10 Best Robotic Robots For Automated Lawn Mowing: Reviews and Buying Guide

Mowing robots are very popular because you can keep your lawn in the garden always short and do not have to worry about annoying and time-consuming mowing. Nowadays, some brand name manufacturers have focused on the development of these special home-use robotic robots, such as Gardena or Husqvarna.

Top 10 Robotic Robots For Automated Lawn Mowing

Mowing robot in the test of Stiftung Warentest

The consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest took a close look at several robotic robots from different manufacturers in April 2018. It was found that six of the tested models mow the lawn very well. However, two robots have failed during the safety test, so that a purchase recommendation may not be pronounced for these devices.

In the test of robotic lawnmowers of the Stiftung Warentest, you can find here On this page, behind a payment barrier for 3 €, a total of eight models were examined more closely. The experts of the consumer magazine mainly distinguished the area to be mowed. Basically, it could be stated that the robotic mowers of the manufacturers Bosch, GARDENA, and Husqvarna were able to achieve very good results. With the Robomow RC304u and Honda Miimo 310, however, there were also two devices that have great safety deficiencies. Stiftung Warentest carried out this safety test with the help of children’s shoes, which should be a kind of limitation. Unfortunately, the two mowing robots mentioned in this test drove over the foot dummies and provided the children’s shoes with clear cuts.

Furthermore, the consumer magazine complained that many of the robotic lawnmower apps are very difficult to set and also send uncontrolled data to the respective manufacturers. As an example, it was stated, among other things, that an individually set password was sent by the consumer unencrypted to the respective provider, which represents a major security risk.

Which robotic robots were able to prevail in the comparison of ÖKO test?

If you attach particular importance to the test results of the consumer magazine ÖKO-Test, you will find attached important information about the latest test of the various robotic lawnmowers. It is important to note, however, that this report was last updated on May 2014. Since then, of course, manufacturers have been working hard on the equipment and general robotics, so many of the test results are not all that relevant anymore and should be interpreted accordingly.

The best robotic robots according to the comparison of the magazine itself

In the field of garden magazines, the issue itself is one of the most popular titles that are available at the kiosk. Today, however, also reports on its own website and has also already performed a test of the best robotic lawnmower. Several of the robots were tested in a test garden equipped with obstacles, passages, and bumps with real practical conditions. In addition to the installation, the instructions were also checked. The same applies to the programming, the actual mowing operation as well as the different terrain forms, the maintenance, safety, and the final mowing result.

As an absolute buy recommendation, the GARDENA smart SILENA robotic lawnmower was awarded by itself. Additional test results can be downloaded directly from the magazine’s website, with this report available for € 1.99 to unlock.

What advantages does a good robotic lawnmower offer?

A solidly equipped robotic lawnmower represents a comparatively high investment. Many gardeners ask themselves before buying the question, whether it is really worthwhile that such a device should be purchased. We would like to help you on these points and have attached a few basic benefits to help you find your way around.

    • automation

Robots are used today in almost all industries where economic goods are created. Accordingly, the technology has been tested and has been available for private consumers in the form of robotic lawnmowers or vacuum cleaning robots for several years. This technique not only saves time but is also practical. For example, if you’ve activated your robotic lawnmower to care for the garden, you can put your feet up or do some other task, which is really handy.

    • Mowing robots can save money in the long-term

If time is a particularly important factor for you, you can actively save money with a good robotic lawnmower. This is especially the case if you use an external service for the care of your lawn. Thus, a good robotic lawnmower has paid off for you after just one year, of course, how big your lawn is and how much money you would otherwise pay for such care. Especially if you convert the hour-long lawn care, which you normally have to do independently, into your hourly wage, then under certain circumstances there is also the potential for savings, which should not be neglected.

    • Mowing robots are environmentally friendly

With a robotic lawnmower, you only consume electricity due to the batteries. If you would now rely on a classic petrol lawn mower, so you ensure no emissions and yet benefit from an efficient technology that has been tested for years and can be used over a long period of time.

    • Coolness factor

Many consumers rely on household robots, as it is simply a good feeling when the work has been automated and done without manual intervention. This applies, for example, to the vacuum cleaner robots, which allow you to efficiently clean your own four walls without you being at home. Now imagine that you have set your robotic lawnmower similar and come home from work. So, if the lawn is always perfectly mowed, you can always look good on the outside.

What are the characteristics of a good robotic lawnmower?

In recent years, the manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers have worked intensively on the technology, especially in terms of safety, and implemented corresponding innovations. But safety technology is far from the only thing you should look for when choosing a high-quality robotic lawnmower. Enclosed you will find a few other features that need to be considered.

    • Service

The comfortable operation should always be ensured so that you can use the robotic lawnmower without spending hours studying the manual. Fittingly, there are detailed instructions from some manufacturers, with a few brands also relying on LCD displays with a convenient menu navigation.

    • Quality of the cuts

Of course, the lawn should look as even as possible after mowing. It is also important that the minimum and maximum height of the cuts can always be adjusted individually for the robotic lawnmower. Be sure to pay attention to the specifications before making a purchase of such a robot.

    • Surface

Depending on the size of the built-in battery, the robotic lawnmowers are able to handle a certain area. Most models can average up to 500 square meters. But there are also some brand manufacturers that do not reach this area or obstruct particularly strong batteries in the models, with which you can mow up to 1,500 square meters of lawn. So take note of your space and choose a good robotic lawnmower that suits your lawn.

    • Can the robotic lawnmower mow even in wet conditions?

If you are looking for a good robotic lawnmower that will mow your lawn even when it’s wet, then check out a variety of functions. As a rule, a waterproof property is therefore present in most models. However, with some manufacturers, it is also the case that you can machine wet grass with these robotic lawnmowers.

    • Security

A robot equipped with a sharp blade always presents a risky risk of injury. Because of this, it is important to pay attention to the maximum safety. According to this, the leading manufacturers have already installed an automatic technology for switching off the devices a few years ago. So if the robotic lawnmower encounters a concrete obstacle, the model switches off immediately. Such a feature should be standard when you commit to a new robotic lawnmower today.

The future of robotic mowers


In the field of household robots, which include robotic lawnmowers, connectivity is probably the biggest innovation. Thus, it is no longer a problem for the models from the middle and upper class, that these robots can be conveniently connected to the smartphone. This also offers numerous advantages, because thus the programming is convenient to make, which also applies to a remote control.

Especially the manufacturer Husqvarna established with the model series Automower also some further functions, which are very interesting. In this context, especially the GPS should be mentioned. The same applies to Amazon Alexa. Thus, the robotic lawnmower is so easy to use my voice. The GPS function also ensures that the individual routes in the garden can be comfortably recorded. Thus, it can be determined within a few seconds which areas of the robotic lawnmower in your garden may have overlooked.

Garages for your robotic lawnmower

For some lawnmower robots, the respective manufacturers also offer practical garages. Especially when it is thundering or thundering, a garage is a good way for a lawn robot to stay dry. For optimum protection, appropriate accessory products are definitely recommended. In combination with a charging station, the purchase of such a garage for the robot thus offers an optimal solution.


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