10 Best Nursing Bras: Reviews and Buying Guide

The latest fashion and women are close friends, but health must be above what we see on the catwalks. The bra is a basic garment, although its function is unknown by many.

EFEsalud has analyzed this issue with Dr.  Carmen Sala, a gynecologist at the Gine 3 Center in Barcelona and video blog from our website, and with Francesc Puertas, an expert in corsetry knowledge and author of the book “El sostén. Myths and legends and user manual ”

If you are going to have a baby soon or if you have already had it, it is quite likely that you have opted for breastfeeding. If you want to feed your baby is much easier and more comfortable wherever you are, do not miss this comparison in which you will know the best breastfeeding bras.

Top 10 Nursing Bras

What is your function?

Hold and protect. These are the main functions of the bra, as the same word already says. The mammary gland is an organ that lacks muscles and, therefore, has few mechanisms of fixation.

It is supported only on the pectoral muscles through ligaments that are not very powerful, which are Cooper’s ligaments and is a fibrous tissue that needs an external agent such as the bra. Over time, these ligaments break and the skin is falling, especially if this garment is not worn.

How is the ideal bra?

According to Francesc Puertas, there are 24 different chest morphologies. “No two women are the same, which makes it very difficult to have two identical bras. It has to be appropriate for every woman, “says Dr. Sala.

Despite a large number of models of bras that we see in shopping centers, it is necessary that each woman find the right one. “Not all have the same size or the same outline, so I always recommend going to a corsetry where they make this piece to measure”, adds the gynecologist.

When we cross the doors of the store, we lose ourselves in a world from which only a saleswoman can rescue us. The problem comes when the managers of the establishment are not professionals in corsetry, and that all women have been in the situation of not knowing where or what to look for.

The help of a person who understands is needed. Two bras of the same model, of the same brand, with the same cup and the same size, may be different, even in the smallest detail.

“When a woman goes to buy a bra, she has to ask herself two questions: the size and the cup she wears,” suggests Francesc Puertas. According to a study conducted by medical experts in senology, 9 out of 10 women do not know what their size and bra cup is and 7 out of 10 do not use the appropriate size and cup.

Keys to buy the right bra

  • Straps should be straight
  • The back of the bra should not go up the back but should be horizontal
  • The ring must be flat in the thorax area
  • The bra has to cover the entire chest
  • Must have more than two pins
  • The straps must be two fingers wide, at least

Tips to keep in mind before buying a nursing bra

An essential aspect when choosing bras for breastfeeding is to get the right size. You must bear in mind that during breastfeeding the breasts increase in size and weight so that your previous bras will not be worth you.

The best way to get the right size is to measure yourself. With a tape measure, you must measure the outline below your chest and that will give you the size of brain number. Then place the meter on the most prominent part of the chest at the height of the nipple and so you can know the size of the cup in a letter.

If you do the measurement during the last two months of pregnancy you can have your bras ready so you can start using them immediately after delivery. You can even take them during the last stage of pregnancy.

When you try the garment do it with the closure on the first or second hook, this type of fasteners should never squeeze and the cups should not be too tight so that the chest does not come out the top. Keep in mind that if you are going to use breastplates or liners, you will need a bit more space.

As for the design, that is total to your liking. You can get a sports bra, discreet and even breastfeeding bras with underwire and padding. The choice of one or the other model depends on your personal preferences and the type of clothes you are going to use them with. But remember that at this stage it is recommended that you go as comfortable as possible and that at the same time the breasts are well attached, so not only facilitates the baby feeding, but you avoid discomfort and the appearance of stretch marks.

And now that you know more about this type of garments it’s time to know our comparison with.

Specifications and technical characteristics of the product

Cheap breastfeeding bra available in sizes from S to XL, available in beige and gray. Made from cotton blends. The sizes are the following:

• S: bust 93 cm and measured under the bust 80 cm. 
• M: bust 98 cm and measured under the bust 85 cm. 
• L: bust 103 cm and measured under the bust 90 cm. 
• XL: bust 108 cm and measured under the bust 95 cm.

The cups are opened and closed through a convenient system of brackets. Straps and thick back to provide greater support and comfort.


The users satisfied with this product emphasize that it is very practical and that it perfectly fulfills the function to which it is intended, its comfort is also highlighted.


The main criticism of this bra is that the fabric in which it is made is not of quality and that the size is smaller than what the manufacturer indicates, so it can be very tight.

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