10 Best Nail Clippers: Reviews and Buying Guide

A nail clipper, or nail clipper, is a type of tool that closely resembles a pair of pliers with an integrated blade, with a curved shape, which is used to cut the nails with great precision. Generally, they usually have a metallic body, material that will confer resistance, both to continuous use, as the passage of time, avoiding corrosion, as well as any other type of element that may affect it.

Top 10 Nail Clippers

We can find them in different sizes to adapt to the needs of the user.

As for its composition, it has 2 sheets that are joined by an end. At the tip of each one of them are cutting blades with a position facing each other. In addition, it also has a handle located between them.

In the advanced nail clipper has a blade that has a more pointed shape, as well as a surface of a large file to remove any dirt that may be under the nails to start with the manicure.

If you are thinking about buying pliers nail clippers, but still do not know how to choose it, in this section we are going to give you some tips that will come to you very well.

Considerations to take into account when buying pliers nail clippers

How does it work?

The mechanics with which this tool works is very simple to understand: the two plates will be combined together to achieve the proper cutting pressure, without the user having to make too much effort.

The handle is actually a 2nd gear lever that can press the two cutting blades until they open. These forces can act with great force, making short movements to overcome the resistance of the nail itself.

We can also find other more advanced models; For example, we can find electric nail clippers that are usually much more precise, in addition to achieving that the user does not have to perform too much pressure, making the apparatus a large part of the corresponding work.

What differentiates a domestic nail clipper from nail clippers?

Many people think there is no difference, but it is not.

The main difference is its size and is that nail clippers often measure much less. That is why, so they become the best option to take them on a trip since they will occupy so little that we can take them anywhere without this being translated into a nuisance.

As a curiosity, there are also some nail clippers for children; these are decorated with some reasons to make them much more fun.

3 steps to cut the nails in a simple way with pliers nail clippers

  • Use a type of pliers that is simple. Avoid scissors because we can create some sharp points with which we can have problems for the future.
  • The cuts always have to be done straight, without going too deep into the edges. If you do, you can injure your own skin … besides, you could nail pieces of nails that could come to originate in those holes.
  • Above all, have a lot of patience when you cut your nails: it’s worth losing a couple of minutes and doing it well, then having discomfort all day.
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