10 Best Massage Oils: Reviews and Buying Guide

Erotic massages are a perfect aphrodisiac for any couple. It is a way of living new experiences and awakening desire and pleasure in the body. For this, it is advisable to use oils for massage, which will allow you to bring out the senses, enjoy a smooth skin and make sex more fun and interesting.

Essential oils have always been used by virtually every culture in the world. They have been used both in medical applications and for beauty, offering all kinds of pleasant results depending on their nature. A power that today is maintained in the oils that we can currently find in the market, although they must always maintain the purity and the necessary quality of the products of yesteryear. As are the oils present in the Art naturals E8 Pack. A set of eight basic oils ideal to start in this world. Among them, we find classics such as lavender, mint or lemon, among others, with a high degree of purity and quality. A purity that shares the oil Naissance EBG50ES. This blue eucalyptus oil is ideal for the treatment of skin problems such as cuts or burns, as well as to relieve muscle aches and pains.

Top 10 Massage Oils

What is the best essential oil on the market?

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils, either on our skin or through a humidifier, help to keep our health at bay. But for these effects to be really beneficial, it is necessary that within our comparison of essential oils we choose only those that give us the guarantee of purity. If you are starting to use this type of oil and you are lost, we have prepared for you this guide to buying the best essential oil on the market according to your needs, so you know what you should look for in order to purchase a safe product.

Shopping guide

Degree of purity

As the first point of all, depends on the type of essential oil you want to use. You should look at the degree of purity of it since it is not the same an essential oil for the burner that another that we are going to use directly on our skin, conveniently diluted or used as oral therapy. These oils, therefore, must be of therapeutic grade, that is, 100% pure, so that, conveniently diluted, you can use them for anything, without risks for you.

Many oils are not indicated, for example, for use on the skin or for oral use, so you must be very careful before buying this type of oils and always set aside cheap oils to avoid allergic reactions and other health problems, without stop and think about how much the best essential oils cost, since you will gain security for you and yours.

Active principles of oils

In the market, you will find many different essential oils. From tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, depending on the use you want to give and especially the result you want to obtain. Therefore, if you are looking for an essential oil with bactericidal functions, you should opt for oils such as lavender or thyme, and if you are looking for one to open your airways or antiseptic function, you should opt for others such as eucalyptus.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to ask for advice before buying your essential oils, so that you can give them the use you really need and be sure that you will achieve the desired effects on your health, your skin or your respiratory system.


Sometimes, when we see these types of products, we think they are too expensive for the small format in which they are usually for sale, nothing is further from reality since you can give them many uses with just a few drops each time. A good option that you can choose is to buy a pack or kit of essential oils, with which you will have an excellent first aid kit for all kinds of uses and that you can even combine when necessary, as always, properly diluted in base oils or another type of bases.

These kits are usually made up of several bottles of 10 ml each of the corresponding essential oil and, although at first sight, they look small, the truth is that its high concentration will allow you to use just one or two drops, so that those 10 ml they will give you for many different uses. If you need to use it intensively, the truth is that you can find specific essential oils on the market that have a larger format, so you can take advantage of them much better.

Precautions of use

Although essential oils are a natural product, this does not mean that everyone can use them and that, although we usually use them, we can do so at all stages of our lives. And there are some cases as they are during childhood, during pregnancy or breastfeeding and even in their use in the elderly in which it would be better to consult your specialist or your trusted herbalist if the oil you are thinking of using It is suitable for you or yours at that time.

Some oils have properties such as increased blood flow in the pelvic area, promoting menstruation, while others may raise blood pressure or decompensate the nervous system. In addition, it is important to know that people suffering from neurological or coronary disorders should also be limited to lavender, chamomile or tea tree among other essential oils. If you have different allergies, you should also increase precautions for use.

What is the best essential oil of 2019?

The use of essential oils is increasingly widespread and is a great remedy to take care of our health, our skin and even help to heal our emotions and provide calmness. If you are looking to buy natural essential oils online, you need to make sure you buy the best essential oils, because not all have the same degree of purity and cannot be used for everything. For this, it is necessary that you know which are the best essential oils in the market. To give you a hand to make this decision that concerns your health, we have made this selection of the best essential oils of 2019 and where you will find what you need.

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