10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you one of those who like to see well the person on the other side of the door? With the best digital windows for the door of your house that we have selected in this category, you will have the certainty of seeing who calls you without having to approach the door, thanks to the quality of these products that have been analyzed and compared so you can buy the best of all.

At any time of the year mosquitoes turn out to be very annoying, whether we are resting or doing any other outdoor activity; that is why we must convert the doors that give to the outside in a shield to avoid that these insects invade our home. The solution to these problems is As Seen on TV door screens, ideal to protect you and your family from those annoying hums and bites.

Top 10 Magnetic Screen Doors

A digital peephole is a special device that helps us to know who is knocking on our door, like the classic ones of a lifetime, but with the peculiarity that we do not have to be there at that moment. They have a monitor that is synchronized with the peephole in which we can see in real time what is registering at that moment.

Thanks to these peepholes, the caller does not have to know if there is someone at home, as they will not hear us approaching the door, or they will discover us by the variation of light that occurs in traditional peepholes when we observe through they. If we do not want to open, we will not.

Tips before buying a cheap digital peephole

If you want to buy digital peepholes, like any other electronic device, you should consider a series of criteria to get your purchase right:

Screen size

The size of the screen is a very important point; If you choose a screen that is too small, we can not appreciate the small details, even until we can not recognize a person who is at a certain distance. A screen that is too large could be cumbersome, and it may be difficult to find a site, as well as requiring more energy. With about 3 inches it should be more than enough. If we choose a model that works with an app installed on the mobile or tablet, here we will have to evaluate the dimensions of this device.

Ease of installation of the digital view

Choose a model that is easy to install and configure. The idea is that it is as easy to put as the traditional peephole, needing the minimum possible tools to achieve the correct adaptation.

The configuration should also be simple; Choose those models that are synchronized with just a push of a button in the viewfinder and in the viewfinder. In addition, it is important to remember this configuration, so we will not have to be synchronizing whenever we want to use the viewer.

The thickness of the door

The thickness of the door is very important when buying peepholes with a screen. It is possible that it has ever happened to us with a classic peephole: we may have chosen a model, due to its size, it may be something that is just, or it may be too much.

In the technical sheet of any electronic peephole we can find what it measures; Taking into account what the door measures, we can know whether or not it is the best option for us.


As in a surveillance camera, there are some peepholes that record the audio, although most do not. These have a built-in microphone, causing the price to increase in a more than considerable way.

If we are going to have the peephole recording, the audio option is usually not recommended because it will cause the video file size to double.


You should also analyze if the model in question allows you to record video, or take pictures … think that, how they synchronize with an independent node to a PC, it is possible that not all will allow you to do so.

Some cheap digital windows have even a micro SD card where you can record all the content.

If the electronic door window is synchronized with an app, analyze if this application lets you record, or if we have to resort to more rudimental techniques to make the recording.

Brands and prices of electronic peepholes

  • AYR: AYR is a brand that has been specializing in the production of locks, handles, as well as in different accessories related to safety for more than 50 years. They also specialize in digital peepholes, considered the last of the latest in terms of modernity and home security. The maxims that the company promulgates are the effort (since they only work with quality products that have passed all the relevant tests), honesty and efficiency (since the company has an ISO 9001 quality certificate, in addition to complying with all the current regulations stipulated). Betting on the products of AYR is betting on the highest quality and for the best prices.
  • EXITEC: Another of the brands specialized in these digital door peepholes is Exitec. At the time when they manufacture all their products, they ensure that they only integrate elements of the highest possible quality, which ensures maximum permanence over time. The brand offers a good customer service, through which they will be able to answer any questions that the client may have. If you want to find a type of product that really protects your home, and that has a price that suits your budget, you should take a look at its catalog.
  • Moon: For its part, KKmoon specializes in the manufacture and marketing of products related to the latest in the latest technology, such as mobile phones, security cameras, alarms, surveillance cameras, smart watches, bluetooth devices … also in electronic peepholes. With just taking a look at the price of your articles, we will realize why it is a very good option to consider. In addition, you also have to know that your catalog is updated continuously, so there will always be new proposals to contemplate. Choosing an electronic peephole of the brand is a safe option.

Price range

We are moving in a world where there are many manufacturers and brands that offer us their digital windows, so we have many prices so that we can choose the model that best suits our pocket.

The cheapest models can leave us between 30 and 40 €; One of the most economical peepholes is the DX 3.5 ” 120 ° digital peephole, with an elegant silver viewfinder and a screen size large enough for us to enjoy even the smallest detail. This model can be ours for € 36.58. However, depending on the use that we are going to give the electronic peephole, it is possible that the benefits of a very economic model we can be somewhat fair. That is why, we should resort to a superior range.

The most expensive models can cost around 150-160 €. One of the most prominent is the OneConcept Doorguard WiFi, which has a camera with an optimum zoom of 6X, has a speaker, microphone, and to operate needs an application that can be downloaded on both Android devices, as in IOS. The price of this model is about € 159.99. We can establish that a digital peephole for the door can leave us between 30 and 160 € approximately.

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