10 Best Mobile Air Conditioners: Reviews and Buying Guide

A strong heat is very stressful for many people, especially in the warm months of the year. This is true not only in the office but also at home. For your own four walls in such a case, mobile air conditioners are really very good. But what products are recommended and what is there to consider when choosing such an air conditioner? All answers can be found in our comparison of mobile air conditioners!

Top 10 Mobile Air Conditioners

Is there a mobile air conditioning test of Stiftung Warentest?

If the test reports of Stiftung Warentest are of interest to you, you can, of course, read the comparison on the website of this provider. In 2018, the Stiftung Warentest examined several air conditioning units. It was found that only every second air conditioner for mobile use is to be recommended. Most problems were related to noise and drafts. So the testers of the Stiftung Warentest criticized that the operating noise of the small air conditioning systems are annoying and thus a good cooling comfort is not given. The same applies to the relatively high power consumption.

The tested models that can be used on the go included models from the brands Comfee, De’Longhi and Stiebel Eltron. However, when assessing these test results, remember that this comparison is several years old and many of the devices in the overview above have not been studied.

How much does a good mobile air conditioner cost?

Entry-level machines are already available for less than 100 €. However, these mobile air conditioners offer some serious disadvantages compared to the more expensive models from € 400. Therefore, you should carefully consider which of the models is suitable for you. In this context, especially the period of use, the purpose and your demands on the operation of the air conditioners play a central role.

Finally, you should remember that you can get solid models for a good € 250. These are the brand name devices from renowned manufacturers, which we have also introduced to you here on this website.

Tips before buying a mobile air conditioner

If you are just looking for a mobile air conditioner that you would like to purchase, make sure you follow the tips below so that you will really buy the right device.

  1. The volume In operation, air conditioners can become very loud. Up to 65 dB are not uncommon. Such a volume can be compared with the operation of a running sewing machine. So you can get an overview of how loud your mobile air conditioner will be at similar values in operation. Matching this we can recommend the special devices of some manufacturers, which offer a so-called silent mode. In such functional applications, the air conditioners then run very quietly. Some models are also characterized by a sleep function, in which the air conditioning units also score with quiet operation.
  2. Pure air cooling or cooling with the help of the coolant? The basic technology of mobile air conditioning units differs after the air cooling or cooling the room air using special coolant or a water-air cooling. For many of these designs, you must, therefore, expect that you regularly have to dispose of the accumulating condensation that arises during the operation of such a device.
  3. Operating costs and energy efficiency An air conditioner of any kind always consumes quite a lot of energy. Because of this, it is advisable that you pay attention to the operating costs if you opt for such a model. Air conditioners with good energy efficiency cost between 25 and 30 cents per hour. The best way is to use an air conditioner that has the best possible energy efficiency. At least A and better still A +++ should be chosen, so that you can count on low electricity costs.
  4. Temperature differences In order to prevent circulatory problems, it is very important that you do not over-cool. So make sure that the temperature difference between the interior and outside does not exceed 6 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it can also be the case that you feel cold when you go outside to your home.

Are mobile air conditioners in your own home healthy?

You may also ask yourself if air conditioners of this kind are healthy for humans at all. In principle, the air in rooms with maintained air conditioning systems usually contains fewer bacteria compared to normal room air, which can cause allergies or the like. Corresponding findings also report physicians who have fewer patients who operate their own air conditioning.

The big disadvantage is the regular maintenance of the air conditioners. If this is neglected, so germs and bacteria can arise. If you notice that the air smells unpleasant when operating such an air conditioner, this may indicate appropriate allergenic ingredients. In such a case, it is advisable that you turn off the device or have it serviced.

Which types of air conditioning units are there anyway?

Basically, a distinction is made between the split air conditioning units and mobile air conditioning units. With a mobile air conditioner, you benefit from the maximum flexibility. In this respect, you can install this device in every room. A split air conditioner, on the other hand, is a system that is permanently mounted to the wall. These also offer the advantage that the exhaust air hoses do not need to be laid separately. Due to the flexibility and ease of installation, most consumers opt for a mobile air conditioning system. These are usually much cheaper.

Benefits of a mobile air conditioner

According to research, concentration and performance diminish when high temperatures are reached. Accordingly, air conditioners are used primarily in offices and similar rooms. Mobile air conditioners offer the advantage that they are quite easy to install. In addition, devices of this type can also be flexibly placed in the room and even placed in all other rooms of the apartment. Many models have roles to match, so they do not even need to be worn.

Disadvantages of air conditioning

These are obviously obvious. So you have to expect a fairly high purchase price, which is especially the case if you commit to an expensive brand device. In addition, mobile air conditioners can be real power hogs. If these devices are in operation regularly in the summer, high costs result. Not infrequently complain consumers who have not placed much emphasis on the economical operation of air conditioning, namely on additional costs of several 100 € per month. In addition, you should always keep in mind that the volume of air conditioners is another disadvantage. So choose a compact device that is described with a low decibel number.

Mobile air conditioning systems with and without exhaust hose – what should be considered?

Many users criticize the fact that an exhaust air hose must always be installed when operating a mobile air conditioning system. However, many low-priced devices will not work without such a hose. Finally, heat is generated during operation, which must be removed. Accordingly, exhaust hoses are absolutely necessary because the principle of the air conditioners would otherwise not work.

But there are also special air conditioning units, which are put into operation with two hoses. One hose draws in the fresh air from outside to inside, while the other passes the warm air outwards. Such systems are usually very efficient. However, you must always remember that you need to hang not just one, but two exhaust hoses out of the window.

The alternative to using a mobile air conditioning – tips for good air conditioning

Regardless of the use of a mobile air conditioning system, it is always recommended that you ensure optimal air conditioning, especially in the warm months of the year. During the day you should, therefore, close the windows and turn down shutters. In the evening, the airing must then be carried out. If mobile air conditioners are too expensive for you, you can, of course, use a classic fan. Nowadays, there are very reasonably priced fans that are rotatable and will therefore also provide a pleasant air in your home.

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