10 Best Memory Foam Pillows: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you got here, you should be looking for the best cervical pillows. Well, you are in luck, because we have the best guide to buy cervical pillows. We hope you find it useful and you get it right with your purchase!

In general, neck problems are caused by an uncomfortable position to sleep. Of course, what is considered “uncomfortable” will vary greatly from one person to another, since all our bodies are unique. However, it is likely that you already know what type of head and neck position is comfortable for you at night, and what type of position will lead to pain. You know your body better than anyone else, so trust your instinct when you try to settle into a position every night.

Top 10 Memory Foam Pillows

What cervical pillow to buy?

As you can imagine, you can not tell which cervical pillow is better like that, without more. Many times, that depends more on the buyer himself than on the product itself. Therefore, we bring you different options under four different factors.

What should you look for when buying a cervical pillow?

Now that we have seen the best options, let’s see what characteristics your cervical pillow should have. In this way, even if you are not guided by our recommendations, you can make the right purchase. Let’s go there!

Type of cervical pillow

The first thing you’ll have to look for is the type of cervical pillow you’re going to buy. In this world, there are essentially three types of pillow that are recommended for each specific situation. Let’s see them:

Orthopedic cervical pillow

First of all, we can talk about the orthopedic cervical pillows, which are the ones that are used when you want to have a better rest in your home. Basically, they are used to rest better. These pillows do not have too much of spice, except for a form specially designed so that the neck suffers as little as possible and, therefore, pain is avoided (either preventing them or acting directly on them).

They are the most common type of cervical pillow, and are usually made of the same material as normal pillows, only with a slightly different shape (and, sometimes, with extra materials to facilitate that shape). If you are looking for a cervical pillow for home and to rest more comfortably, with less neck pain, this is the best option for you.

Cervical travel pillow

Another type of cervical pillow is the cervical travel pillow. If you travel by train or plane often, you have probably seen people using pillows of this type (in fact, there are airlines that offer them to their customers, although they are not very good). These cervical pillows can be of very different type, but, normally, they are pillows that you can place between the shoulder and the head to sleep while you are sitting.

Obviously, the comfort you gain from it is limited, because you do not stop sitting. But, however, what you avoid is the fact that your head is lurching from one side to another.

Electric cervical pillow

Finally, we can talk about the electric neck pillows, which are the least known and the most expensive, but which, naturally, have a lot of extra functions that may be of interest to the buyer. These cervical pillows usually have functions such as being able to offer a higher temperature if it is connected to the electric current, or even offering small massages.

Naturally, these cervical pillows are designed to help people heal some ailments in that area so that pain is reduced by some injury (for example). However, given their characteristics, they can also be used to sleep. Therefore, in the case that you have an injury and want to heal it with the best results, this is the best option, because it will serve you both to sleep, and to use it while awake.


First of all, you will have to look at the size of the cervical pillow you are going to buy. And, when we talk about the size of the pillow, we refer both to the size and the height it has.

The price difference between a small size cervical pillow and the normal size one is not too high. And, taking into account that you will have more room to move while you sleep, the most logical option is to bet on the largest size.


In the case that you buy an electric cervical pillow, a key aspect in which you will have to look is in the functions that it brings. Obviously, in the case that you buy another type of cervical pillow, this point can be skipped.

In addition, of course, when we talk about an electric cervical pillow, it is important to ensure that you have the appropriate security systems, both for you and for the pillow itself. These security systems are, on the one hand, a system against overheating and, on the other, an internal thermostat system that prevents heat from passing through and ends up burning. With these two systems, in principle, it should be enough.


Naturally, another important point that you must take into account is that of materials. After all, it is a pillow, and you want it to be comfortable and, in addition, that it does not generate any kind of health problem.

There are different materials that can be good options when buying your cervical pillow. On the one hand, you have latex, which takes a lot of time being used for this work (as well as to make mattresses). On the other hand, you have the fiber, which is still a classic in the manufacture of pillows, and that allows to have different designs and formats of variable hardness, which is always good if what we want is a pillow with the best possible shape.


And another relevant aspect in which you have to fix when buying your cervical pillow is in the design of it. And, here, we talk about design from an aesthetic point of view, as well as from a functional point of view.

Let’s take off first the part of the design in an aesthetic sense, which is the simplest: As far as possible, buy that pillow that suits your tastes. It has no more mystery.

Finally, there is a newer model, which has the shape of a horseshoe, and which are similar to pillows used in air travel. These models allow to properly align the head when sleeping on their side, but they also serve to sleep on their back.


Another essential aspect is to look at the brand that supports the product in question. Look at the marks is not superficial. In fact, it is very important. As a rule, a good brand brings confidence.

What is the reason for saying this? Well, it could not be simpler: The brands of great reputation can only be so if they satisfy their customers. If they did not, they would disappear, because we would all go to the competition. So, in general, if you can choose, always choose the recognized brands. This way you will have the first filter of assured quality (and it costs little to apply it). Forget about that “brands only serve to be more expensive”. It is not true.


Obviously, when you go shopping, you also have to look at the price. In this regard, it is worth keeping in mind a couple of basic aspects. Let’s take a look at them in a more detailed way.

Obviously, first of all, you should try to find the lowest price. This does not require much explanation: Spend less is better than spending more. But, if you have to choose between price and quality, always choose quality.

And the second point is to see if there are offers and discounts available. Naturally, if there are offers or discounts available, it is convenient to use them. Thus, you will achieve higher quality at a substantially lower price.


You have to understand that these types of valuations are past purchases that were right or wrong. As you can guess, you have to take advantage of that information. Guide yourself to the opinions of previous buyers and make sure you buy right!

You may find a good brand with a good price, but very bad opinions. If this happens, my recommendation is that you look for another option. Trust opinions and reviews, because it is the most reliable information you will find.


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