10 Best OLED Televisions: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are interested in the latest TV technology, then you will not get past the so-called OLED screen technology. This offers many advantages, especially in terms of luminosity, sharpness and rich contrasts.

But which OLED televisions are really recommended and what should you watch out for if you are interested in buying? Matching this, we have attached the 10 best OLED TVs in an overview with all the advantages and disadvantages summarized.

We also discuss the reviews of other electronic magazines and have also put together a comprehensive buying guide that answers the most frequently asked questions in connection with OLED TVs in detail.

Top 10 OLED Televisions

Which manufacturers offer according to the OLED-TV test Stiftung Warentest the best models?

The Consumer Magazine Stiftung Warentest last dealt with various TV sets in August 2018 and compared the models, which have a reception via cable, satellite or even antenna, in detail.

Overall, this review of all TV categories includes more than 500 different models that have been added to the database. As a conclusion, the technical experts of Stiftung Warentest were able to ensure that there was no way around technology OLED . Especially the models of the manufacturer LG are recommended. However, some versions of the brands Philips and Sony and Samsung also performed well in these tests.

We recommend that you make an individual price comparison and check which model is best for you. Are you interested in the further results of this test, you will find here on this page of the Stiftung Warentest some more information. Remember, however, that the detailed test results are hidden behind a payment barrier.

Other recommended OLED TVs according to other reviews

In the hi-fi forum are also some other reviews on different OLEDs to find that is quite interesting. Again, the models of the aforementioned manufacturers can prevail. But as a good alternative, the designs of the brands LOEWE and Grundig and Panasonic are also in your favor. Further information can be found here on this website.

OLED-TV Kaufberatung: Everything important, what you should know before buying!

You may have noticed with classic LC or LED displays that particularly dark spots on the screen do not appear in true black. Instead, she could expect exactly this with modern OLED TVs, so that a brilliant presentation is created. Such a TV is not dependent on a backlight. In fact, another technology is used which offers the advantage that the general luminosity is much stronger than with other display technologies. This also means that the contrast is significantly better for them.

As a result, you should usually be able to spot the differences between a conventional LED TV and an OLED TV, provided you have good video footage currently playing on the screen.

Another advantage of the OLED technology is the short switching time with regard to image sequences. If you watch movies or sports events frequently, the fast movements are noticeable. Especially for gamers who often play with the PlayStation 4 or with the Xbox One, this is by no means negligible. 
A compact overview of the advantages of OLED TVs

  1. Compared to LEDs OLEDs shine independently and are therefore not dependent on an additional light source
  2. OLED screens offer better contrast and brightness
  3. This screen technology is also much lighter and narrower compared to LCD displays
  4. OLEDs are more evenly lit.

What features should a good OLED TV have?

  •  display size

The size of the display describes the diagonal of the installed panel. So, the larger this specification in inches is described by the manufacturer, the more impressive is the picture. However, this does not necessarily apply to the resolution, which is usually 4K or UHD in modern televisions based on this technology.

If you’re wondering which display size is right for you, please take note of your own usage behavior and the available budget. Larger OLED TVs logically beat with a higher price to book. However, you should also remember that it makes little sense to buy a very large OLED TV if you have little space between the sofa and the display.

  • Resolution of the OLED display

Most OLED TVs have a screen resolution that is described as 4K. Thus, you benefit from a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels or UHD. In the future, however, even higher-resolution models will hit the market, setting new standards in image quality and detail.

  • Curved displays

Today, many manufacturers also equip the televisions with a curved display, which is described as a Curved option. This creates a spatial effect when you look at the screen, which optimally improves the perception of the contrasts. Especially in action movies, sports events and games with the console, this difference is particularly visible. So if you put a lot of emphasis on such image quality, then you opt for an OLED TV, which is equipped with a Curved display. As a rule, you will need to budget a few euros more for this.

  • Ambilight

manufacturers such as Philips have established the so-called Ambilight function on the television market. This is an ambient light that is displayed in LED based on the currently displayed image. Such an option is not only very eye-friendly but also visually impressive and should definitely be part of the equipment list of such a TV if you want to benefit from the latest features. We can also advise you on such an Ambilight OLED TV, as long as you often watch TV in the dark or watch Netflix.

  • upscaling

Most consumers in Germany still watch content in Full HD. Because of this, if you have an OLED TV that resolves in 4K, you should use an upscaling function. This option uses software to scale the source material in low-resolution format, making it look good on a 4K device. Please also keep in mind that various streaming portals also offer a 4K option. So if you have an OLED TV that supports such a high resolution, then you should choose this option, which often costs only a few extra euros.

  • HDR

With the HDR function, the manufacturers of televisions describe a technology that ensures that the contrast of the source material is further optimized. Especially with regard to the particularly dark areas of an image, you can expect an optimized representation. So, if you expect the highest picture quality on your OLED TV, please make sure that the HDR function is provided for your selected model.

  • Smart TV features

Since OLED TVs are one of the most modern models on the television market, most manufacturers also equip the devices with the classic features of a smart TV. In this respect, you can not only access an Internet browser but also have an electronic program guide displayed, which is very convenient, so that you always know when which programs will be shown on the various TV programs.

But it is also interesting that thanks to these functions, you can reach streaming portals, such as Netflix or even Amazon Video, particularly easily with the help of the apps. Often modern smart TVs also support a connection to an App Store. Thus, there is no problem that you can customize your TV with the help of countless programs and expand immensely in terms of classic features. Especially as a techie and entertainment lover you should pay attention to such features.

  • TV reception

Many manufacturers integrate a so-called tuner, in order to ensure the optimal television reception via cable or also satellite. If you still need the reception via antenna, please make sure that the device supports DVB-T in the latest generation. On the other hand, if you use the well-known streaming portals and are no longer primarily interested in classic television, it is important that you connect the OLED TV to the Internet via network cable or WLAN. But please take into account in content in 4K that the Internet speed must be sufficient. In fact, with a 16K DSL line, it’s usually impossible to stream such high-resolution content via Netflix and other portals.

  • Bluetooth

A popular feature is also the ability to connect the TV to a smartphone or tablet. This is done using Bluetooth wireless technology, which enables you to conveniently enjoy content stored on your smartphones, such as photos or videos. can be displayed directly on the TV. The advantage is obvious because you do not rely on a classic cable, which is quite convenient. In addition, such a feature started quite quickly, so you can show your family the photos from the last vacation well.

  • recording capability

If you would like to record the content displayed on your OLED TV, please pay attention to a recording function. These give most of the manufacturers of television sets as USB recording. To take advantage of this recording option, it is best to use an external hard drive or a sufficiently large USB stick. On these storage media, the contents are then stored directly from the TV, which is particularly convenient. Often, you only need to press a few buttons on the remote control to turn this feature on.

  • 3D option

If a presentation in 3D is particularly important to you, you should also pay attention to this feature. But be sure to remember that despite the modern technology that an OLED TV ensures for you, you still need 3D glasses to enjoy the spatial presentation.

  • sound quality

Due to the narrow design of the televisions, which are equipped with an OLED display, you can not count on particularly high-quality sound quality. However, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model, so the sound quality could be quite sufficient for them unless you have too high a claim to it. As an alternative, an external sound system, or a soundbar, on the other hand, always delivers a better sound than the OLED TV. Fittingly, here you will find some important tips and tricks regarding the selection of this audio technology in the comparison portal from Stern. So put together a modern entertainment package for your own four walls, which is especially recommended for movie lovers.

How do you find the right OLED-TV for your personal requirements?

Now that we have summarized an overview of the most important equipment features, you should now check which model is best for you. To answer this question, it is a good idea to evaluate the room size and also check which features you use your TV most frequently.

  • OLED TVs for quite small living rooms

If the living room is quite small and the distance between the sofa and the OLED TV is only 2 meters, you should make sure that the display is not too big. The right distance from the screen plays a key role. In addition, you should put a great emphasis on the cinema feeling, so you should put on a Curved OLED TV, which is available for a small extra charge for you.

  • OLED television for the home theater

In such a case, a Curved model with the OLED technique is almost mandatory. Remember, too, that you will benefit from the most up-to-date technology in a few years’ time. You should also take this to a sufficiently large model if space is available to you. Basically, you should never sit too close to your TV so that you can perceive the individual pixels. For TVs with a screen diagonal of 65 inches, make sure that the seating distance is at least 3 meters.

  • OLED TVs for real gamers

If you frequently play with the Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox, so a well-equipped OLED TV is really wonderful for you. Thus, you benefit from a better contrast and the optimized display of fast image changes, which is often in demand especially for players who are particularly action-packed.

The manufacturers of OLED TVs have already recognized that gaming has become a central hobby for many consumers. As a result, some brands incorporate a special gaming mode that optimally aligns the image with the image for gaming. If you often use your OLED TV for gaming, please bear in mind that such a selection is available for screen mode.

More tips to ensure the best possible cinema feeling

First, you should check if you are using a source material that is available in the maximum resolution. Even the above-mentioned upscaling never ensure that you will be the best screen quality. In addition, it is recommended that you pay attention to good LED lighting, especially in dark rooms. Especially the Philips built-in Ambilight should be mentioned in this context.

But very interesting is also additional sound systems, which provide a spatial sound. This is especially important for movies, but especially for gaming and ensures that you can immerse yourself in another world. The same applies to a display that is bent. This display technology supports just such a positive impression with OLED TVs.

A good wall mount is also very good to recommend. This is especially the case if you tilt your TV and want to align it individually in the room. For less than 50 € you get already recommended wall brackets, which are easy to install and guarantee a secure hold for your TV.

Conclusion on the selection of OLED TVs

If you are wondering which TV is best purchased from you, please consider the development standards in this segment. The technology OLED has already proven itself and will be greatly expanded in the future and also cheaper. So if you want to rely on the latest technology, you will not get past this display technology. But make sure that you get a current OLED TV, which ensures a 4K resolution. The model should also have a sufficiently large display, which fits perfectly to your room size.


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