10 Best Lawn Tractors: Reviews and Buying Guide

You have a garden with a large area, so you are usually busy for hours with a classic lawnmower to cut the lawn. But just for such applications, a motorized lawn tractor offers much better, because thus this task is much more comfortable to implement.

If you are also interested in purchasing a ride-on lawn mower, then you should definitely deal with the different models of the brand manufacturers MTD and Wolf Garden and Güde, because good lawnmower tractors often notch with a good € 1,000 to book.

Matching this we have attached the 10 best lawn tractors in an overview. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages as well as the test results of various consumer and garden magazines so that you can find out more about them here on this page.

Top 10 Lawn Tractors

How does a well-equipped riding mower work?

Thanks to the cutting width of just over one meter, you can easily promote the care of the garden with a lawn tractor. As a rule, it is no problem at all that even large areas of up to 3,000 m² can be processed effortlessly. There is a powerful gasoline engine and a padded seat available, so you even optimally work on tall grass. But how does such a lawn tractor actually work?

Basically, a modern lawn tractor is comparable to a classic lawnmower, where you benefit from a higher performance and of course also sit on the device itself. So you do not have to worry about the usual pushing on the lawn mower, but instead, similar to a car steering with a steering wheel from A to B, which is generally classified as much more comfortable. Especially for large areas, a riding mower is a very good solution for you to be able to process the lawn accordingly and to ensure a uniform cut. At the bottom of the riding mower are matching cutting blades integrated, which always rotate. The higher the rotation speed, the more reliable the blades of grass are cut.

Answer these questions in advance of selecting a lawn tractor

Even mid-range models cost very high prices, so you’ll want to look in detail at the different lawn tractors to find just the right tool for your garden. We have enclosed an overview of the most important features of these technical devices, which you can use to find your way.

    • The basic dimensions

A disadvantage of the lawn tractors are the dimensions. Due to the often non-existent compact design, these take up a lot of space in the shed. Therefore, you should measure the available space, which you have for example in your garage. There are, for example, some particularly compact models that may be suitable for you in such a case. Corresponding tractors then often measure up to 1 m in width and can still be conveniently stored in tool sheds.

    • engine

Entry-level to mid-range models usually have a 1-cylinder engine that delivers up to 6 hp. These devices are usually sufficient for you, which is the case even for larger surfaces. Devices for professionals, however, have a 2-cylinder engine. Such a model offers even higher performance and reaches a maximum speed of up to 10 km / h.

    • transmission

In general, most lawn tractors are equipped with a modern manual transmission, which must be operated manually. Here are several forward gears available, which is particularly important if you need to adjust the current performance of the engine to the terrain. This is especially relevant on inclines. With a gearshift, you can then insert the desired gears similar to a classic vehicle.

Particularly recommendable in this context are the so-called traumatic transmissions, which some manufacturers use, such as Wolf-Garten or MTD. With these gearboxes, you can easily switch without having to stop with your lawn tractor, which is really handy. Simply operate the gear lever and then select the speed that you want. Using the brake pedal, you can then brake the tractor comfortably and drive off without having to change gears. If the gear has been engaged, the tractor automatically resumes after releasing it from the brake pedal and sets the speed that you previously set.

    • tank

Tank volume plays a key role in lawn tractors. On most models, however, you have a sufficiently large tank, so you are quite flexible in the garden on the go. However, the tanks are very small in the particularly inexpensive and compact models and not infrequently hold only up to 1.5 liters. In this case, you can hardly process large areas up to 2,000 m² without refilling, which does not make sense from user to user. If you are now wondering which tank volume is sufficient for you, please read the manufacturer’s information. For example, if you calculate the characteristics of the engine power and the general cutting width, you can derive guideline values from the lawn area.

    • cutting width

The larger the cutting width, the wider the path you travel in your garden with one pass with the lawn tractor. Basically, the cutting width for most models is between 60 cm and a total of 1 m. So this is a certain difference that always has to be considered. You should also remember that you are limited in maximum cutting width in terms of maneuverability of the tractor. So if you have a garden that has many flower beds and trees or hedges, it’s best to choose a device that has a small turning radius and is not that big, which is often the case for the wide cutting width.

    • cutting height

Most cutting tools of lawn tractors can be adjusted in five different stages from 30 to 100 mm. This, therefore, describes the classic height of the blades of grass that will stand after processing.

    • Collector

The volume of the grass catcher is also an important criterion. The smaller the volume, the more often you have to drive to empty it. Many different lawn tractors also support the practical side ejection and mulching.

    • tire

Most models use tires that are gentle on the grass. At best, these should also represent classic tires that are filled with air. Especially for the maximum longevity of the tires is provided in such a case.

    • turning radius

The turning circle is especially important if you have to drive around many trees or even beds. Especially the very large lawn tractors are not characterized by a low turning circle, so you may need to start several times to work well on all surfaces of the lawn.

    • Comfort and usability

To ensure the best possible comfort, a lawn tractor should be easy to operate. This applies to both the switch on and the comfortable seat and a special frame, which should be available for mounting. Especially the manufacturers who produce models from the middle class, obstruct quite often front axles, which can commute. Thus, you benefit from maximum comfort, as the bumps are automatically compensated.

    • noise

The volume of lawnmowers plays an important role if you have a neighborhood and want to mow at specific times. As a rule, lawn mower tractors often achieve volume levels of over 90 dB due to the gasoline engine drives. So you are laying above a certain limit, so you should pay attention to the local conditions, which concerns the operation of the motorized lawnmower.

Which lawn tractor is best for your personal garden?

First, you should check the condition of your terrain when it comes to choosing a lawn tractor. This concerns primarily the surface to be processed. In such a case, you can then exclude many devices from your narrower range, for example, have a too small tank and therefore ensure a sufficient range. However, also note the dimensions of the device to check the available space with regard to the storage space.

Basically, you can consider a lawn tractor in the price range from € 1,000 to € 1,500, if you have to work on a property with a garden area of up to 1,000 m². The technique you receive for such a price is usually quite sufficient to provide extra solid cutting results.

Lawns that are even more sprawling should be worked with a better-equipped lawn tractor. This applies, for example, to surfaces from 1000 m² up to 2000 m². You should also have adequate engine power to ensure accurate cutting results. The price range moves for such a model on well 1.500 € up to 2.000 €.

Ambitious garden owners who need to work on garden areas from 2,000 m² onwards, however, should plan a certain amount to buy a sufficiently powerful garden tool that is really suitable for the area to be worked. This is especially recommended if you want to easily work on tall grass and drive over sloping terrain. In this case, you should also consider a lawn tractor, which costs between € 2,500 and € 4,000. Corresponding models can usually only be found at specialist dealers, with these lawn tractors offering the advantage of the modular extension. So garden tools can be optimally used as a tractor or in winter to push snow.

Alternatives to a lawn tractor

A lawn tractor offers such individual advantages that hardly any good alternatives are available. If you want to mow the lawn as comfortably as possible, then a maximum of one lawnmower robot is suitable for you. However, such a model does not provide the performance and, above all, does not have sufficient reach to process the corresponding lawns. The advantage of particularly convenient lawn mowing is eliminated here so.

If you then expect a high performance, then you can only resort to a well-equipped petrol lawn mower, which is equipped with a particularly powerful engine and located in the professional class. You can then also set many different cutting heights, benefit from a good cutting width and also ensure generally good cutting results. As a disadvantage, however, it must be mentioned that you do not have to sit on the device but push it. However, the power you need to invest in this is also very limited due to the motorized drive.


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