10 Best Pillows For Neck: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go to work, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. It is easy to assume that you have had a good night’s sleep, but the reality is that many people struggle to get the rest they need every night. If you are having trouble rest, it is important to look for products that can help you sleep comfortably.

In the case of this purchasing guide for cervical pillows, we are seeing a specific problem related to sleep – neck and spine pain. Countless people wake up in the morning with a stiff or sore neck, even if they have slept relatively well the night before (this can cause a headache or a migraine).

Instead of just accepting the pain you feel in your neck for long hours in the morning – or, perhaps, throughout the day – you can look for an ergonomic cervical pillow that will help relieve neck pain. In the guide below, we will try to help you find the perfect chiropractic recommended pillow for your neck and shoulder pain needs.

Top 10 Pillows For Neck

What are the causes of neck pain at night?

In general, neck problems are caused by an uncomfortable position to sleep. Of course, what is considered “uncomfortable” will vary greatly from one person to another, since all our bodies are unique. However, it is likely that you already know what type of head and neck position is comfortable for you at night, and what type of position will lead to pain. You know your body better than anyone else, so trust your instinct when you try to settle into a position every night.

Neck Pain

When buying a good neck pillow to sleep on, you should look for a product that is comfortable and that you find with it the best position for your head and neck. If you like to sleep with your head erect above the mattress, then you will need a firm pillow that is able to maintain that posture throughout the night.

Or, if on the other hand, you prefer that your head is at the level of your body, you might like a choice of a softer pillow. Whatever the case, always keep in mind your personal needs and preferences when buying. Reviews of other buyers are useful, but your opinions should never get in the way of making a choice that is right for you.

Guide to buy cervical pillows

If you decide to look for a cervical pillow to alleviate your neck pain by simply going to Amazon or another site and looking for a ‘ pillow for neck pain ‘, you will receive an overwhelming amount of results. It is amazing to see how many different cervical pillows there are on the market today. Getting into this buying process without a general idea of what you are looking for would be a big mistake – you would waste time, and probably would not come up with something that suits your needs.

The materials of the pillow are important

The first thing to keep in mind is the different materials that are used to fill the pillows to help neck, shoulder and back pain. By far, the most popular option is memory foam. As you know, memory foam is already a material commonly used in mattresses and is now one of the leaders in the world of pillows.

There are therapeutic pillows made with solid pieces of memory foam, and also some made with crushed memory foam. Even if you do not end up buying a memory foam pillow, it would be a good option to keep in mind at the time of purchasing a pillow.

Surprisingly, water pillows are another option for those who suffer from neck pain and headaches. You may not think that water is a viable option as a filler, but it works quite well when used correctly. The guide cannot be compressed, so it will almost always offer a firm feeling when you lay your head at night (depending on the specific design of the pillow you choose). Using a water-based neck pillow may seem a bit strange, but do not throw away this option until you see more closely how it works.

The shape of the pillow is important

In addition to the material that a pillow uses as a filler, another variable that you will want to observe is the shape of the pillow itself. The curves pillows are commonly seen in this market because they are better adapted to the shape of the neck and back.

Due to the shape of the head and neck area, it can be difficult to lie comfortably on a flat surface without developing pain in the neck (or shoulders). However, using a pillow with a contour shape, such as a cervical pillow, can solve this problem. The cervical pillows do a good job of filling in space between your neck and the mattress, providing the support you need throughout the night.

Do not underestimate the benefits of sleep.

In the modern world, it has somehow become ‘cool’ that of sleeping little. Many adults see the dream as a waste of time and try to prove how hard they are to talk about how little they really sleep. This is bullshit. Sleep is an essential human function, and essential to your overall health. If you want to be at full capacity during the day, you need to sleep – it’s that simple.

Finding a good ergonomic pillow that can help reduce your neck problems is an effective way to improve your sleep every night. Not only will you like to wake up without having a stiff neck, but you are also likely to sleep better at night because you will not wake up with a pain or a throbbing migraine.

The people who sleep well tend to have lower levels of stress, more happiness and overall better quality of life. It may be hard to believe that something like a cervical pillow can have such a profound effect on your life, but it is true. Choose a good pillow that will relieve neck pain and you will see how the quality of your sleep improves more than you could ever have imagined.


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