10 Best Mouthwashes: Reviews and Buying Guide

There are many mouthwash formulas on the market because although all have the goal of improving and maintaining hygiene in your mouth, some ingredients are not pleasant for certain users, hence the importance of reviewing and comparing each model one by one. offer, until you find the one that meets the necessary characteristics to meet your expectations. As part of this search process, we reviewed a good number of options and found that the Listerine Total Care model is highly praised for its mint flavor that is not unpleasant to taste, in addition to being offered in a one liter presentation, for So you will have a sufficient quantity of the product for a long time. 

Also, you can know what the model Naturseed Oil Pulling has for you, which is made from coconut oil and other natural ingredients, so it is free of chemicals and does not contain alcohol.

Top 10 Mouthwashes

What is the best mouthwash on the market?

If you want to have white, healthy teeth and fresh breath, it is necessary to use mouthwash after meals. To select a good rinse you have to go beyond how much it costs, so it is necessary to know key characteristics to obtain a product that is good and economical. For this reason, we have developed a section with these items, to serve as a guide to buy the best mouthwash according to your needs.

Shopping guide

Presentation and size

The presentation and size of mouth rinses are characteristics that should be taken into account before purchasing a product since according to these you could save money and get more content for a lower price.

In the same way, according to the use that you are going to give him, you must choose one or another presentation, if it is to use at home or to take when you go to work, school or university; It is not the same to carry a 200-milliliter bottle in your bag than a one-liter bottle. The presentations and sizes are varied; can be obtained from large bottles to small and compact containers that look like body lotions.

Likewise, they can be obtained in the market from refreshing liquids to creams or ointments that must be mixed with water to be used. All fulfill the same function, so it is the user’s decision to select one or the other according to the tastes and needs.  

Packaging design and materials

Although it seems unimportant, the design of the container and the materials with which it is made are also a key feature when selecting a mouthwash.

As well explained above, many models come liquid or creamy, so the packaging design changes, as well as the mechanism of closure, storage, and dosing of the product. Some designs are practical to use at home, but inconvenient to move them.

As for the materials, there are some glass, other plastic, and even metal, with large caps that open easily. Certain designs are provided with dispensers that facilitate the use and help not to waste a gram of the product, but on the contrary, they have the exact measurement corresponding to each dose.  


In the comparison of mouth rinses, users mention that the taste of this product is a point that should be considered before buying one or the other.

In the current market there are as many flavors as rinses, so you can select from a fresh menthol to a mild tutti-frutti flavor. Both have the same cleaning effect, the difference lies in the feeling of freshness and the time it lasts after use. Similarly, they can be obtained from some non-alcoholic formulas that tend to be softer to taste, to others with alcohol and a strong flavor that protect against bad breath and gingivitis.

Selecting one or the other flavor will depend on the degree of tolerance that the user has since the menthol with alcohol can give the sensation of burning the palate and is not supported by all.

Formula and ingredients

Each mouthwash is made with a specific formula and with ingredients that together maximize the protection of the teeth and eliminate bad breath. Some even have an immediate and lasting effect, but others require frequent and prolonged use of the product to achieve the desired objective.

Fluoride is an active ingredient in most formulas since it is proven to have anticaries action. Also, it is important that it has antiseptic agents in its ingredients, which help fight bacteria. Some of the most commonly used are chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, hexetidine, and triclosan.

According to the brand or the manufacturer, each composition is different. Some models handle the formula propylparaben, alcohol and poloxamer 407, others are more natural with essential oils and plants. Acquiring one or the other will also depend on whether you are allergic to any of the active ingredients.

Type and likes

There are several types of mouth rinses: some common and frequent and others that are usually for a specific application, that is, to treat conditions, being mostly recommended by a dentist for a certain time.

Before buying a mouthwash, it is important to check that it is for daily use and not the type that contains antibiotics to heal gum wounds.

Another feature that you must take into account is whether the package comes with any added because some mouth rinses bring the toothpaste from the same manufacturer or the one recommended to achieve the desired effect in the shortest time. Likewise, they can include a toothbrush, so that if it is a complete line for hygiene and oral care, these kits or packages are usually a recommended option to save money.

What is the best mouthwash of 2019?

Currently, in the market, there are a variety of types of mouth rinses, ranging from popular brands, to more specific, so you may find it difficult to select one. That is why we have made a short list with the ones recommended frequently by users so that it is easier to select the best one for you.

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