10 Best Skate Shoes: Reviews and Buying Guide

Although it may not seem like it, sneakers are a very important factor when it comes to skateboarding. Depending on the design of a shoe, what we have used, its sole and many more factors will influence when doing tricks with the board. So it is important to choose the correct shoe if we want to optimize our ability.

The skate shoes are specifically designed and manufactured for the sport of skateboarding, that is, skating on the board. The designs of these shoes are focused to minimize possible injuries on the foot or ankle; allowing skateboarders to gain more control over the skateboard. The materials of these skate shoes make them more robust and help when staying on the board. The designs vary significantly depending on the brand and the manufacturer. But the main features are the same: A polyurethane or rubber sole and a hard material on the upper part of the sole, usually with double or triple stitches.

Top 10 Skate Shoes

In the case of the cheapskate shoes Vans Churchill we are facing a case similar to the Kingpin Etnies. It is a pair of shoes halfway between surfer and skate shoes. The wide rubber sole offers stability and grip thanks to its rubber compound. Also, they are comfortable to walk.

When we skate, there is a big impact on the base of our feet. This can lead to injuries in various areas of our body such as tendons, ankles, heels and even in the back. The skate shoes are created to help us practice this sport minimizing the risk of injury, and certainly help. As for the theme of the shoes, we all want to wear a type of “fashionable” shoes that are not ugly in sight (and believe me there are many). Skate shoes are not going to be less and many of them have quite successful designs and even many people buy them for pleasure, without realizing that they are made specifically for skating (vans old skool same, sure you have seen them a lot for the street).

This type of shoes is specially designed for all those skaters who have a wide foot or the high instep. As for their manufacture, they are composed of resistant suede leather on the outside with a cloth coating. At the finishing level, they are beautiful and the seams are well sealed and show a tough appearance.

As we said in the other model, they are sturdy shoes that will protect our foot in any situation. They also come in dark colors. In this case, we find them in black with Van’s symbol on one of the sides, on the tongue part and on the back of the shoe.

After using them for a while, the Vans Vulcanized cheap skate shoes have shown great strength and solidity, although their fabric-based construction may seem otherwise. We have only noticed small wear on the side of the sole.

Speaking of the sole: like a good sneaker designed for skateboarding, it offers a very good grip. In addition, the type of rubber with which it is made allows it to be easily cleaned. In the case of fabric, being cloth, it is less resistant to water. In any case, it can also be cleaned easily. However, we recommend using them on sunny days or days when it does not rain since the fabric could be stained forever if it accumulates a lot of dirt.

Thanks to the sturdy canvas construction, the shoe breathes quite well and keeps the foot dry at all times. It also keeps your feet warm during the winter months.

Buying Guide Skate Shoes

There are several aspects that we must take into account when choosing between one of the 5 best cheap skate shoes that the market offers us. Here is a brief summary of the most important:

  • Material. The material with which they are manufactured is essential depending on the time of year in which we will use the footwear. While the shoes designed for winter are made of leather and are usually covered with cold-insulating reinforcements, summer shoes are usually made of a synthetic material that relieves the foot in hot situations.
  • Sole. The sole is another important factor to consider. What do we want our shoes for? If we plan to do kilometers and walk with them, the best will be a sole that cushions and is flexible. If we are going to spend time on the street during the winter months and are exposed to snow or rain, the best will be a robust rubber sole that keeps the foot isolated from low temperatures.
  • Size. When buying shoes online it is important to make sure of our size. All brands offer a table of sizes so we can check the standard measurements of your shoes and we can choose more precisely the size that best suits us. Remember that the size we use in a brand may not correspond to the size that suits us in another brand.
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