10 Best Pineapple Slicer: Reviews and Buying Guide

One of the fruits that present greater difficulty to cut and chop is the pineapple, due to the hardness of its outer shell and its central part or heart. Therefore, many people choose to buy sliced canned pineapples for the preparation of recipes that require this fruit. However, these presentations are often expensive and often lose some of their properties compared to freshly cut fresh fruit. 

An excellent solution to obtain fresh sliced pineapples at the moment and with very little effort is to use a cutter or pineapple peeler, which is an instrument that allows clean and effective cuts in a practical way. Of course, it is important that the peeler is made of durable and resistant materials, that it is easy to clean and that its design allows for precise and fast cuts.WMF 18.7367.6030, made of solid stainless steel, has an ergonomic design and is completely dishwasher safe. Another remarkable model is the Vacu Vin 48702606, with three measures of cutters in addition to the chopper, all in one movement.

Top 10 Pineapple Slicer

What is the best pineapple peeler in the market?

If you like tropical fruits, you will surely enjoy a refreshing and healthy pineapple-based dessert. Although the market offers us the pineapple already peeled and cut into cans, the truth is that there is nothing like a good fresh and natural pineapple to take advantage of all its properties in addition to enjoying fresh fruit. But preparing and peeling the pineapple is not a simple task and is that the rough and thorny skin is very difficult to eliminate completely and your hard heart is very unpleasant to eat and complicated to eliminate without destroying the pulp, so if you like to eat Pineapple is essential for you to have a good pineapple peeler so that you always get the results you need.

For this reason and in order to compare only the highest quality pineapple peelers, we have prepared this guide to buy the best pineapple peeler with tips so that your purchase is always worthwhile.

Shopping guide


Whatever type of pineapple peeler you choose, something important that you should always keep in mind is that it is made of quality materials. In the market you can find from the peeler of cheap pineapple in normal metal that, let’s be honest, will be damaged with the washings and the passage of time, until the most resistant manufactured in stainless steel, the highest price if you worry about how much it costs , that will allow you to give many years of use with a great quality of cut, going through the plastic pineapple peeler that really is just as useful and almost as resistant as the others and that has a moderate price.  

Choose, therefore, according to your preferences and how much you are willing to pay for it and above all, if you plan to use it often, it is better to always opt for stainless steel models that guarantee a long product life.

Types of pineapple cut

We know that all pineapple peelers in the market not only get to peel the piece of fruit correctly but also get perfect pineapple wheels eliminating the hard center of it, but not all pineapple peelers are limited to this and that many They include a pineapple cutter or chopper that chops these wheels so that they are as you can find them in the supermarket. If you only need to peel the pineapple it is not necessary to look for models with this accessory. Otherwise, if you like to consume the game, the best and most practical thing is that the chosen model includes this additional cutter.

Easy to use

When we make a pineapple peeler is precisely to facilitate the work of peeling the pineapple because if you do not have the right tool can be a very tedious task. Therefore, when we buy a pineapple peeler, we hope that this will make the task easier for us, making eating fresh pineapple pleasant and simple. These cutters are often used by wrist movement. The cutting disc or blade is introduced into the pineapple while we rotate the handle with the wrist. This procedure will be easier if the blades are sharp or serrated and the handle has an ergonomic design that allows you to grip it firmly.


If you want to have a complete kit to prepare your pineapple, it is best to opt for those models that offer you the greatest number of accessories possible. While some models only include the peeler itself, others include the pineapple cutter, some even include a convenient container in which to store your peeled pineapple in the fridge. So if you are a lover of this tropical fruit and you consume it frequently, it is best to get one of these complete models.


As always when we talk about a kitchen accessory, this is easy to clean is extremely important because the accumulation of waste can be a great danger to our health. As for the pineapple peelers, these should be able to be disassembled so that they can always be completely cleaned, remaining perfect after each use. Ideally, these can be washed in the dishwasher, so the models made of stainless steel are the most recommended and not only in quality but in ease of cleaning and maintenance.

What is the best pineapple peeler of 2019?

The pineapple is a really delicious fruit and full of nutritional properties that will help us to feel healthy, deflated and full of life. But this large fruit often causes us to have headaches when it comes to peeling and that is perfect, without the unpleasant hard center and without a trace of skin, so we opt for the use of a pineapple peeler. currently found in the market will be a great idea. To find the best pineapple peeler and always get perfect results we have prepared for you this relationship with the best five robes of 2019, so take a look and decide which model you like the most because with any of them you will be right.


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