10 Best Outdoor Basketballs: Reviews and Buying Guide

Basketball has been a popular pastime since the late 1800s. Although it has certainly evolved since the days of throwing a ball in a peach basket, the rules of the game have remained essentially the same, although now, the popularity has spread to men, women, and children of all ages.

Whether it is played competitively or simply for fun and fitness, basketball has taken the whole world by storm during the last century. This sport does not require a ton of equipment like hockey, baseball, or soccer, but one thing you need to play is a basketball.

TOP 10 Basketballs

What is the best basketball on the market?

Basketball is a very popular sport because it is played as a team and allows you to develop your physical prowess, maintain a healthy body, train and have fun with your friends in a session. To practice basketball efficiently is key to have the right ball.

Although it seems super easy to choose the first ball you see, there are certain characteristics and aspects that you should consider before asking how much it costs.

We want to help you make an intelligent purchase, that’s why the key is to be informed; in this guide to buying the best basketball, we present in a summarized way the main peculiarities to acquire the best ball according to your category and level of the game to invest your money intelligently.

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Type of ball

When making a comparison of basketballs you must identify if you practice this game indoors or outdoors. For each of these disciplines, there is a specific type of ball, whose characteristics are adapted to the conditions of the court.

The balls can be indoor or outdoor, that is to say, that the materials with which they are manufactured can be more or less resistant to the type of field where they are going to play. This feature will directly affect the resistance and durability of your ball to know how much you can count on it.

The idea is to invest money in a quality ball that lasts a certain period. In the case of practicing in different courts, it would be convenient to have a versatile ball, designed in such a way that it works efficiently for exteriors and interiors.

Size and dimensions

If you are starting in basketball, you will notice that there are several sizes or sizes of balls. No matter how much it costs, you must choose the one indicated for your gender and type of game. The balls are classified in different sizes and then we detail each of them:

Ball number 5: It is the indicated ball for mini basketball and the junior category, with a measure between 69 cm and 70 cm and with a weight between 470 and 510 gr. After this category follows the female, which uses the ball number 6, whose dimensions range between 72 and 73 cm, with a weight from 510 and 567 gr.

It should be noted that many players say that they like to play with a top-size ball because it allows them to develop more strength in the arm. Finally, the number 7 ball is that of the male adult category, whose circumference measures between 75 cm and 78 cm and can weigh between 567 and 650 grams.


It is true that we are accustomed to the traditional orange balls with black lines, but as everything has changed in terms of design and appearance, functional balls have been popularized and, above all, visually attractive, with a multi-colored design with shapes printed or combined in two colors such as black and white.

The best-known brands of sporting goods have bet on attractive designs that stand out on the court to become the protagonists of the game. This is how they have adopted the appearance of basketballs so that there are completely different models and designs for all tastes.

However, it is key to consider aspects such as using a black ball only in daytime or well-lit games, because if you use it at night in a dark field you can hinder the development of the game.

Grip and texture

Undoubtedly, we all want to make a good and economical purchase, but when choosing a basketball it is advisable to know how good the grip is determined by the texture. These two aspects are closely related because the proper texture will ensure an efficient grip, even when players have their hands sweaty during the game.

The most recommended are those with a rough texture, which even facilitate a powerful grip with just one hand. On the other hand, smooth balls are very difficult to sustain and perform defensive maneuvers during the game; therefore, it is very important for your investment to be guaranteed, choosing the ball with the correct texture, which will generate a firm and stable grip during the game.

Brands and prices

In the sports world, there are so many brands of basketballs and a varied range of prices, which can be adjusted to all budgets. It is important to determine a limit to know what ball you can buy.

Our users agree that you do not necessarily have to buy the most recognized brand or the most expensive ball, because there are options in the market of balls with an excellent price-quality ratio, allowing you to buy a quality basketball at a low cost.

However, if your budget allows you, you can opt for the brands with the longest trajectory to secure your investment if you still do not like the other options. We hope that with this information you can buy the best basketball in the market to enjoy this collective sport and have fun with your friends.

What is the best basketball of 2019?

Basketball is one of the sports with the most fans in the world and to practice it you only need the desire and the ball. Here we show you the recommendations of our users of the five best basketballs of 2019 to help you in your choice and guarantee an intelligent investment of your money.

Manufacturing materials

The Spalding TF50 Outdoor basketball is a traditional model, manufactured by Spalding, which means certain tranquility in terms of the quality of its materials and design. An effective model that, thanks to its texture, is responsible for helping players get better feelings of product control.

In particular, the model has an exterior made of rubber of traditional type, with a wide array of small protuberances that facilitate the grip of the ball and its control. A model suitable for both indoor and outdoor, so that the material has the necessary strength to withstand the use even on rough floors such as cement or similar.

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