Top 5 Best Massage Chair Under 3000 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Suffering from pain in the neck or a backache? The best solution to your problem is a regular massage. It is not affordable to visit a professional massage therapist regularly because it needs a lot of finance every month. The alternative is to get a suitable massage chair for you at home or office and get regular massage sessions. A massage chair suits your budget, your requirements and from a reliable brand should be your priority. Here, we are going to provide you with the best solutions to your problem.

Top 5 Massage Chairs

1. Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner (Ver 2.0)

Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner (Ver 2.0)


  • It has 6 built-in automatic massage programs and 8 manual programs.
  • The air pressure massage has three levels.
  • It contains the ultra-modern Infrared Heating massage system.
  • It has the toe root rotating massage with two pairs of papillae.
  • The Mastoid Skin Scrapping massage mechanism for heels and foot arches is another distinguishing feature of the product.
  • The true zero gravity has 2 positions.
  • It has Smart body scanner.
  • You can easily move it from one to another corner as it comes with 4 wheels.


  • None

It is L-track full body massage recliner that is movable all around vertically. The L-track makes you sit comfortably according to your physical curves of the body. The people who sit for most of the time due to official work or study get backbench problem. The L-tracked backrest of the massage chair improves your posture according to the natural spine posture.

The true zero gravity position while reclined makes the massage experience more comfortable and soothing. The entire weight of your body is spread evenly on the chair horizontally and the vertical spine pressure on the tissue is finished. So, the massage mechanism works with great ease to make you feel refreshed again for another challenging day.

This product comes with unmatched massage technologies. The 6 built-in massage programs and 8 manual programs make it unbeatable massage recliner in this price. You can use Shiatsu, Kneading, Flapping, Simultaneous Kneading and Tapping, Knocking and Heat massage techniques individually or in a combination.

It contains two memory features. You can store two different choices and combinations of the massage programs for a continuous use with different settings and different positions.

In the manual massage mode, you can choose between three options including the fixed, partial and full body massage. It gives you different fixed choices including neck, upper back, lower back and shoulders. The partial includes the neck, arms, legs and foot massage.

The speed and intensity can be changed according to your needs. The speed has 5 different levels. Choose the one that makes you more relaxed and peaceful. The intensity has three different levels.

The air pressure massage has three modes including legs, arms and full body. All of them contain three different levels of intensity.

The foot and calf massager is not removable. It is adjustable according to the taller height. The roller massage mechanism in the foot and calf massager covers your foot completely for a pressured and mild massage.

The dual functioning of papillae provides you with a perfect toe rooting rotational massage. The mastoid skin scraping massage improves the blood circulation in your heels and the arches areas where usually the rollers do not work effectively in other massage chairs.

The heating massage mechanism is based on the ultramodern infrared heating system. The heating function comes with the carbon fibres to warm your body with radiant heat. It loosens your muscles and limbs properly and makes them functioning again.

The space-saving technology included in the backrest frame keeps a specific distance from the wall and preserves sufficient space in your lounge.

2. Infinity Massage Chairs IT-Evoke-CB Massage Chair

Infinity Massage Chairs IT-Evoke-CB Massage Chair


  • It has true zero gravity position.
  • It contains 38 airbags for deep-rooted partial and full body massage.
  • The triple-layered airbags massage in Kneading and Tapping works in a human-like way.
  • It has a dual intensity heating system to eliminate the pain.
  • The S-track mechanism at the backrest helps to keep you in the natural spine posture.


  • There are no built-in massage programs. However, 8 manual massage technologies have been included in it.

This full body massage chair has been specifically designed for the people with backaches. If you are a sportsman or a household lady with a muscular pain in the vertebral discs, the EVOKE massage chair gives you a complete treatment of this problem. The backrest provides you with the complete support to maintain and improve the S shape of your spine from the neck to the lumbar area.

The rhythmic massage whether it is partial or full body massage soothes your tired tissues and loosens the tight muscles to release your pain. It works rhythmically on the entire body to help the oxygenated blood flow from the heart to all parts of the body.

It comes with 38 airbags for an influential full body and partial massage. The compression massage therapy uses 38 airbags to increase the blood flow from the heart to the lower limbs and it is perfect for the patients of hypertension.

It has a true zero gravity feature that improves your overall health by decreasing the heart rate and releasing stress. When you reclined in zero gravity position, it elevates your knees to the same level of your heart and all your vertical pressure is finished. So, in a horizontal position, the entire weight is spread on the chair evenly and you get a soothing massage with a weightlessness feeling.

The triple-layered airbags imitate the human massaging hands to improve the functioning of your limbs. The deep tissue massage on the upper and lower back unlocks the blocked energy cells around the spine area and releases stress to make you soothing and calming.

3. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair – SM7300

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair – SM7300


  • There are 9 built-in programs with 4 special programs for athletes, sportsmen, aged people and the businessmen.
  • There are 5 intensity levels for all massage technologies.
  • The true zero gravity position is perfect for the people with cardiac problems.
  • It has Shiatsu full body massage, partial kneading and simultaneous Kneading and tapping techniques.
  • The Yoga Stretching is its signature massage program.
  • It can bear up to 320 pounds weight and it is perfectly suitable for a taller person up to 5.6ft.


  • It does not come with wheels and so, it is not easily movable from one place to another place.

It includes 9 built-in programs with 4 special programs. The Yoga Stretching is one of the most prominent massage programs. These programs are for sportsmen, businessmen, golfers and athletes for a faster recovery of a strained muscle. You will find a wide range of manual massage programs individually and in combinations.

The zero gravity position in 3 different levels provides you with a dynamic experience of massage with the special features of this massage chair. You will enjoy the weightlessness feeling in the zero gravity position. The massage in the zero gravity position improves your cardiac condition and makes you soothing and calming. The air intensity massage has 5 different levels.

The life-like massage in Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Knocking and Air Pressure Heating releases the locked energy cells in the spine and relaxes your muscles around shoulders to make you peaceful again. The tired day makes you fatigued and tensed. The heating massage with many other massage techniques makes you refreshed and comfortable.

It supports up to 320 pounds in weight. The shoulders rest area and the seat is perfect to accommodate you up to 6’5” for your convenience. The shoulders rest area and the seat is adjustable up to 3 inches so that both of the skinny and broader persons could get a massage with comfort and convenience.

The ultra space-saving technology comes with ameliorated forward sliding mechanism that just require3 inches space from the wall while using the zero gravity position. So, you do not need to worry about the bulky size of the chair and your less spaced room while purchasing it.

The product comes with 6 rollers working at the same time in different directions to make the movement life-like and to give you the real calming effects of the massage.

4. RelaxonChair MK-IV

RelaxonChair MK-IV


  • It has 5 built-in programs and 8 manual massage programs.
  • The shoulder area is adjustable.
  • The zero gravity technology consists of 3 different levels.
  • The heating massage can be used for lower and upper back, neck and shoulders.
  • It is made of high-quality synthetic leather.
  • It has S-track backrest with adjustment up to 8 inches.


  • It does not contain a heating system for the entire body.

The wider and comfortable seat has been designed inspired by the First Class Seat in Airplane. The seat is very soft and comfortable to make you relax when you sit in it.

The Zero Gravity technology comes with 3 different positions in this massage chair. When you sit in the chair and recline the chair in the zero gravity position, it lifts your knees to the same level of your heart to make your vertical weight less pressurized and spreads it horizontally on the chair evenly. You feel like you are weightless and floating across the sky with peace and calm.

It contains 5 built-in programs with 8 manual programs. You can use them for deep-rooted massage individually or with the combination of other massage technologies. The speed, intensity and width of an individual program can be customized with 3 different levels. There are three modes of manual massage with 3 levels of intensity and speeds for full body and for a particular area massage.

The space-saving technology with zero gravity positioning requires just 3 inches of space from the wall. So, you do not need to worry about the less space in your room.

The backrest comes with a heating system that consists of carbon fibre for a stable and even heating system. The backrest is adjustable up to 8 inches to accommodate a taller person.

The S-track backrest helps to contour the natural posture of your body. It gets you rid of the backbench issue and gets you relief from the backaches.

You can customize the shoulder rest to accommodate the wider shoulders. So, a taller person with wide shoulders does not need to worry about his posture.

A compact and slim remote control comes with the massage chair to set the massage program, duration and the massage type. You can keep the remote control in the pocket as it is exceptionally slim and compact sized device.

5. Relaxonchair MK-Classic


  • It has 7 built-in programs and various other manual programs to use in combination or individually.
  • It comes with 3 levels of zero gravity positioning.
  • The shoulder rest and the seat are adjustable up to 3 inches for a wider person.
  • It has an exceptionally long L-track backrest that is quite adjustable to accommodate a longer person.
  • It contains 42 airbags for more effective dual massage mechanism.
  • It contains Auto Sleep Mode.


  • It does not come with Wheels to move the massage chair from one place to another.

The ultra-modern body scanner works quickly to scan your body as you sit in the chair. It creates a virtual image of your body to track your spine and some particular points around it for an effective massage.

The exceptionally long L-track backrest makes you sit comfortably in a natural posture to remove the backaches. It makes the massage more effective and calming to work throughout your back and make you feel pleasant and relaxed again. It is the longest L-track in the market and accommodates a taller individual up to 6.5” tall.

The true zero gravity positioning with three levels gives you a rejuvenating massage experience. The zero-gravity position works from 115 to 160 degree.

It contains 7 built-in programs including its signature program Yoga Stretching that is perfect for the people having muscle pulling complains time and again. There are various manual massage programs to use individually and combining with other programs. The back massage technology includes Shiatsu, Kneading, Clapping and Tapping. The humanized massage mechanism gives you exceptional comfort and calm.

The shoulder airbags are adjustable according to your height. So, you do not need to worry about your wider shoulders.

It works with 42 airbags in full body massage. The heat therapy with 42 bags gives your muscles the required heat with 3 levels of intensity to make the flow of your blood smooth in all parts of your body. The heated massage is workable not only at your back and arms but also in your foot and calf area. It is particularly for the people having joints pain and muscle pulling issues.

The adjustable and removable foot and calf rest is now more convenient for you. The rollers work with variable pressure on the feet and calves to sooth you. The intensity of speed and air pressure adjustable manually.

The powerful remote control is smart and can be used with one hand. It is a back-lit device to use comfortably even in complete darkness. You can use it to set the massage program or the combination, duration of the massage and the type of the massage.

The sleep mode is auto-activated. If you fall asleep during the massage session and it is over after 30 minutes, the chair will not come to its original position. It will still remain in the zero gravity position until you interrupt manually to adjust the position of the seat.

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