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A printer, especially a multifunction printer, is the space-saving printer solution for the office, so to speak. The printers are available as 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 devices and offer several benefits to the user. Even though many things are paperless now and then, one needs an expression from time to time.

The multifunction printers are available in different variants – for “normal home use” to sophisticated business printers. We would like to explain to you in the following printer comparison what the multifunction printers can do and how different the different models are.

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What is a printer, in particular, a multifunction printer and what does it need?

With printer documents and photos can be printed. There are very different printers, which also have very different functions.

So we differentiate the so-called photo printers in the printers. With these printers, you can print photos that are very good in quality. Because the photo printers are specially tailored to the high-quality and razor-sharp expression of photos and images.

And then there are the so-called multifunction printers. These are the printers that can do much more than just print. There are the 3-in-1 models and the 4-in-1 models. That is, a printer performs 3 or 4 functions.

The 3 in 1 printer can print, copy and scan while the 4 in 1 printer model can still fax.

With these multifunctional devices, documents and photos can be printed, both in mostly very good quality. Of course, with the all-in-one printers, as the multifunction printers are also called, there are also differences in print.

The functionality of a multifunction printer

Due to the combination of different functions, multifunction printers offer a wide field of application. As a printer in your home office, at work, in the workshop or during your studies – the all-in-one devices have their advantages for many professions.

The control of the printer is either directly from the computer, but also print jobs from mobile devices such as the smartphone or the tablet are possible. Copies or faxes are sent through the printer’s display. The menu guidance of the printer is usually intuitive and really easy to use.

To scan documents or images, place the original on the surface on the printer or, if the printer has a document feeder, in the feeder. The document is scanned by pressing the corresponding key. For many devices, the scanner control can also be done via the computer.

If documents are to be copied, they are also placed on the origin of the printer or on the document feeder. Pressing the corresponding button will pull the copies.

Even multifunctional devices with the document feeder also allow multiple sheets to be copied. The printer will automatically feed in the sheets one at a time, then copy them.

For faxing, the multifunction printer must be connected to the telephone network. Some computers have the so-called fax function, with which faxes can be sent or received.

Good all-in-one printers offer the possibility to print photos in very good quality and on photo paper. If this is important, you should pay attention to the corresponding features when purchasing the printer.

These are the benefits and benefits of the all-in-one printer

We have already mentioned one of the main advantages of an all-in-one printer: a device combines several functions. Instead of 3 or 4 individual devices, all this makes a printer: the multifunction printer – also known as an all-in-one printer.

If necessary, copies can be made, a fax can be received or sent, or a picture or document can be quickly scanned. Even those who think about getting a printer in the near future should consider the option of the multifunctional device. Even if you rarely use the additional functions of the printer, the purchase is recommended. For anyone who was once allowed to enjoy the benefits of such a combo printer, will always buy such a printer again.

Above all, the multifunction devices are priced really affordable, if you do not fall back on the higher-priced business multifunction printers.

As the name implies, the multifunction printers combine different functions of different devices. Instead of having three or four standalone devices on your desk, only a single device can handle all the functionality. Saving space is thus an important point and advantage that bring the multifunction devices with it.

And it’s also a financial factor that matters. The three or four single devices are definitely a lot more expensive than the multifunction printers. In addition, the one device needs these cartridges, the other maybe this paint roller and this paper … so synonymous in terms of consumption and stock bring the multifunction printers with their advantages.

The multifunction printers can print, copy and scan. There are also the multifunction printers, which can also fax. If you do not need a fax function, you can use a 3-in-1 printer, which is usually slightly cheaper than the 4-in-1 printer.

The newer printers are equipped with WLAN so that the printer does not even need to be connected to the computer or the mobile data carriers by cable. Print jobs are simply sent to the printer via the Wi-Fi network.

What should you look for when buying a printer?

In the previous sections, we have already explained some of the issues that the multifunction printers can and are relevant to when purchasing such a printer.

First of all, it is important to you which functions the printer should bring along in the first step. If you would like to have the fax function integrated into the printer, select the so-called 4-in-1 device.

It is also important what you mainly want to print with the printer. Should it be simple documents without great pictures or is it rather the photo printing that is important to you. For both variants, there is the appropriate printer, so you should include this when buying.

As a rule, all printers are equipped with WLAN, so you do not necessarily have to connect the printer to the device in order to print.

If you take a lot of photos and want to print them with the printer, a slot for an SD card is also a great advantage.

In addition, you have to choose between a laser printer and an inkjet printer. Which printer has some advantages, we have already explained in one of the previous sections. Where the laser printers in the purchase and entertainment more expensive than the inkjet multifunction devices and usually for the “home use” are too large.

The printing costs of multifunction printers are also important when buying. Some manufacturers, such as HP offer the so-called HP Instant Ink, in which the printer automatically orders ink cartridges when they are empty. However, you should look at the cost of the ink cartridge cover.

Most multifunction devices have a separate ink cartridge per color, so they can be replaced individually. When purchasing the printer, you should pay attention to whether the targeted printer can do this.

The Epson EcoTank even comes with a refill function. That is, the ink is simply refilled from a larger container into the cartridges in the printer, reducing the cost of the ink.

Of course, the print quality is crucial when buying the printer. The print quality is usually given in dpi. The higher the dpi, the better the print quality. The same applies to the scan quality.

Typically, the multifunction printers have a display that is simple and intuitive to use. The menu can be called up, fax functions or copy functions can be started. For most printers, the menu structure is clearly structured and, so to speak, self-explanatory.

Other features that can be selected as additional features when you purchase the printer include:

  • the duplex function
  • automatic document feeder
  • Printing speed or
  • NFC or AirPrint

Just the latter feature – AirPrint – is a special technology that Apple has developed. This feature allows you to access and print directly from the iPad, iPhone or other Apple devices via Wi-Fi. For Android devices, this feature is called NFC.

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