10 Best Powerbanks: Reviews and Buying Guide

Many consumers today use different mobile electronic devices in everyday life, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. If you also use this technique every day, then you know that the batteries are often empty quickly. All the better is it that you always benefit from practical energy storage with a good power bank on the road.

The bandwidth of the power banks is immensely diverse. So there are hundreds of versions of different brands. We present you here on this page, the best power banks of the top manufacturer’s anchor, AUKEY and Co. and also show you on what you should pay attention to the application.

Top 10 Powerbanks

4 errors you should avoid when loading a power bank

Basically, power banks are not dangerous, as long as you pay attention to the correct operation. However, there are some sources of error that you should not overlook. Enclosed we have listed four bugs that are of course not just for power banks per se, but also for all other electronic devices that have an internal battery, such as smartphones, notebooks or tablet computers.

1. Avoid extreme temperatures

High-temperature fluctuations are among the biggest causes, which is why rechargeable batteries can have defects or are no longer as powerful as before. This affects both cold and heat. Therefore, make sure that you do not leave your power bank in the blazing sun and do not use protection even in strong minus temperatures. Otherwise, it may be the case that the battery of the power bank has damage and can not be used as usual.

2. Close the power bank after charging

When charging of the power bank battery has finished, please terminate the device. The power bank should not continue to be supplied with electricity, as this can lead to damage, such as overheating. In general, many batteries have special charge protection. But especially with the very cheap power banks, you should definitely make sure that the charging process is completed on time.

3. Do not use USB devices with the power bank when it is very hot

If you notice that the power bank is unusually hot, it may indicate an internal defect. For safety reasons, it is therefore advisable that you stop the application and replace the device or send it as defective to the manufacturer. Often, such damage also occurs after the power bank has been improperly handled.

4. Check your power bank for possible damage after a fall

If the power bank falls on the ground, it can also be a reason that any defects have occurred. Lithium-ion batteries that have external damage should not be used under any circumstances. It is also recommended to use a special bag to protect the power bank optimally. Some manufacturers also rely on systems, so that the internal battery can be protected in a fall maximum.

Everything important to the capacity of a power bank

Many consumers ask themselves before purchasing the capacity of the power bank’s battery when it comes to recharging certain devices. Basically, the simple 1 × 1 is not applicable here. For example, if your phone’s battery has more than 2,000 mAh, you can not charge it five times if you have a power bank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh (5x 2,000 mAh = 10,000 mAh).

In the previous example, it is more the case in practice that the smartphone can only be charged 3 to 3.5 times with such a power bank. This is primarily due to the fact that the battery of the power bank loses energy during the charging process in the form of heat, which can then no longer be passed on to the connected devices. It is therefore essential to differentiate in terms of capacity and available energy.

The general efficiency also plays an important role. The higher the lag current of the power bank, the lower the efficiency. The same applies if you want to use the battery of the power bank, for example, at very low temperatures. In this case, it may be the case that the capacity is temporarily not as extensive available, as the manufacturer indicates.

Surely you have already noticed that after using a smartphone over a longer period of time, you notice a drop in performance when it comes to the battery. This is related to the age or use of the battery. It drops namely the capacity of the built-in batteries. This also reduces the energy that can be stored in the batteries with respect to the power bank and passed on to connected devices.

General advice for choosing a good power bank

If you are wondering which power bank makes the most sense for you, you should pay particular attention to branded products and customer testimonials that are available to you, for example, in Amazon’s online store. You will then be able to see how the experience of consumers in practice will be lost over a longer period of time. However, most of the Powerbanks presented above are good brand name devices from renowned manufacturers that have already proven themselves on the market for years. Of course, it’s not so important for you to commit to a high-quality power bank.

Proper handling also plays an important role. Suitably, you should consider the above-described sources of error and take the batter gently. This means that you have the maximum enjoyment of your power bank over a very long period of time and can thus supply all the electronic devices of your choice with energy on the move.

Powerbanks on the plane – what is there to consider?

You have just booked a vacation and possibly read that power bank are not allowed on the plane? Enclosed we want to offer you all about this question so that you can inform yourself extensively.

Basically, there are no general rules concerning the carrying of a power bank in airplanes. Although there are guidelines from the umbrella organization of airlines, these are not implemented in practice by all airlines. They merely represent pointers that the airlines generally do not adhere to.

In suitcases, you can not stow your power bank. This concerns all airlines! Carrying the external battery is in most cases in the hand luggage, on the other hand, no problem dar. If necessary, you can then at check-in clarify how your power bank can now be transported or not. The already mentioned recommendation from the umbrella organization of the airlines shows that only batteries can be carried, which offer a total capacity of up to 100 Wh. If you are below this value, you do not have to worry about having your power bank with you, as you may not be able to carry this battery with you.

To determine if your power bank is below this maximum limit of 100 Wh, you need to do a simple conversion.

So simply multiply the capacity of the battery of the power bank in mAh x the voltage in volts. You then have to divide the result by 1,000, after which the watt-hours are displayed. Suitable for this you can pay attention to the attached example calculation:

10,000 mAh x 5 Volt / 1,000 = 50 watt-hours (power bank may be carried in aircraft)

Is there a power bank test of Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest has taken several power banks in May 2016 in a test under the microscope. It was found that most devices are good. This affected above all the power banks of the manufacturer Intenso. Negative, however, the power banks were mentioned with an integrated solar panel. Often the rather small capacity of the models was criticized here. The test of the power banks of Stiftung Warentest is unfortunately already two years old. Meanwhile, there are much better power banks, so the results from this comparison are no longer too interesting.

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