10 Best Razors For Men: Reviews and Buying Guide

Among other things, because it is more than proven that the skin we have each one is different, as well as the intensity of the beard, and with something so simple to understand, it is more than clear that the same type of electric razor does not serve us all same.

I accept that I was wrong in the first razor that I bought, now I will not explain the reasons, but I will tell you what you have to take into account so that you, my friend, do not make my mistakes. For this, I will launch a series of questions to which I will respond with which I hope to help you when choosing the best electric razor.

Top 10 Razors For Men

What is the Best Shaving Machine?

And to answer it what I have done is a selection of the best electric razors that exist today in the market and I have evaluated them thoroughly to be able to present you the most complete information about each of them,

What to consider before buying a shaving machine?

After all that I have told you I can assure you that you already know which are the best electric beard shavers and what are their main characteristics, now you just have to decide on one or the other.

Do you still have doubts? Maybe you should answer these other questions.

In this case I am going to ignore the simplest question that corresponds to your budget , because if your budget is scarce it is clear that you have two options, not to mention that only one; but if that is not your problem to see if with my approach I can get you out of doubt about which one you should choose.

  1. How is your beard?
    Your hair is strong, fine, you have a thick and dense beard or rather scarce … depending on how you should decide on one or another shaver and this would be my option:
    – for a dense beard and strong hair would opt for the Braun Series 9 9296CC
    – for a dense beard, you could opt for the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s or the Braun Series 9 9296CC
  2. How is your skin? 
    You have to look if it is very sensitive and the minimum is irritated and if you need to shave every day this is paramount.
    Although it must be said that in terms of personal care and skin care the four shavers are very careful with this issue.
  3. If you need a pin cutter
    If so, you should opt for either of the two options provided by Philips, which are the Philips S5110 / 06 or the Philips 9000 series S9711 / 32
  4. You have a beard to keep perfect
    Then it is clear that your choice is the  Philips 9000 series S9711 / 32

In short, look and study well what your personal needs are and what are the peculiarities of your skin and hair.

What is the Price of an Electric Shaver?

Within the world of shavers, you have prices for all tastes, whims, and pockets.

And it is that you will find very low and affordable prices for very basic electrical machines that simply fulfill their function of shaving and electric machines that are full of benefits to which more good.

This, in the end, means that you can find shavers for about 45 – 50 euros to electric shavers that cost up to 400 – 500 euros; and in between those prices you will find a wide range of shavers that, depending on whether they have more or fewer things like that, will cost more or less.

Where to buy an Electric Shaver?

Well I have it clear, my electric razor would buy it online and without hesitation, through Amazon and the reason is very simple, good reasons, I have several and they are just what I will tell you now:

  • You will find many more models of razors in addition to those that I have recommended; In this way, you will find the razor that best suits your needs and of course your budget.
  • In about three days you receive your order at your home.
  • Unbeatable customer service, your doubts are solved at the moment and you will not have problems when it comes to returns.
  • They have many offers and discounts available that you can benefit from when buying your electric razor.
  • You can see the opinions of the customers who bought that shaver before you. This is very valuable because, like I have given you my opinion, you can read the opinions of many satisfied and dissatisfied customers who will give you their reasons; so you can make a better decision about whether or not to buy that razor that you like so much.

Conclusions and What Shaving Machine to Buy?

I think that after all that I have told you here you should have already quite clear, if you have not definitely made the final decision, what razor to buy and of course where to buy it.

As I mentioned in the four options I gave you, you should focus on what I really need, what my physical characteristics are and what my budget is.

Starting from these three premises, you have it relatively easy, do not you think?

If you want a good quality price, without hesitation your choice is the  Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s shaver If, on the other hand, you want something at a good price, but you also need the trimmer accessory so they are impeccable, then opt for the Philips S5110 / 06 razor

If you are a  hipster and your beard has to be perfect, opt for the  Philips 9000 S9711 / 32 series when you want to change your look and make your beard disappear and take care of your skin like no other shaver. To finish and I can only recommend one last time the  Braun Series 9 9296CC shaver, this model will take care of your skin, with a maximum rush in any corner of your face.

And no, I do not forget, I already know that I also told you about the  Philips BodyGroom TT2040 / 32 so you can eliminate all those hairs from the body that you do not like at all or leave them short. You’ll see how you’ll like it more and you’ll feel better about yourself.

I just hope that everything I’ve told you will help you, in the end, to make the best decision and choose the best electric shaver .

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