10 Best Smartwatches: Reviews and Buying Guide

smartwatch not only displays the current time but also displays notifications when, for example, you have received an email or even a WhatsApp message.

But there are many different smartwatches with a variety of features that are suitable for different audiences. With this purchasing guide, we would like to help you and ensure that you commit yourself to the right smartwatch.

Please find attached an overview of the 10 best smartwatches, whereby we also respond to test results of Stiftung Warentest and other technology magazines.

Top 10 Smartwatches

Which model was able to prevail in the Smartwatch test of Stiftung Warentest?

If you as a consumer attach great importance to the judgments of the magazine Stiftung Warentest, you will find attached some evaluations of the Smartwatch Test, which was carried out in December 2017. Keep in mind, however, that the experts at the Stiftung Warentest have compared not only smartwatches but also fitness bracelets and classic running watches.

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest hides this report of the best smartwatches behind a payment barrier, which can be unlocked for a one-time price of € 2.50. If you are interested in this, you will receive a PDF document with a total of six pages, which is also equipped with a detailed test table with all the relevant values.

The best smartwatches according to a test from a connecting magazine

Compared to the Stiftung Warentest, a test of the best smartwatches from the magazine connect provides much more relevant information. This smartwatch test comes from May 2018 and included the Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch 2 and Apple Watch Series 3 models.

The smartwatch from Apple was able to prevail in this test and convince primarily thanks to the integrated LTE module. Above all, the general processing quality is according to the test verdict of the experts from the magazine connect at a very high level.

In comparison, the Samsung Gear S3 performs a little worse, and this model is just for Android users in question. The Samsung Gear Sports R600, on the other hand, is much better suited for sporty consumers who would like to track their running and other sports activities. All other information about this test of the best smartwatches can be found here on this website from the connecting magazine.

Smartwatch-Kaufberatung: Everything you need to know about smartwatches

For many consumers, a smartwatch, like a smartphone, is already among the daily companions. The functions that a smartwatch offers are particularly diverse. In fact, most models can not only count the steps that you complete every day but also measure the heartbeat and connect actively to the smartphone to be notified directly about all incoming messages.

There are many different smartwatches today. So models are available for selection, which are reminiscent of classic watches. The same applies to modernly designed smartwatches, which are equipped with a display and hardly compare with a conventional clock. If you would like to get a new smartwatch and are unsure which model is suitable for you, just use our Buying Guide. We have put together an overview with all the important features and functions that a good smartwatch should definitely have for certain target groups.

What should you look for in your watch? All important functions at a glance

In the run-up to your purchase decision, it is very important that you check the functionality of the electronic wristwatch that you would like to commit yourself to. Thus, you reduce the probability of a bad buy.

  • The display of the smartwatch

Most smartwatches are equipped with modern screens, which in principle are reminiscent of the displays that are also used on smartphones. In comparison, the screens are of course much smaller. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a few things, especially on the pixel density and the display size applies.

Many manufacturers specify the pixel density in PPI. The larger the value, the higher the resolution of the display. Please pay attention to a screen that offers a pixel density of at least 200 PPI. Otherwise, the images on the display are quite pixelated.

The general technology of the display also plays an important role. Cheap smartwatches usually have a classic LC display. On the other hand, you benefit from a much better display for displays based on OLED technology.

  • battery pack

A smartwatch is an electronic device that operates wirelessly. Therefore, you need a battery that should have the highest possible capacity to ensure good use in everyday life. If you do not want to charge your watch every day, the battery capacity should be sufficient to achieve a running time of more than 48 hours. Cheap smartwatches can usually be conveniently charged by cable. On the other hand, modern models often have an induction function, so wireless charging is no problem at all.

  • Smartwatch connectivity

Most smartwatches are connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology. Thus, the data transmission of central details takes place, if these functions are not supported by the smartwatch. Often the smartwatches also send important information to the smartphone, which in turn are used by external apps. This applies especially to fitness apps or even programs that count the completed steps or monitor sleep.

  • Compatibility with the smartphone

The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch to use exclusively with the iPhone. Therefore, a purchase of this watch is not recommended if you use an Android smartphone. Google also provides various manufacturers with the operating system Watch OS, which is based on Android. Most manufacturers rely on this system, which is also known as Android Wear. So, before you buy a smartwatch, please check that it supports the current version of your operating system on your smartphone, as the smartwatches should always be connected to your mobile phone if you would like to take advantage of all features.

  • phone function

If you would like to make a call with the Smartwatch, the watch must have a SIM card slot. If this is not the case, a mobile phone function can only be ensured thanks to a direct connection to the smartphone. However, if the smartphone is not available or has no reception, you will not be able to make phone calls with your watch.

  • Internal memory

Some smartwatches have the ability to store a lot of different data. This applies primarily to music, pictures and extensive contact lists in which you can browse. Fittingly, therefore, a sufficiently large memory should be available. So please keep in mind this feature as well, where it is usually not possible for the built-in memory to be expanded using specific maps.

  • sensors

In the area of the smartwatch, which rests on the wrist, manufacturers use different sensors. These sensors measure different things to ensure certain functions. In this context, above all the talk of the pulse. Frequently, the location sensors are also better evaluated using the sensors, which is especially true of the steps taken. Especially cheap models usually do not have a GPS module. If such a feature is of central importance to you, please bear in mind that this feature should be present on your desired smartwatch.

  • Bracelets of the Smartwatch

Many consumers appreciate the possibility of replacing the watch with classic watches. As a result, some manufacturers have included such an option with their smartwatches and offer different bracelets for changing. In this context, for example, the talk of the Apple Watch, for which there are countless bracelets made of various materials for you to buy. So special bracelets made of silicone are available for you, which offer various advantages especially in everyday life or during sports activities. The same applies to metal bracelets and bracelets, which are made of leather or other materials. So if you appreciate such a possibility of variation, please bear in mind that you may exchange the bracelets in your watch.

  • Water and dust resistance

Since you carry your watch on your arm every day, the case also comes with a lot of dust and dirt in combination. Because of this, the smartwatch should be protected accordingly, which also affects moisture, for example, when you wash your hands. Many manufacturers integrate special water and dust resistance or a degree of protection for this purpose. So check this feature and then decide on a suitable smartwatch according to your usage behavior, which also ensures sufficient features.

  • Accessories for smartwatches

In addition to the additional bracelets, there are other accessories for certain smartwatches that you can buy. So practical protective covers are often available, which are especially for you if it turns to a particularly expensive purchase of a smartwatch. The same applies to protective films that you can attach to the displays of the smartwatches. A good foil then protects against annoying scratches, which is not negligible especially with the smart wristwatches, since the display size is quite low and the small screens are operated directly by touch with the fingers.

Which smartwatch works well for specific audiences?

After putting together an overview of the various features that a smartwatch should have, we have attached an attached note for specific audiences. Immediately determine which smartwatches are particularly suitable for athletic people or for consumers who place great value on the design or look.

    •  Smartwatches for athletes

Above all, with a smartwatch, you can track your sporting activities and take advantage of certain achievements or progress towards better motivation. But not all smartwatches are well suited for athletes. In any case, make sure that your watch has a silicone strap or replacement option. In addition, various features should be ensured, such as an option for pulse measurement.

This is very important to avoid over-exertion and to be warned in time. Especially as a jogger, your smartwatch should also be equipped with a GPS module. Finally, you would like to know which routes you have run. If, on the other hand, it does not seem to pose a problem for you to carry your smartphone while you’re on the move, you may also want to do without this GPS module on your smartwatch.

As good examples of smartwatches, which are eligible for athletes, different models are mentioned. This applies primarily to the Apple Watch and Fitbit’s various smartwatches.

    • Smartwatch in classic watch design

If, on the other hand, you prefer a smartwatch that is virtually indistinguishable from a conventional watch, some models are available for purchase. These usually have a classic watch design with a pointing technology. As an extra, you can also use different LEDs to display certain notifications from the smartphone on the smartwatch. So if you are currently receiving a call or have received an e-mail, such an LED will light up as an indication, which is quite convenient. As a good example, you can count on the FOSSIL Smartwatch or on a model of the Michael Kors brand.

    • Especially exclusive smartwatches

Certain smartwatches are available for over € 1000 and can, therefore, be assigned to the range of particularly exclusive models. The popular Apple Watch, for example, is available in extravagant versions to buy, on the other hand, the functions hardly differ compared to the sports versions. In contrast, these differences primarily affect the materials used in production. Thus, the case is often made of another precious metal, which also applies to the included bracelets. So if you want to ensure a certain style with your watch, so you rely on such an exclusive model, which you can find, among other things, in the offer of the manufacturer Apple.

    • Inexpensive smartwatches for kids

Especially for children, it does not make much sense to buy a particularly expensive smartwatch. Put in such a case on a cheap model that can also be connected to the smartphone. Often, there are already some smartwatches for less than 50 € to buy, which ensure the classic features of a smart wristwatch.

Smartwatch vs. Fitness bracelet

Frequently, consumers are wondering whether to buy a traditional smartwatch or a fitness bracelet, which is usually available at a much lower price. However, the functions are very different from each other, as it revolves around different product groups. Enclosed we would like to elaborate on it.

fitness bracelet, also known as a fitness tracker, is a wristband that performs few functions compared to a modern smartwatch. This applies primarily to the measurement of the steps taken. In addition, most fitness bracelets can also measure the heart rate and pass the values to a smartphone connected to the wristband. The prices for good fitness bracelets are 20 to 100 €.

A smartwatch, on the other hand, has many more features that are especially needed in everyday life. From an alarm clock to voice recognition to the control of music, the range of features is almost infinite and continues to grow with updates from the manufacturers. A direct comparison of the two product groups is therefore difficult. However, making a purchase decision can be quite simple: if you prefer sports activities that you want to measure with your electronic companion, you can definitely rely on a fitness bracelet. In everyday life, a good smartwatch is much better for you.

Conclusion for choosing a good smartwatch

When it comes to a smartwatch, it often revolves around several hundred dollars, depending on the model you have to plan for the purchase. Because of this, you should check your personal usage behavior and then commit to an appropriate device that provides these features. It may also be a good idea to start with an inexpensive smartwatch to get warm with this new technology.

Maybe you do not need your smartwatch in everyday life so often or you just want to get a taste of this technology. This is not nearly as revolutionary as smartphones, which are hard to do without today.

Basically, you should consider whether you would like to use your Smartwatch for sporting activities. On the other hand, if you prefer your smart wristwatch as the classic replacement for a conventional watch, then your requirements for the respective smartwatch are already different. This is especially the case if you place a high value on an exclusive design or style.

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