10 Best Pomades: Reviews and Buying Guide

n our commitment to answer all your questions about skin care, we have reviewed 5 of the most requested products for the treatment of psoriasis and have classified them from the highest to the lowest to give you what we believe is the best cream for psoriasis. Our criteria include its effectiveness, hygiene of use and the relation quality-price.

Choose the HempTouch hemp oil pomade if you want a totally natural cream. It also works perfectly for psoriasis, so definitely, we recommend you try this product. If you want something hypoallergenic, then go for the Cream with emu oil from Feyè. Restores, repairs and rejuvenates the skin barrier to restore balance.

CeraVe’s Healing Ointment is the ointment for you if you are looking for something with ceramides. The ceramides of this cream work by replacing the lost ceramides in the skin due to psoriasis. If you are looking for an ointment with quick results, choose the Atopicann Skin Care Cream. It does not use any chemical product and contains hemp seed extract for best results. In addition, it is quickly absorbed by the skin and is also safe for children.

Cardiospermum is a natural alternative to cortisone, very effective against psoriasis, and can be found in the Healing Touch cream from Arganorganics. It also contains argan oil and hemp oil, which help reduce inflammation.

Top 10 Pomades

What are the different types of treatments for psoriasis?

The type of treatment used depends on your lifestyle, your response to a particular treatment and the severity and type of psoriasis. Technically, there are the following options:

  •  Topical treatments are applied to the skin and are usually the first type of treatment given to people suffering from psoriasis.
  • Oral medications, or systemic medications, work by administering medications to the entire body instead of just one area. This is often used in moderate to severe cases.
  • Phototherapy with ultraviolet light, or directed phototherapy, is used when creams or ointments are no longer effective. Done in a clinic or hospital, treatment is not the same as using a conventional tanning bed.
  • Biological therapies are another form of systematic medication. They work by acting on specific systems of the body and are usually administered by intravenous infusion.

What types of topical treatments should you use for psoriasis?

If you feel intimidated by the handful of treatment options for psoriasis, do not worry. The more you feel overwhelmed, the harder it will be to select the best one.

To help you choose what is best for your skin problem, here is a quick list of options and how each of them can help you.

  • Choose lotions and moisturizers if you need help controlling outbreaks. They also help keep skin moist.

When it comes to this option, the rule is that the more fat and thick, the better.

  • Choose salicylic acid if you need help to remove the scales and plaques from the skin. You can find a large number of products that are loaded with this ingredient, so be sure to select one with the correct percentage so as not to damage your skin anymore.
  • Use coal tar if you want to stop the growth of new cells. When using a product that contains this ingredient, keep in mind that it can stain fabrics and have a strong smell.
  • Steroids can help reduce swelling and slow the growth of skin cells. Products that contain steroids work best in sensitive areas and with skin bent, while stronger formulas are for hard-to-treat places (for example, knees).

The treatments are usually applied twice a day. However, the use of steroids has some side effects, including more visible blood cells, bruising and thinning of the skin.

  • Vitamin D solutions can help slow the growth of skin cells. Although they are safer than steroids, they can also cause skin irritation.
  • Choose retinoids if you want to accelerate the growth and elimination of skin cells. They contain vitamin A and usually come in creams or gels.
  • Use anthralin if you want to reduce inflammation and delay the growth of skin cells. It is often used with other treatments, the disadvantage is that it can cause skin irritation and can stain clothes.
  • Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus help to stop inflammation and are usually given when other medications do not seem to work. It is important, however, to consult your doctor before use.


Psoriasis is an incurable condition. However, as a way to control and minimize outbreaks, patients usually resort to topical medications. Highly effective, it is much safer compared to oral medications and has also given relief to 85-90% of people who have severe psoriasis.

That is why we have chosen HempTouch Cream for eczema as the winner of this summary as the best ointment for psoriasis. The name says it is for eczema, but it is also equally effective for psoriasis. A natural treatment for eczema works better than prescription drugs without unpleasant side effects. 89% of people can attest to this.

It is not the cheapest of all. But its effectiveness is well worth the price paid. And you, do you use other creams for psoriasis? Have you tried any of the ones we mentioned? Share your experiences in the comments, we and the other users will thank you.

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