed and the advanced cleaning functions that many of these detergents include.

As for the cleaning functions, the technology advances in such a way that we can find functions that save us time and trouble when washing. One of them is the one that allows washing in cold, saving energy but without losing the capacity of hot cleaning.

We also have detergents that keep clothes fresher for longer, without having a bad smell because they do not get it out fast. And we also have detergents that even help to fight against lime, preventing it from sticking to your clothes and your washing machine, among other functions.

Presentation of the product

We close our advice analyzing the presence of the detergent we are evaluating. Something important when it comes to seeing how much the product actually costs since, in general, larger presentations have a cheaper price. Although sometimes it is convenient to take out the calculator to verify it since they are not always as cheap as it seems.

This brings us to the second aspect, which is the application and use of detergent. In the case of powdered products, it is sufficient to fill the included dosing cup and pour it into the box.

As for liquid products, these usually include a nozzle to pour it together with a glass that helps measure the amount of detergent we use. Even some washing machines have an accessory that allows this measurement directly, to make everything much simpler.

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