10 Best Label Printers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Label printers are very useful devices in our business or workplace, as they allow us to print barcodes, labels or business cards, quickly and conveniently. Before choosing a particular model, you should be very clear about some aspects, such as the dimensions of the equipment, since these should be appropriate to the spaces and the size of the computer, as well as the connectivity with it and the pace of printing. , which should be sufficient to the volume of work. After reviewing the best selling models and user ratings on the web, we have chosen two models considered among the best in the current market. First of all, we present the Brother QL-570, a printer of labels and barcodes with USB connectivity, of compact size and with a speed of up to 68 labels per minute. In second place we highlight Brother QL700, with direct thermal technology, able to print up to 93 labels per minute.

Top 10 Label printers

What is the best label printer in the market?

The peripheral devices, without a doubt, facilitate all office tasks that are performed at home or at work and label printers are one of this important equipment. In every business, business or company, it is always necessary to label files, documents, portfolios, CDs with information, place prices on products, among others, which is easily done with a label printing machine.

These equipment have many advantages, one of the most important is that they do not consume ink cartridges or toner because they use the thermal printing system, using only the paper rolls for printing. Currently, there are a variety of models and brands available. To help you choose correctly, we present this guide to buying the best label printer, with which you will have the necessary information to acquire a good and economical printer that suits your needs.

Shopping guide


In the current market, you can get a wide variety of models and brands specialized in the marketing of this type of equipment. When making a light comparison of label printers, you will notice that the capacity factor is determinant in the characteristics of the same.

For businesses and medium-sized companies, you need a team that can print many labels at once. Among the most popular models, you will find printers that have the power to make 60 to 90 labels per minute, with a maximum width determined by the equipment that does not exceed 10 cm. For larger dimensions and more capabilities, you must purchase more professional or industrial type printers. Most of these devices include the pre-cut option to make it easier to peel off the label.


If your search for printers is determined by knowing how much it costs, we recommend checking that the operation of the same is just as good as its price, because nothing is good for a super cheap printer but that is difficult to use, it does not have good quality of printing or that the labels cannot be edited. To avoid this situation, we suggest you check that the chosen model includes software so that you can edit and design your own tags from predesigned models that have built-in.

Also, you should have the option to include logos and images to personalize the labels with the slogan of your company for more professionalism. The importance of specialized software is subject to the possibility of printing barcodes of your products and that you can include them in your database quickly, easily and intuitively, without the need for prior knowledge and experience, something that is easy to do for any of the employees located in that department.


Today it is important to synchronize your electronic devices with the rest of the equipment. The most modern label printers include Wi-Fi connection so you can wirelessly print your labels from any of your mobile devices. However, you will also find those that only have a USB connection to install on the computer, where you will have specialized software and from there send all the labels designed to print.

On the other hand, there are the homemade models that are more analogical and are independent of the computers because they use alkaline batteries, for portable use, in addition to a regulator of current to connect directly to an electrical outlet; that is why they do not have the modern connection interfaces. We will talk about these teams in the next section.

Home use

“Home” labelers are very different from printers for commercial, business, and industrial use. These equipment, besides being economical, are small, portable and easy to use. They include a screen with a maximum of characters, where you can enter alphabetic or numeric digits and then extract the label.

This type of labelers have a long time in the market and although they have tried to modernize, its principle of operation is still very basic. There are models that can be taken with one hand and that look like old mobile phones. Others have opted for a larger size innovated with Qwerty keyboards for ease of users. In short, you must evaluate what type of printers you need before making an investment.


Definitely, the cost of your label printer will depend on the type of equipment you need. If it is to use at home, label your children’s school belongings, customize your scrapbook book and label your craft boxes, it will be good to invest very little money for a traditional label printer.

But, if on the other hand you need the printer for your office, make CD or DVD labels for your executive presentations, label products with their descriptions, etc., you should invest money in a professional label printer with which you will get a label with excellent resolution, different fonts, include images, logos and more. By knowing these details you can select which is the best label printer in the market.

What is the best label printer of 2019?

Buying the best label printer is not as simple as it seems, this is a very useful device for businesses and businesses, but also for domestic use, so we present you with a summary of the products with the best reputation among our users in order to help you to make an intelligent purchase when knowing its characteristics and advantages.

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