10 Best Skateboard Decks: Reviews and Buying Guide

Next, we will give some indications on the fundamental aspects to be fixed when choosing a skateboard. In the first place, we have to say that the choice of a table is a very personal issue of each one and that there are no universal rules to choose one or the other.

As you talk with some skaters or others, you will hear a multitude of different opinions on which board to choose, on the quality of each brand, on the different “technologies”, materials, measurements, etc. Surely, none of them is totally true or totally wrong and the table that goes well for one person does not have to go well for another.

For this reason, if you have the opportunity, it is best to try several tables and see what type you feel most comfortable with. On this page, we will try to give some information based simply on our personal opinion and thinking mainly of skaters who are just starting, so that they have a guide on which to base themselves on a first choice.

Top 10 Skateboard Decks

Aspects of a Skateboard

Skate marks

The brand is, perhaps, the most personal issue of all. Some skaters are faithful to a brand for years, while others are changing from one to another over time.

The brands with which we work in Fellow are all brands that specialize in the sector, that take time, and that offer a proven quality in their products.

We can not choose any in particular because, how we say, is a matter of taste. If we sell a brand in our online store, it is because we fully trust in its quality. We recommend that you keep an eye on the area where you skate to the different brands and, if you can, try several. The differences between some brands and others can be materials, the shape of the table, graphics, team of riders, etc.

Materials and technologies

The vast majority of boards are made of wood sheets. In the quality tables, 7 sheets of Canadian maple are usually used. There are high-end models in almost all brands, which incorporate some part or layer of fiberglass or carbon fiber, or various techniques in its construction that increase the performance and the resistance of the same. These models, increase the price of the table and are not especially advisable for someone who is starting.

One of the latest technologies that have come to market is the so-called Everslick. Santa Cruz has begun to use it and consists of adding a thermoplastic layer on the bottom of the board so that the board can slide on almost anything. A great idea for the riskiest.

Measurements and Parts of the Table

Next, we will talk about the different measures and parts that a skateboard has

Tail: It is the part that rises in the back area of the table

Nose: It is the part that rises in the front area of the table. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the nose and the tail seen from above. The Nose is usually a bit longer and less pronounced than the tail, although this depends on each board.

Length (Length): It is what the table measures long. From the edge of the nose to the edge of the tail. Most current tables have a length between 30 and 31 inches, and it is not a very important measure to take into account when choosing your first table since in all of them it is very similar. and it’s hard to appreciate the differences at the beginning.

Concave ( Concave): The part between the tail and the nose (central part of the table), is curved concavely. This makes the feet have a better grip when doing tricks. The more pronounced the concave, the more you will feel the grip on the feet when moving the board. And, on the contrary, a softer concave will give you the feeling of greater freedom. Again, it is a personal matter and we recommend recommending different ways and, with time, you will know which one best suits your way of life.

Width (Width): The measure of the width of the table, is the most important when buying a table measure.

Adult skateboards (from about 13 years old you should use adult boards already.) Have a range of measurements that usually ranges from 7.5 to 8.5 inches. To choose a table width, we will have to look at the size of our feet, and the use we are going to make of it.

Broadly speaking, a narrower board is more effective when doing technical tricks as it is easier to move and rotate (flips, etc) but, at the same time, offers a little less stability and space at the time of falling tricks … while a wider board gives us more stability when riding, although it will be somewhat more expensive to move in the tricks.

Therefore, when it comes to skating on the street and doing technical tricks, tablets smaller than 8 inches are usually used and for skating, bowls, large gaps, etc., boards of between 8 and 8.5 inches are usually used.

In case you have not skated before, and do not have any reference of measurements, we would advise a table between 7.8 and 8 inches. It is a medium table, ideal to learn the first tricks and with enough stability so that you feel comfortable at the beginning.

General Tips when buying your first skate

To summarize the information we leave you the following recommendations.

Price: Not because it is cheaper a table will offer you lower performance, mainly in the beginning. We recommend, as the first table, one of the most economical range because, in the beginning, you will not be able to appreciate the differences with a higher range.

There are national brands such as Jart, Nomad, Imagine, etc that offer quality equal to the big brands, with a cheaper price. And the best-known American brands also tend to have some cheaper first-price models too.

Graphic and Brand: Although it may seem silly, when you buy something it is also important that it be something that you like and that you enter through the eyes. Therefore, if several tables fit in your range of measure and price, do not hesitate to choose the brand or graphic that you like the most.

Although we also have to say that, if you are going to learn to do tricks, the graphics on the skateboards do not last long due to the impacts.

Measure: As we said, keep in mind the use that you will give and your size and if you have no references, we recommend a table between 7.8 and 8 inches to start.

Buy Complete Skate:

An option that we recommend a lot, especially if you do not want to deal with the assembly and the choice of parts separately, or if you want to make a gift, is to buy a full skate.

Almost all the major brands offer us this modality, so you can choose from a wide catalog with quality products at very affordable prices and really incredible designs. Here you can see a lot of incredible designs and products from early markets with exceptional quality at very good prices. Choose yours now:

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