10 Best Omelet Pans: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tortillas are delicious food and although they seem easy to prepare, the reality is that you need to have a good technique and a good pan to make them correctly and turn them over, without sticking to where you are making them. The pans for tortillas are the right implement when preparing this meal because they are specially prepared for this task. 

In addition, it is important that you buy a pot that suits your kitchen, so there are pans for gas and other glass ceramic. La Quid Gastro Fun 7254152 is a light double pan in which you can prepare your tortillas easily, because it is coated with non-stick material and can be used in various types of cooking, including induction. Frying pan double Ibili Indubasic It is made of 100% aluminum, has a double non-stick coating and measures 24 centimeters in diameter.

Top 10 Omelet Pans

What is the best pan for tortillas on the market?

The potato omelet is one of the delicacies of our gastronomy. If you want to make sure it comes out perfect and does not stick to the pan, you should select a suitable model. We encourage you to consult our guide to buy the best pan for tortillas. These are the aspects that you should value to leave all the guests with their mouths open for the result.

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Type of kitchen

The first aspect to consider when selecting a pan, whether for tortillas or for other purposes, is whether it is appropriate for the type of kitchen in which it is to be used. A few decades ago, this was easier, because there were only gas-fired kitchens, although today there are more typologies. Do not forget, then, that in every cooking class you should use some pans and batteries or others.

For glass-ceramic and gas cookers, you will not have a problem, since practically all the tortilla pans on the market are suitable. However, if your kitchen is induction, things change a little. Not in vain, these kitchens require utensils that have been designed and manufactured especially for them, so it is convenient that you look at the different models that are valid. Check the label of the pan in question and this way you will leave doubts in a moment.

The diameter of the pan

Depending on the number of household members or the size of tortilla you intend to prepare, you will need a pan of certain dimensions. For example, if you are several people at home, a suitable size is a 24-centimeter diameter pan. It is, in fact, the standard measures handled by those who dedicate themselves to cooking in a professional manner. Moreover, although you are few in the home, it is not superfluous to have a good and economical omelet pan of this size to be able to face all kinds of situations.

In case you prefer to prepare an individual tortilla, then, perhaps you could consider selecting a model whose diameter oscillates between 18 and 21 cm. Needless to say, the quantities of eggs and potatoes should be proportional to the dimensions of the pan so that the tortilla is neither too thin nor too thick, but at its right point.

Making material for the tortilla pan

If you want to know how much a pan for tortillas costs, you should know that the material of manufacture will influence ostensibly in its price. In the market it is possible to identify different materials, all of them equally valid for the preparation of a potato omelet.

Among the most common materials are stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, aluminum or iron ore. The favorites of professional chefs are usually stainless steel pans since they keep the perfect balance between strength and effectiveness. However, it is also true that there are people who do not quite manage with this kind of pans because you have to have comprehensive control of the temperature.

In any case, it is very important to assess that the pan has a non-stick coating. Not in vain, this is one of the main reasons why the preparation of an omelet can fail: because it stays stuck to the pan. It is also true that, with the passage of time, this non-stick coating could be losing effectiveness.

Tips to get right when buying a pan

The pan is an irreplaceable kitchen utensil, whose first and rudimentary precursors already appeared in prehistoric times to cook meats. The Romans already used them in the preparation of their dishes, but until the sixties, they did not start commercializing as we know them today. The discovery of Teflon by Roy in April 1938 has played a fundamental role in the advancement of this product.

What is so special about the pan? Its simplicity, its multifunctionality, its ease of use and the speed with which we cook through it. Used mainly for frying and sautéing, usually with oil or butter, its metal container can be made of different materials, as well as its handle. We give you some small tips to keep in mind when you get ready to buy a pan.

  1. Types of pans
  2. Size
  3. Thermal conductivity
  4. Material
  5. Compatibility and resistance
  6. Brand
  7. Opinions
  8. Price

Types of pans

Before starting, it must be made clear that there are many types of pans. There are the conventional ones, the round ones of all the life, but also enter in this classification the pans with somewhat different formats. Each type of pan is aimed at cooking different dishes. If you are a gastronomic expert, you should try to have a variety of cooking utensils.

Frying pan grill

Also called grill, it contains grooves in the whole base that leave marks on food similar to barbecue. They drain fat and are ideal for meats.

Frying pan iron

It is nothing more than a square or rectangular frying pan designed to cook with little oil. For a better result, wait until it is warm enough before placing the food. They are prepared to cook at high temperatures. In fact, the most modern models can be put in the oven.

Frying pan for potato omelet

Turning the tortilla around is an art. If taking a plate is not your thing, you can always buy a double pan for tortillas. They come with a hook that fixes it so you can flip them without spilling a drop of oil or egg.

Wok pan

Of Chinese origin, the traditional ones have a completely convex bottom and are made of steel or iron. Currently, there are works for glass ceramic and induction with flat bottom and non-stick. In them, the heat is concentrated in the bottom and its high and bulging walls allow small cut foods to mix and stir quickly. They are ideal for vegetables and healthy dishes. You can see the catalog with the best offers in Woks in this link.

Tilting Skillet

More than a frying pan, it is a machine used for professional use. It has a lot of capacity, but its price is very high. Most can be used as fryers, as iron, and as a large pot.


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