10 Best Running Socks: Reviews and Buying Guide

For the practice of this sport is essential to use the best running socks to enjoy the greatest possible comfort in those long training sessions that this sport requires. Heavy blisters, breaks, and wounds constantly threaten the runner, especially on those hot days and rugged terrain.

Top 10 Best Running Socks


That’s why we want you to know the special running socks and why they are an excellent option to use.

To run it is not enough to use conventional cotton socks, it is necessary to use specific socks, made of special synthetic material for athletics for its ability to draw heat, exercise muscle compression to avoid tears, absorb moisture and adhere to the foot to prevent blisters

The most common models are three: anklet version, another that covers the ankle and finally one that protects and completely compresses the twin, all for men or women.

Nike is a brand specialist in the production of this innovative tool that cares for the feet and muscles of the lower extremities of all those people who love to run. Their models Nike Elite Hyper-Lite, elite Padded or Quarter “Antipuncture” are the favorites of the runners.

This sport, like all high-performance sports, has a high load on the feet, ankles, and calves. Normally it is considered that with shoes it is enough, but the blisters can come out and cause injuries so severe that they could stop the action of the athlete for days.

The running socks are designed to prevent teams from leaving marks on the skin and compromising circulation, to compress the muscles, prevent tears and to stimulate perspiration so that energy is properly conserved and the athlete is not affected by blisters.

The type of running socks will be determined by the frequency and professional level with which the runner practices this sport, so before buying in our online store, decide which model you need:

  • Occasional use
    These socks are for people who run very sporadically. Although they are comfortable and designed with areas of perspiration, adjustment, and support, they serve for running and for daily use, since they also limit irritation to delicate feet.
  • Intensive use
    This type of sock is light with a technical and anatomical cut – left leg and right differentiated – to provide the greatest comfort to people who usually run between six or seven days a week. They are people who practice running almost professionally. 
    They also come equipped with perspiration areas to keep feet dry, “Double heel” for better grip to the footwear and an antibacterial treatment that will reduce the deterioration of the sock over time and the bad smell.
  • Trail
    The trail socks have many similarities with respect to those of intensive use, the difference is that they come equipped with a system of straps that focus on maintaining a special fit in the ankle and instep. They are flat stitched and double curl for all those ultra-bottom runners.Everything is about choosing the socks that best suit the demands of the runner. Running is a sport that opens the doors to people to maintain a balanced and healthy life, but always taking into account the necessary implements.
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