10 Best Razors: Reviews and Buying Guide

Many men resort to razors for their daily care – for some, it is a chore, for other men, it is part of the feeling of well-being. A well-groomed and perfectly trimmed beard has something, just like a clean-shaven man – so the tastes are quite different. While some men still shave wet and manual in a classic way, many men resort to popular electric shavers.

The razors are very different, be it in terms of battery life, shaving head or the price. What a good razor should and what you should look for when buying a razor, we would like to explain in more detail in our following comparison.

Top 10 Razors

What is a razor and what do you need it for?

In men, razors are part of everyday life. The daily shave is done with the razor – some shave by hand and others grab the electric razor.

The classic shave, that is the hand with a razor blade, shaving cream or shaving gel is still very popular among men despite the variety of electric razors. However, when it comes to holding a beard in shape, then the handle to the electric shaver is inevitable.

It is then often found that the supply of these razors is really enormous. As you come across terms such as foil shaver, a rotary shaver, shaving head, 5-fold shaving head, long-hair trimmer, Akkurasierer or Netzrasierer. What do these terms mean and what are the differences between razors? We would like to introduce you to this and many more points in our razor comparison.

But first, let’s answer the question of what you need a razor for. Beard care, more or less daily, plays an important role in most men. The University of Leipzig has found in a study that nearly 80 percent of young men not only shave their beard on the face but also shave the hair in the armpits and/or genital area. That means, even for this type of shave many men resort to the razor.

Although the range of electric razors is very diverse, the razor principle is almost the same for all models. Razors consist of a shaving head, a rechargeable battery, a body and sometimes have a display.

What types of razors are there?

As already mentioned, there are different razors. It also distinguishes between two types of shaving – wet shaving and dry shaving. While some of the electric razors can only shave dry, today there are already shavers that can shave both wet and dry.

The classic variant is the wet razor with blades. Everybody knows him since it has been around for many decades and before the electric shavers came on the market, so to speak, the razor was the daily companion.

With shaving foam or shaving gel shaved by hand, without electricity. Especially for the Intimrasur, this type of razor is recommended and also popular. In the category of wet razors with blades also the disposable razors must be mentioned. These are disposed of after a single use, which is just to see in the intimate shaving as a hygienic advantage. However, the blades of the disposable razors or disposable razors are inferior, so that it can cause skin irritation.

And another razor must be mentioned here – the ” good, old razor “. However, the razor is by no means forgotten but is still widely used today. Of course, the risk of injury is quite high due to the knife, especially if you do not know the correct handling. If the razor is set too steep, the risk of cutting is very high.

The foil shaver is one of the electric shavers that shave very gently. As a result, the foil shaver skin friendlier, and just the shaving beginners are well served to buy a foil shaver.

Foil razors consist of a lower-lying blade head and an overlying shear foil. This film protects the skin from cuts and irritation. The shaving surface of the foil razors is rather straight, making them very well suited for straight shaving movements. The contours of a divisor can be perfectly trimmed with the foil shaver.

The rotary razors consist of three rotating blades, which are flexibly mounted on the razor head. As a result, the blades are much more flexible and shaving is usually faster due to the large area of the razor head. The rotating system works on the whiskers from several sides, with the shave with the rotary shaver, the movements should always be circular. This makes the editing of edges or contours, of course, relatively difficult. If you are more inclined to this type of razor, you should make sure that a Bart style attachment is included in the scope of delivery or can be bought in the accessory trade.

Long-hair trimmer – this razor will certainly also find you in the search for a razor. These razors are particularly suitable for trimming 3-day beards.

Another the type of razor is the epilator. With this device, the hair is torn from the root, which is sometimes very painful. Epilators are mainly used by women for hair removal on the legs.

You see, razors are not only reserved for the masters of creation but are also used by the ladies. The razors have models that are mains-powered, that is, with cables, and battery-powered razors. The latter work without cables is charged accordingly. The mains powered razors are more powerful than the razors with a rechargeable battery, so they are suitable for strong beard growth. However, one or the other man interferes with the cable while shaving.

The difference between wet and dry shaving

For wet shaving, you need shaving cream or shaving gel, which is applied to the skin before shaving. The foam or the gel should protect the skin, as the razor blades slide directly over the skin during wet shaving and separate the hair there. The direct contact of the blades injures the skin, but the eye does not see it – if you did not use a shaving cream or gel. Gel or foam forms a protective layer on the skin and makes it easier to slide the razor over the skin.

An advantage that wet shaving has over dry shaving: it works faster.

When dry shaving, it may be that you have to go over some areas of skin again because the first time not all hair was removed. Depending on the type of electric dry shaver shaving can be so painful, especially in low-quality shavers. They cause shaving when shaving because the stubble is not squeezed properly. The result: the stubble cant in the razor and that is very painful.

The electric shavers, which combine both wet and dry shaving, are definitely a good alternative.

Worth knowing about the electric dry shavers

We have already looked at the dry razors in one of the previous sections, but we would like to give you more information about the electric dry shavers here.

Some electric dry shavers are equipped with a shaving head, others are equipped with several shaving heads. In general, the dry shavers are equipped with the knife block and a foil that is necessary for shaving. The shaving foil also serves to protect against injuries during shaving. In addition, the film lifts the whiskers, so that the stubble are erected and thus can be cut close to the skin surface.

The shaved stubble is collected in a corresponding small container in the razor, which must be emptied from time to time. To clean the dry shaver, use the cleaning brush supplied with the shaver.

Whether dry shaver with a shaving head or dry shaver with multiple shaving heads – every user has to decide for themselves. Since the shaving foil is responsible for the good or bad result of a shave, the number of shaving heads does not necessarily matter.

Also, the density of beard growth is crucial in the choice of the shaver. If many stubbles must be set up and cut off, you should consider with the purchase of the shaver that this is powerful.

Worth knowing about the electric wet razors

One of the clear advantages of electric razors is that they can also be used under the shower and with shaving gel or shaving cream.

Due to the water resistance, they can also be cleaned well. Some of the razors have incorporated in the charger an automatic cleaning system so that during loading the razor is cleaned and dried.

The wet razors also have a shaving head and the shaving foil. The operation of the wet shaver is analogous to the dry shaver, only with the difference that the wet shaver is waterproof.

What should you look for when buying a razor?

First and foremost, you should choose the shaver to fit your needs. The key to buying the right razor is your skin type. Do you have sensitive skin and are you often prone to skin irritation?

Also, your type of beard is decisive for the purchase – do you wear a full beard, a three-day beard or no beard and need the razor for the daily shave?

First of all, you should clarify these points before you approach the other purchase criteria:

  1. The weight and design of the razor: criteria that you should not underestimate. If the shaver is not good in the hand, which is due to the cumbersome and impractical design, do you do no pleasure in the daily shave? And also the weight is crucial. Many of the shavers featured here weigh 300 grams, which is definitely appropriate.
  2. Battery or mains operation? Even that can play an important role in the purchase of the razor. The power razors are beneficial for a dense and strong beard growth, are more powerful than the battery razor. Razors with rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan because the rechargeable battery is stressed accordingly. In addition, the technology used in Akkurasierer is much more complex, which is often reflected in energy consumption. As a result, the wear on the cordless razors is higher than on the razors with mains operation. In addition, some of the razors the defective battery cannot be replaced, so you ultimately only a new purchase remains.
  3. With Cleanerstation? Some of the shavers featured here have a combined charging and cleaning station. That is, the station cleans the razor independently without your intervention.
  4. Charging times and quick charge function of the cordless razor: With a cordless razor, of course, you have to think about the regular charging in order to use the shaver. Typically, most razors require one hour to recharge, then between 30 and 60 minutes (this is rare). Some razors offer the quick-charge feature, which loads the razor within 3 minutes for shaving.
  5. Contour Adjustment: Contour- adjusted razors present a better result than the “normal” razors. Contour fitting removes small hairs. The advantage of this feature is also if you want to get sideburns in shape. This works very well with the contour adjustment of the razor. For a three-day beard, the contour adjustment is rather unnecessary.
  6. With or without precision trimmer? With the precision attachment or precision trimmer, you can shave small areas precisely, like the sideburns, for example. The hair on or in front of the ear can also be removed with the precision trimmer.
  7. With battery level indicator? Many of the presented razors show on the display how full the battery is left. Some razors, like the wet-dry razor from Panasonic. On the LED display, it indicates with the battery charge indicator that the battery needs to be recharged. A good thing, especially for users who may forget to charge the razor every now and then.
  8. Voltage adaptation: If you travel more often and do not want to do without the electric shaver, you might want to think about the voltage adjustment. In foreign countries, there are other requirements for the power connection. To cope with this, there is the razor with voltage adjustment, which go from 110 to 240 volts and can, therefore, be used in almost every other country.
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