10 Best QLED TVs: Reviews and Buying Guide

As you know, there are many different screen technologies when it comes to choosing a TV . Especially modern are the OLED TVs, but with a rather high price to book. On the other hand, QLEDs are a good alternative, because here you can expect a similarly good quality as with an OLED.

Compared to classic LED TVs, you also benefit from HDR capability and a higher contrast range. If you are interested in a QLED TV, then you are in the right place here on this page of the star. We inform you about all the differences compared to OLED and have also put together an extensive buying guide.

In our overview of the 10 best QLEDs, you will also find particularly recommendable models, which are available at good prices for you.

Top 10 QLED TVs

What do other technology magazines say about the Samsung QLEDs?

In addition to the Stiftung Warentest, of course, some other electronics magazines have dealt with the QLED TVs, such as the PC Magazine. In a report, the Samsung QE75Q8C QLED TV was tested.

Especially the elegant design was praised. The same applies to the brilliantly colorful picture. If you put a lot of emphasis on the modern features of a Smart TV, then you make no mistake with this model of Samsung. However, it was also found that the black levels are not always displayed 100% on the display. All details about this QLED TV test can be found here on this website from PC Magazine.

QLED Kaufberatung: What you should pay attention!

You have just come home from work and would like to sit on the sofa to end the day with the family in front of the TV? Millions of German consumers do so several times a week so, although in most living rooms a TV can be found. Regardless of the films, series or documentaries you are interested in, general TV quality also plays an important role, as long as you as a consumer value it.

In particular, films or series on large screens are much more impressive. Furthermore, if these displays are characterized by good color reproduction and high contrast, the differences compared to traditional LCD screens are sometimes enormous. In recent years there have been a few different display technologies that have been present. For example, manufacturers have also developed a number of displays that are primarily used exclusively for the models of the respective brands. For example, the display technology QLED, for which the manufacturer Samsung is known.

If you are interested in a new QLED TV, which is a solid alternative compared to expensive models with OLED, you will find here on this page comprehensive purchase advice, where you can easily orient yourself to the selection of the right equipment. In doing so, we not only focus on recommended screen sizes, but also on relevant equipment features that you should definitely check in advance of a purchase decision.

What is QLED anyway?

In addition to LEDs and OLEDs, QLED is one of the modern screen technologies that are of particular interest to private households in the area of televisions. This is a modern TV technology of the Samsung brand, which was developed a few years ago. The term QLED stands for Quantum Dot technology. Samsung thus wants to ensure that the light colors can be represented not only precisely, but also pure and particularly stable with a high degree of detail. In this context, higher contrasts are also created, whereby QLED is primarily characterized by a very impressive brightness.

For example, think of a movie you play on your classic TV. Here, in very dimly lit scenes, dark objects in a corner are very difficult or even impossible to recognize. On a QLED TV, on the other hand, this is not the case, because the brightness moves at a much higher level and the overall contrast is better. This is not only shown stronger, but also the black is also much deeper. This represents another advantage of modern display technology QLED.

Compared to organic OLED technology, the inorganic light-emitting diodes used in QLEDs are also more durable. For example, there is no risk that the picture will burn once. Technically this can never happen with QLEDs.

What is it about inorganic QLEDs and organic OLEDs?

The light makes the greatest difference in these technologies used in the TV area. Thus, in TVs with the OLED technology changes in the range of color display and general brightness can be detected after a good 20,000 operating hours. So put a lot of emphasis on these features and use your TV set particularly often, so you can set as an alternative to a QLED. Because inorganic particles are used, you benefit from maximum longevity, which is the case in comparison to OLEDs. Even after years, the colors, as well as the contrast and the brightness, are displayed unchanged on the display.

The most important features of a good QLED TV

If you are interested in television with QLED, you should consider a few things in the run-up to the purchase decision, which we have given you in an overview below. Depending on the user and user behavior, however, these properties can be interpreted to varying degrees by the respective consumers.

  • Resolution of the display

As the display technology, QLED is a modern version, you can usually only get these televisions with a very high resolution in 4K. Thus, you benefit from a pixel display with 3840 × 2160 pixels. In the affordable segment of TV sets that are currently available, this is the highest resolution. In addition, displays with QLED are also characterized by good control at 100 Hz. This is especially important for movies and performances with very fast movements, such as football matches or other sporting events that you will be watching on your TV.

  • connections

Since most QLEDs are available from the manufacturer Samsung, the basic equipment features are usually quite similar. This is also the case, for example, with the connections, which are very important in order to be able to combine the television with additional devices. In this context, for example, the talk of an external game console, such as a Sony PlayStation or Xbox One.

In the run-up to the purchase, make sure that all the relevant connections that are important to you are actually available on the QLED TV. For example, you can use HDMI to connect external players, such as a Blu-ray player. USB ports and a network connection should also be available to connect the TV to the Internet. As an alternative, you can also connect to the router and benefit from the many Smart TV features that a QLED TV ensures.

  • sound

All standard QLED TVs are equipped with internal speakers. Compared to an external sound system or a sound bar, they can not compete in terms of quality. For some consumers, such a sound system is also quite sufficient. So if you put a lot of emphasis on the sound quality and you want to benefit from a great all-around sound in your own home, then it’s best to combine your QLED TV with an additional sound system, which consists of several speakers and a subwoofer.

  • reception

The factory Samsung equips the QLEDs not only with numerous different connections from the factory but also with the standard receiving module as well as with a triple tuner. Thus, it can be ensured that you can process a digital signal with the TV. If you also have your QLED TV connected to the Internet, it is easily possible that you use the apps of the various streaming services.

Samsung typically integrates support for Netflix and Amazon Video vendors, which are among the most popular portals in the industry. In any case, remember that you must have enough high-speed Internet connection to display content in 4K. Otherwise, the films, series, as well as documentaries and other content, are only displayed in Full HD on the QLED television. In such a case, you will not use the maximum performance of the TV in terms of resolution and screen quality.

    1. Optional accessories that you can use for your QLED TV

In order to put the QLED TV into operation, the manufacturer, of course, provides you with all the necessary things. This applies for example to the remote control and some other accessories. But there are also additional articles that you can use to optimize the television or the general operation. For example, attach your TV with a wall mount and align the display exactly the way you want it. Often you can also remove the feet on selected models so that the TV can generally be much better integrated into the room.

Recommended accessories for a good QLED TV is also a Blu-Ray player dar. Thus, you are able to play movies and other content with the traditional data carriers. If you like to play, you can also connect the TV to a console. The manufacturers of the QLED TVs usually provide all the connections for this, so you’ll get your game console up and running in seconds with a manageable effort.

Other advantages of Samsung QLED TVs

The manufacturer Samsung markets in connection with the modern QLED TVs, of course, also concrete advantages and summarizes these in the following sub-items together.

    •  Q color

This clearly highlights the true-to-life colors that can be displayed on QLED TVs’ displays thanks to the advanced Quantum Dot technology. Namely, the Q Series models are equipped with a 10-bit panel that provides 100 percent color volume and ensures full coverage of the DCI P3 color space, which is also used in cinemas, among others. In the end, for you as a private consumer, this means that you will benefit from great colors in almost all brightness ranges.

    • HDR 1000

In general, all Samsung QLED TVs also have HDR support. With a brightness of up to 1000 nit, you can look forward to a great deal of detail in almost all lighting situations that you can imagine.

    • 360-degree design

Samsung makes the QLED TVs from the Q series particularly modern. So these devices are characterized by a very thin frame and with a tidy design in the area of the back. This allows a smart placement of all cables. So put great emphasis on the most modern and simple interior, then you can not ignore these models of Samsung.

    • One Connect Mini

This is a small external box, which is connected to the television with a nondescript cable. Exactly this box contains all the connections that you usually need to make your TV experience better. Connect to this box so a Blu-Ray player, a game console or even an external audio system. Thus, the days of cable salads are finally over.

Which QLED TV is suitable for you?

Now that we’ve got a closer look at the QLED technology, and have also introduced you to some of the key features of a TV in this segment, there are now basic product recommendations for a TV that is perfect for your living room.

  • QLED TVs for beginners

If the budget is limited and you still want a QLED TV to be well equipped for the future, then you should limit yourself to models that are equipped with a relatively small display. Television sets with a screen diagonal of 49 or 55 inches should be mentioned in this context. You also get some devices for less than 1000 €, so you can make real bargains.

  • QLED TV for the large living room

If you’re using your TV much more frequently and you’re just too small at 55 inches, it’s best to opt for a QLED TV with a 65-inch display. Usually, these models also have some extra features and are also equipped with a better audio system. If you do not want to resort to an external sound system, you may also opt for a QLED from this price range.

  • QLED TV devices for home theater fans

As a real home cinema fan, you will certainly have a much higher demand for your QLED TV. Because of this, it’s best to choose a top-end QLED that will keep you well-powered for a long time. Especially the models from the Q9 series are recommended in this area of Samsung. Especially compared to the cheaper televisions, which are based on the advanced QLED technology, you often benefit from a lower black level.

Conclusion on the QLED TVs

Depending on the model and price range, the differences between QLED and OLED TVs are clearly visible. But this is especially the case when you are in front of a LED TV and compare it with a QLED TV. It’s clearly a more modern display technology, ensuring better color reproduction and maximized brightness for you.

If you are unsure which display technology you are considering, it is best to check out a local electronics market and check the TVs of the different brand manufacturers. Keep in mind, however, that TCL’s QLED TVs are typically not available in traditional retailing, such as MediaMarkt or Saturn.

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