10 Best Reel Mowers: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you want to ensure the best results for your lawn in terms of cut quality, then you are well served with a good hand lawn mower due to the precise technology. But what about the use, the different models and the proper care of the spindle lawnmowers, everything to consider?

Below, we will answer exactly these consumer questions regarding the Spindle Mower. If interested, read through this buying guide and find out about the sickle mowers.

We have also summarized the 10 best cylinder mowers of the brand manufacturers in an overview. Get an individual overview of the top hand lawn mowers with the advantages and disadvantages and also check the test results of various consumer and garden magazines.

Top 10 Reel Mowers

How exactly does a reel mower work?

The manufacturers equip the reel mowers with so-called knife spindles, which are arranged horizontally and rotate during operation. These knives usually have five blades. This knife design is set in motion when you push the reel mower with your body. Thus, the blades then cut the grass very precisely and similar to a pair of scissors.

In this country but also the sickle mowers are common, which are also described as hand lawn mowers. In comparison to the spindle mowers, a cutter bar is used. However, this has the disadvantage that the interface of the grass blades freaks quite often. Not infrequently, therefore, a visible veil is produced on the lawn, which does not look too nice. If you place great importance on your lawn and a corresponding look, then a high-quality equipped reel mower with sharp blades should definitely be used.

Spindle Mower Buying Advice: The most important features to look out for!

Cutting width and cutting blade of the manually operated reel mower

The overall quality of the cut depends largely on the nature of the cutting blades used by manufacturers in the hand-held lawnmowers. Thus, the actual number of available knives plays a relevant role. As a rule, between four and six blades are used. These are required in order to maintain the home garden accordingly. Especially with reel mowers from the upper price segment, but it is often the case that several knives are installed. You should also pay attention to the general step width. This amounts to with most devices on 30 up to 45 cm. As for cutting width, the dimensions are given that you work with a pass of the hand lawn mowers on the green.


Especially with the particularly economical spindle mowers, which are already available for less than 50 €, the general ergonomics often leaves much to be desired. Thus, no well-processed spars are available, which are necessary to be able to guide the hand lawn mower safely over the lawn. So if the particularly comfortable operation is important to you, then pay attention to a rubberized guide rail, which can be adjusted in height at best.

Important tips that you should keep in mind when using a reel mower

  •  Especially if you are using a high-quality cylinder mower, it is advisable that you examine the lawn to be mowed and remove any foreign objects in the run-up to use. It can, for example, turn around twigs and small stones that can damage the knives in the worst cases. It is also highly recommended that you compensate for any bumps. In this context, molehills should be mentioned.
  • Many users of hand lawnmowers also often complain about the sticking of the blades of grass. However, this is usually only related to the fact that the reel mower was used in wet grass. If you want to ensure that the knife roller glued rarely, then you should only edit the lawn when dry.
  • In addition, if you prefer to automatically catch the blades of grass, be sure to choose a reel mower equipped with a grass catcher. Depending on the lawn, it is also recommended that this box has a corresponding volume. The smaller the volume, the more you have to stop working and empty the box with the grass.
  • Very important is also the adjustment of the cutting height, which you want. Renowned brand manufacturers rely on a cutting height adjustment in various stages, which is usually available in four different versions of reel mowers. For example, if you are about to change from a rotary mower to a reel mower, then you should cut the cutting height accordingly so that the turf can adjust to it.

The alternative to reel mowers – electro-powered devices from GARDENA and Co.

If you prefer the use of a hand lawn mower, but still require the assistance of an engine, the electric powered versions are well suited for you. The manufacturer GARDENA offers, for example, such a device, which of course is available at a higher price, as an additional engine is installed. However, we can always recommend such a motorized hand lawn mower if you have many bumps and gradients that need to be worked in the garden. The same applies to any physical impairments you are struggling with. Of course, the size of the lawn also plays an important role. Mechanical reel mowers are also available with a battery-powered engine. Thus, you benefit from the maximum flexibility and a solid range, as long as the battery has a correspondingly high capacity.

Are there also cylinder mowers that are equipped with a gasoline engine?

Especially at golf courses, gasoline-powered reel mowers are often used because the surfaces to be processed are simply too large and spacious. Only such a precisely processed knife roller is capable of maintaining the lawn as accurately as possible, as you know it. The reel mowers, which are produced with a gasoline engine, are also often available in the form of a ride-on mower. This is also related to the large area of the golf and sports fields.

Instructions for proper care and maintenance of your reel mowers

If you decide on a well-equipped reel mower or hand lawn mower, then it is also important that you maintain the model well. This is the only way to ensure that you will benefit from the maximum longevity of the blades and technical components.

If you have decided on a classic cylinder mower, you will have to expect more maintenance-intensive technology compared to a rotary mower. So make sure that you free the spindle of any foreign bodies. In addition, the knives should be cleaned after use. Use a special brush that is well suited for lawnmower blades.

The resharpening of the knives is necessary after a few years. However, this also depends on how often and intensively you have used your cylinder mower. In such a case, simply contact a specialist company who offers to sharpen the knives.

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