10 Best Lunch Boxes: Reviews and Buying Guide

Having to eat outside the house every day can become a problem. But even in these cases, it is possible to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, although for this it is best to have one of the best lunch boxes that you can find in this guide.

Transporting food in the car or on public transport is not at all comfortable and if it is not well stored there can be spilled. That’s why the best way to do these transports is to have some of the best lunch boxes. This time we are going to show you several popular models among consumers. What will you find in this guide?

If you usually eat out for work reasons or need to take your lunch or snack often, you’re probably thinking of buying a good lunch box that allows you to feed yourself daily as you deserve. When buying one of these items and find the best one for us, it is necessary to take into account some characteristics, such as having a hermetic seal so that your food does not spill, as is the case with the MODEL MOD-LB-1 model., that has a hermetic closing system that will allow you to take even creams and broths and that also has three compartments in your container so you can take different separate and well-protected foods. We also do not forget the design, which in addition to practicality can give us a fun touch at lunchtime, as is the case with the Suck UK SK LUNCHBOT1 model, a lunchbox or metal box like the ones of a lifetime, with retro robot design and that, in addition to bringing your lunch, will serve as decoration in your kitchen.

Top 10 Lunch Boxes

How to choose a lunch box? Characteristics to a value before buying?

Both children and adults see themselves daily in the need to have lunch outside the house, so it is important that they have an adequate container to transport the food. But since not all lunch boxes are the same when choosing one model or another, you have to take into account:

1. dimensions and capacity.

2. Feature 2   to keep in mind: maintenance.

3. Characteristic 3   to take into account: quality of materials.

Dimensions and capacity

It is not the same to bring a sandwich or a piece of fruit to carry a full meal. Depending on the amount of food that needs to be carried, a larger or smaller box will be necessary. In addition, if you are going to take several dishes it is convenient to choose a model with different levels or trays.


The interior of the boxes of this type of stain usually due to its purpose, so it is advisable to choose products whose interior can be easily cleaned under the tap. On some models, the trays are removable and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

What is the best lunch box for 2019?

When we are forced to eat away from home, it is desirable, at least, to do so in the healthiest way possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to know what is the best lunch box for us, since not all of us have the same needs, nor do we eat the same.

But the best lunch box for you not only has to do with your meals, but also with other aspects such as quality materials, a practical design, important issues that you should not overlook. To help you in your search we have made a rigorous market analysis for you to select the best lunch boxes of 2019, among which, surely, you will find what you were looking for.

What is the best lunch box on the market?

The comparison of lunch boxes present in the market is wide, we can find all kinds of products designed to store food, but not all models are suitable for us and our specific needs.

If you are looking for a lunch box that meets all the necessary characteristics to become the ideal one for you, you should know that this is possible as long as you know how to find the most appropriate one. This happens by knowing the main aspects of this type of products, leaving a little aside from how much one model or another cost and focusing on other issues such as capacity or materials, among others.

To help you get to know these and other important aspects and so you know what to look for before deciding on one of these lunch boxes, we have prepared for you this guide to buying the best lunch box, taking into account, also, your needs and preferences.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

Another of the most important issues that we must keep in mind is that the lunch box is made of resistant materials and suitable for use in direct contact with food.

It may seem absurd to think that they would sell us a box for this purpose without it being suitable, but the truth is that with the rise of multipurpose bazaars, sometimes we find very cheap lunch boxes that really are not safe for us, especially if We want to heat them in the microwave or refrigerate them.

These materials are usually plastic or metal. In the case of metal boxes, these must have a special protective coating so that food can be in contact without risk. In the case of plastics and silicones, these must be of food grade and be free of particles harmful to health, such as BPA.

These materials, in addition to being suitable for any food, should allow use at both high and low temperatures, that is, for greater safety and better performance of the product. It is desirable that these boxes are suitable both for the microwave and for the freezer, an issue that will not only facilitate the task of preparing and preserving our food but also ensure a hard and resistant product, capable of withstanding thermal changes as strong as those, without putting their structure and integrity at risk.

Cleaning, maintenance, and use

Another important aspect is that the lunch box is easy to maintain and clean. Although all lunch boxes can be washed with soap and water, not all support an intensive washing in the dishwasher, deep cleaning that this type of items will need from time to time and that ensures proper hygiene of the same and, therefore, more security for you. 

Choose lunch boxes whose materials are resistant to washing in the dishwasher and to changes in temperature, as we have previously commented. It is also necessary that the materials do not pick up odors or flavors of food. Many plastic materials of cheap lunch boxes remain impregnated with odors and remains of food impossible to eliminate, so the product ends up being useless and unusable.

Regarding its use, we refer to products that offer not only ease when using it but also practicality. For this to be possible and your lunch box is practical and comfortable when it comes to eating out, it is necessary that it has some special features, such as different layers or compartments to carry your food separately or compartments in the same container that allows to separate the rations and combine food in a single lunch to make it healthier and more appetizing.



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