10 Best Safety Razors: Reviews and Buying Guide

Among some of the criteria for choosing razor blades, we will have to look at the number of sheets you have, whether we have the possibility or not of changing them, where the spare parts are, the design or the materials in which they were manufactured. If you are looking for a manual blade or an electric one.

When it comes to doing a search on the best razor blades in the market, there are many criteria that we should weigh in advance: for example, we should know how many sheets you have, if they can be changed or not (if you have compatibility). with spare parts), the material that has been used for its manufacture, the design, if we want to buy a type of blade that works manually, or in an electric way

Top 10 Safety Razors

Where to buy razor blades?

You always have the possibility to buy them in supermarkets or Carrefour type centers, but those that sell in these places are not usually very professional. If you opt for a professional store, you will surely find what you are looking for, but you will pay that attention more than that.

The best razors (by brands) – Guide 2019

If you are going to buy a shaver, in this selection you will find the best razors of 2019. There are all kinds of models: for hard beards and sensitive skins, shavers that can be used both dry and wet, with station cleaning and loading or without it.

When buying a shaver you can follow several criteria:

  1. Brand – Are you true to a brand? Philips, Braun? Have you discovered Panasonic? And Remington? You can go directly to the selection of the best shavers of each brand
  2. What is your type of beard? Do you shave daily? – It is not the same an easy beard that a dense one of thick hair and with a long hair (2-3 days). In each shaver, you will find for what types of beards is recommended
  3. Price – there are decent razors for about 50-60 €, although when the beard is very complicated or the skin is very sensitive, it is better a high-end razor, whose price does not go below € 150, and can exceed € 250.

Whether you are starting to use electric razors or you are looking to update your current razor, this is an exciting year with some great products in sight. While the issue of electric versus traditional electric razors has long been the subject of debate with strong arguments from both sides, it is safe to say that electric razors have some of the characteristics and qualities that ultimately He convinced us to change us.

A good electric shaver will provide a close and comfortable shave will have a low operating cost  (despite the high initial purchase price) and will be reliable and practical. In this complete guide, we will find out which is the best electric shaver going through some of our favorite electric shavers.

What are some of the best electric razors?

With a wide range of products, comments and polarizing opinions that raise more questions than offer answers, it is not as simple as it may seem to simply choose the right razor.

In order to reduce the chances of buying the wrong product, we have developed an extensive list with our recommended razors that we hope will get you on the right path of choosing the best electric razor for your particular needs.

Considerations to take into account when buying razor blades

No. of leaves

In the market, we can find the most traditional, which are those with two sheets. You are offering a type of shaving not too rushed. Little by little they are being left unseated. Now in the sale of razor blades, already stand out those models that have 3 blades, which help to get a good shave without having to be passing the blade over and over again. Discard those that only have 2 sheets, since they are the most classic, those of all life. There are some more advanced models that have 3 sheets, achieving a better shave. In the case that the budget is not a problem, we can also choose those models that have 5 sheets.

Replacement cartridges

At this point, we are going to focus on those razor blades that have replaceable blades. Taking into account the values of quality and price, these blades do not come much more to accounts compared to traditional ones. And is that we can have the device for longer, saving significantly and achieving a result of shaving that can be called perfect.

If you want to buy one of these types of blades, the first thing you should base is to choose a type of cartridge that is easy to find; that is to say, that you do not have to travel through the internet to find them.

An error that we often make is to choose a model that is very economical but without even analyzing what the spare parts cost. The moment we take a look at them, we may get the unpleasant surprise that they cost more than the razor itself. The idea is to value the cost together to avoid problems.


On the one hand, there are manual models that are used in barbershops, or by people who have a certain skill in shaving. However, in our homes we use the type of safety razors; These are easier to use, have a size and design that we can control, in addition to allowing a clean shave, is compatible with water and is more complicated to cut ourselves with them.

Spare parts

We have the option to choose those models that have answers/refills/ cartridges, or those that are disposable. The first ones lengthen the useful life of the device; here the only thing that we will have to do is to evaluate the cost of these spare parts before choosing the razor blade because, otherwise, we can take away some unpleasant surprise.

On the other hand, we can also find disposable models: in this case, we have a type of razor that will only allow us to use it (or, at least, it should be). Once we have shaved with them, we will have to throw them away. This option has the advantage that the blade in question will not need any maintenance.

What type of razor should I choose for myself?

In our homes, we usually use the Safety Razors type, which has the particularity that they are much simpler to apply, and with which the possibility of cutting is minimal. They are also perfect for getting a wet shave type.

However, in barbershops they usually use manual blades; If you have the right skill, with this type of blade you can achieve a natural shave … but if not, the only thing we will achieve is to take unnecessary risks.

The razor blades of the type  Safety Razors are the most recommended for their size, so many users prefer it. Now, within this scope, we can find many models to choose from, with different characteristics, so it would not hurt to analyze them in a methodical way to be sure that we are going to choose the best option.


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