10 Best Kitten Foods: Reviews and Buying Guide

Just as human beings have a food pyramid that guides us what we should consume and in what portions to keep us healthy, each of the animal species also has its own. And your cat is no exception, more to consider that an inadequate intake could lead to complications such as diseases in the liver, kidneys and even facilitate the growth of tumors.

You will ask yourself: “What does my cat need to eat daily to stay healthy?” The first thing to remember is that cats are strictly carnivorous in nature. Your diet should be composed of a high level of animal proteins since only these contain the essential amino acids for optimal health of your feline: taurine, arginine, preformed vitamin A and arachidonic fatty acid, among others. That is to say that, for nothing of the world, a cat can consume a vegetarian diet without short or long term suffering from malnutrition.

Being more specific, your cat should consume a total of 41 essential micronutrients every day, but so that you do not despair when choosing what kind of food to buy your cat, here is a list of what the concentrate should include, as well how we specify how the food and portions vary according to the age and condition of your pet and what foods for human consumption can be added to your diet.

Top 10 Kitten Foods


Sanchez explains that developing kittens, unlike adults, need a higher protein level “to be able to meet the needs of their growth.” Being usually very active, they must also ingest a greater amount of fats to have energy; as well as to supply the quantities of calcium suitable for the formation of the skeleton.

In the market, there are several lines with concentrated food rich in calories and specific nutrients for puppy cats, which must be identified with phrases such as: “Complete and balanced diet for kittens.” Another way to confirm if the food is ideal for your little pet is to check in the nutritional table if your protein percentage is higher than 30%, like the Diamond Naturals brand.

On the other hand, the amount of times you should eat a day is different because of how young your metabolism and high-calorie intake is. Advise with your trusted veterinarian what is the daily dose you should take and divide it between three to four servings that you will serve throughout the day.

And above all things, avoid as much as possible giving food for adult cats to a puppy. Keep in mind that this, in addition to other complications in the future, may delay their growth and cause them not to develop as genetically programmed.


After 12 months of age, and the pussycat enters adulthood in which, among its characteristics, is the fact that it significantly reduces their physical activity. Therefore, we must ensure that your intake is not high in calories because it could significantly influence your weight.

But this will depend, of course, on the breed and physical and external conditions of the pet. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of food products when choosing which one is the best. Even detailed by age, lifestyle or health status.

An example is the Pro Plan brand, which includes special lines for cats with food sensitivities and history of diseases in the urinary tract. As well as for cats over seven years old, whose nutritional composition is formulated to preserve brain activity, in order to delay the common signs of aging and prolong their quality of life.


We know that many think that chubby cats like Garfield are adorable. But its background is really problematic since it means that the animal is ingesting many more calories than it actually consumes. Not counting all the health deficiencies that this entails.

However, the solution almost always is not about reducing the portions of food, as this can cause the cat not to nourish the necessary and even generate irritability. So, if your hairy is overweight (you can not easily feel the ribs), you should choose concentrated foods that are high in protein and fiber and low in fat, which also tend to be specially formulated to reduce the sensation of emptiness in the stomach. What will make your cat take longer to feel hungry?

Among the recommendations of Sanchez, is the brand Hills, one of the medicated officers to lose weight: “Once the pet reaches its ideal weight, it can be maintained with light foods, which almost all brands have it”.


* Proteins: As we highlight you, they are vital for its proper development and, since you can not generate them on your own, they must always be present in your diet. The proteins help in the formation of your muscles, skin, and fur. Of course, they have to be exclusively of animal origin because only they contain the amino acids necessary for it. Adriana Sánchez, veterinarian and zootechnician member of our team at Ciudad de Mascotas, also points out that it is important to know which type of proteins to target for the welfare of the feline: “When the protein is of low quality, for example, that a food is made with butcher’s waste, in the future that will cause liver and kidney damage (…). For cats, it is always preferable to fish with respect to chicken and meat, because fish has more source of omega fatty acids that are beneficial for the health of the heart, hair, skin, and eyes “. The Taste of the Wild line, with its high protein sources, has a large content of omegas 3 and 6.

* Fats: All living beings need fatty acids and in the case of felines, it is their main source of energy. The most important are linolenic acid and arachidonic acid because their organisms cannot produce it. In the same way, fats help in that the vitamins A, D, E, and K manage to supply the cells. However, the amount of their consumption will vary depending on the age of the cat and his physical condition to avoid overweight (later you can find his explanation).

* Vitamins and minerals: Make sure that the food includes minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium, since these help in the formation and good functioning of the energy, bones, and nerves of your cat respectively. Vitamin A, for example, is necessary for the growth and repair of the skin, while vitamin E protects the skin from damage and vitamin C helps heal wounds.

* Carbohydrates: In nature, felines get these nutrients – and plant fibers – by ingesting their complete prey. In concentrated cat food they are supplanted with grains of rice or corn gluten, among several options.



Surely some doubt will have reached the head of why these two food options exist and which will be the best for your nutrition. In itself, their biggest difference is in the amount of moisture they contain. But both have their own benefits.

In the case of wet food, its greatest virtue is that it helps your cat increase its water consumption. Its soft texture, also, facilitates its intake; ideal for those pets that have difficulty eating as dental or oral problems. Also, being individual rations, it prevents the cat from consuming more between meals and their large amount causes them to be satisfied quickly and for good weather. On the other hand, its varied aromas and textures, like those of the Chunky brand, could be more tempting for those cats with more difficult palates.

While the biggest advantage of dry food is that its conservation can be much longer. Also, thanks to its crunchy texture, it helps keep the cat’s teeth clean and encourages the practice of chewing. Its design in the form of croquettes is comfortable for your intake and will not be damaged if left on the plate for several hours; a very favorable option for those owners who stay away from home for a long time and can not schedule a meal schedule in which they can accompany their cat until it ends.


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