10 Best Mini Projectors: Reviews and Buying Guide

Conventional beamer is usually heavy and clunky. A good alternative is mini projectors. These are more compact and lighter. You can use a mini projector optimally when traveling or in your own home. For example, you can use the beamer to watch movies in an apartment, play video games in the living room, or watch the last vacation photos out on the patio. Just as well, mini projectors are suitable for everyday work. For example, you can use a video projector ideally for presentations and lectures.

If you want to buy a mini projector, you will find a lot of models in the market. These are produced by BenQ, GooDee, Sony, Vanko, Ragu, and other brands. But what good is a mini projector and which mini projector is the best? In our mini projector comparison, we show the characteristics of 15 different mini beamers. In addition, we explain in our guide the Mini Beamer types, the most important purchase criteria and the maintenance of beamers.

Top 10 Mini Projectors

What are mini projectors?

Mini projectors enjoy great popularity. They are also referred to as small projectors, mobile projectors, portable projectors, pocket beamer, and Pico beamer. Characteristic are above all the compact dimensions and the low weight. As a rule, mini projectors fit optimally in a bag, a backpack, a jacket and sometimes even in the trouser pocket.

Basically, the mini projectors work just like the normal projectors. Accordingly, mini projectors can project an image on a wall. For this, they often use LED lamps. However, you often have to accept a lower image quality with the mini projectors.

How does a mini projector work? The species in the overview

Mini projectors are partly with LED lamps and some with DLP lamps. In addition, there are mini LCD projector and mini laser projector. These are not often represented in the market. Therefore, we present below only the LED and the DLP Mini Beamer in more detail.

The LED Mini Beamer

Most mini projectors are LED projectors. These are generally more environmentally friendly, for a variety of reasons:

  • First, these lamps have a long life. Often the lamps can be used for many years and partly decades. There is neither a deterioration of the sharpness nor a lower color intensity.
  • On the other hand, the power consumption of LEDs is lower than the power consumption of other projector lamps. Because of this, the LEDs emit less heat. This makes it easier to cool Mini LED Beamer. Mostly they are therefore quieter than regular projectors.

The DLP Mini Projector

In particular, DLP projectors impress with their improved picture quality and high contrast. Often they provide a higher light output and can, therefore, be partially used in daylight.

The disadvantages of the DLP projectors include the higher price and the usually higher volume. This can come with a DLP Mini Beamer to rainbow effects.

For whom are mini projectors worthwhile?

Mini Beamer is compact and lightweight devices, which are intended primarily for traveling. In the private sector, you can use the mini projectors, for example, when you go on vacation. With a mini projector, you can, for example, the day in the caravan, in the apartment or in the hotel room with an exciting movie.

In addition, a mini projector in your own home can be worthwhile. If, for example, you are looking for a projector for several rooms, a small projector can be optimally suited for you. A mini projector for the home you can quickly and easily transport from one room to another.

In addition, a mobile projector is ideal for everyday work. If you work in the field, for example, you can use the mini projector during your customer visits. Likewise, the mini projectors are suitable for teachers and thus for presentations in the classroom. Similarly, you can use a mini projector very well in lectures and training. You can also use mini projectors for presentations in the office.

Buy a mini projector: 10 relevant criteria

Before you buy a mini projector, it makes sense to compare the different versions. These vary in terms of price range, quality, and many other criteria. Which Mini Beamer comes for you as the best Beamer in question, depends mainly on the application area. Below we would like to explain ten relevant purchase criteria on STERN.de.

  • The brightness: The mini projector manufacturers indicate the brightness in lumens. This value decides how dark the environment must be or how well you can use the mini projector in daylight. Some models have a lumen value of just 100. Normally, you can only use these projectors if the room is well darkened. Other mini projectors can convince with a fairly high brightness of some 2,500 to 3,000 lumens or more. These can be used in rooms that are only slightly darkened, as well as in brighter rooms and partly outdoors.
  • Contrast: The Contrast lets you know how much the difference in brightness is between black and white. The higher the contrast ratio, the sharper the picture. Because of this, a projector with the highest possible contrast is recommended. Mini projectors are often equipped with a contrast ratio of 1,000: 1 to 3,000: 1. Higher quality models offer a higher contrast of 10,000: 1, for example.
  • The resolution: The resolution indicates the manufacturer in pixels. Higher resolution allows you to benefit from a more detailed and sharper image. The manufacturers differentiate between a native resolution and a resolution that the projector supports as much as possible. Above all, you should keep an eye on the native resolution when buying. This reveals which resolution the projector can actually represent. Many pocket projectors, especially in the lower price segment, offer a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Normally, these support a resolution of up to 1,080 pixels. Some mini projectors, however, have a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (HD ready). Meanwhile, some mini HD projectors even allow the playback of Full HD and 4K content. The Full HD projectors and 4K projectors are usually much more expensive.
  • The connections: Before buying a mini projector, it is advisable to check whether you can connect all the desired devices to the projector. Most mini projectors are equipped with one or more HDMI ports. If you want to connect the projector to a laptop or connect it to a PC, a mini projector with HDMI port is important. On the other hand, many mini projectors have a VGA connection. You should pay attention to these if you want to connect the mini projector to a TV. In addition, USB ports are common. With this, you can use USB sticks, Smartphones and/or other storage media to connect to the projector. Partly, you can use these interfaces as a power source for your mobile devices. Also useful are an audio output for headphones and for speakers as well as an SD card slot or a micro SD card slot.
  • The wireless connection: Some mini projectors allow a wireless connection via Bluetooth and/or WLAN. A WiFi projector or a Bluetooth projector can be handy because you can connect it wirelessly with various devices. For example, Bluetooth can be useful if you want to connect Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers to the projector. A WLAN support is particularly advantageous for the use of streaming services.
  • The memory: Partially, mini projectors are equipped with a memory. This allows you to save and/or sort images and videos using the projector. However, the memory is usually not very large.
  • The projection surface: The projection surface varies from model to model. Most of the mini projector projection surfaces only reach the size of flat screens and not the projection size of conventional projectors. In the normal case: By a greater distance from the projector to the wall, the picture is larger. At the same time, the image often becomes paler due to a larger distance.
  • The weight: Mini projectors should be as compact and lightweight as possible. Because often mini projectors are intended for travel and should allow easy transport. Accordingly, a low weight is beneficial. Some mini projectors weigh two kilograms or more. Others weigh only about 250 grams. Often the lighter models are the more expensive ones.
  • The volume: Various Mini Beamer is equipped with a fan or multiple fans. Because of this, they often cause a noise. Whether the noise is disturbing depends mainly on the field of application. If you want to watch quieter movies, the fan noise could be annoying. For this application, a quiet projector is advantageous. For example, if you want to watch louder action movies, the noise should not be a big problem. If you want a completely silent projector, you can look for a mini projector without a fan.
  • The operating system: There are now some mini projectors with the operating system on the market, such as Android. This beamer basically offers similar functions as a smartphone.

The operating mode: stationary or portable mini projector?

Most mini projectors are stationary projectors. This means that they can only be operated via the mains current. This brings both advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, these projectors often offer better picture quality and a higher lumen value. Therefore, they can usually be used in bright rooms. Likewise, permanent performance is an advantage. Interruptions are not necessary. Instead, you can use this beamer for many hours at a time. On the other hand, always a power outlet is required. Accordingly, these mini projectors are inflexible. In addition, these models usually have a higher weight and larger dimensions.

Some mini projectors are additionally equipped with a battery. Portable projectors with rechargeable batteries are generally more compact and lighter. In addition, you can use these projectors independently of the mains current. That is why the mini projectors with rechargeable batteries score above all because of their high flexibility. Before you buy such a pocket projector, you should consider the following aspects:

  1. The image quality of the mini projector, which are operated by a battery, is often lower.
  2. The portable mini projectors with battery often have a lower brightness. Therefore, some of them can only project a good picture if the room is completely darkened.
  3. You can only use the portable models for a short time at a time. Most batteries last a maximum of two hours before they need to be recharged.

Mini Beamer Vs. Beamer: Which is better?

Mini projectors and conventional projectors work in principle the same. The biggest differences between the two versions are the size and the quality. we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of mini beamers as well as of ordinary beamers.

Mini Beamer: The pros and cons

Mini projectors are especially suitable for traveling. For example, you can use the small projectors ideally to give presentations in the field, to look at the holiday photos on the terrace or to watch a movie in the apartment on a rainy day.

Conventional Beamer: The pros and cons

Conventional projectors are available in many variants. These should best stay in one location. Because these projectors are not very suitable for transport. For this, you can use the normal projectors, for example, ideal for your home theater or for playing on consoles.

Which Mini Beamer Accessories are there?

Mini projectors are usually supplied with various accessories. In addition to a user manual, the following accessories may be included in the scope of delivery or may be useful as further mini projector accessories:

  • Cables: Which cables you need depends on which devices you connect to the projector and what you want to use them for. The suitable cables can be for example an HDMI cable and a USB cable. The Mini Beamer comes with a power cord. Some of the beamer with other cables, such as an AV cable and/or an HDMI cable offered.
  • Remote control: Many mini projectors are sold with remote control. Thanks to this you can operate the projector manually and, for example, from the sofa. Sometimes even batteries for the remote control are included.
  • Carrying bag: Sometimes, a transport bag belongs to the accessories of a mini projector. These can be used ideally to transport the beamer. The bag provides protection against scratches and dirt.
  • Tripod: Often you can mount a mini projector on a tripod. Partially the tripod is included.
  • Screen: If you want to fully exploit the image quality of the projector, you should use a projector screen.
  • Speakers: Often, mini projectors are equipped with speakers. These usually do not achieve loud and precise sounds, so it may be worth buying external speakers. This is especially true if you need the projector for your home theater system.
  • Power Bank: Using a power bank, you can recharge the battery of the portable mini projector once or several times. In addition, you can use the power bank to charge smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mini Beamer maintain: 5 tips & tricks

If you have a mini projector, you should clean it regularly. For this purpose, we have put together the following five tips and tricks.

  1. The housing of the beamer can best be cleaned with a microfibre cloth.
  2. You can also clean the lens with a damp microfibre cloth. Alternatively, you can use a compressed air spray. You should never use an ordinary cloth. This could cause scratches on the lens. The lens cleaning you should ideally perform before each projector use. This will give you a sharp, fat-free and clean image.
  3. If the projector is more polluted, you can use a mild detergent, which is pH-neutral.
  4. A lot of dust can accumulate in the ventilation slots. Too much dust will cause constipation and heat buildup. To prevent this, it is recommended to wipe the dust every now and then from the mini projector.
  5. From time to time you should open the projector housing. This allows you to thoroughly clean the interior and remove dust or other dirt.


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