10 Best Keyboards: Reviews and Buying Guide

The keyboard is the link between you and your computer. Nowadays, a PC keyboard offers you much more than just keys for letters and numbers. There are various types of keyboards, such as wireless Bluetooth keyboards, backlit keyboards, keyboards with built-in memory and much more. So that you do not lose track of this variety of products, we compared a total of 15 different keyboards for you and inform you about the most important features of the devices.

Afterward, we’ve prepared a guide for you by explaining what different types of keyboards are available, what you should keep in mind when purchasing, and how to clean your keyboard so it will last as long as possible.

Top 10 Keyboards

What is a keyboard?

Most people probably already know it, but at the beginning of our guidebook, we would like to go into what keyboard is really about. Basically, this is a modern tool, with which you can operate a wide variety of devices. These terminals include computers, laptops, televisions, phones or tablets.

The keyboard is very similar to its predecessor, the typewriter, but now has many more keys. The reason for this, of course, is our technological advances, which require modern computers to operate more than just numbers and letters. The possibilities of the typewriter have been extended by the keyboard. Advancing technology required multiple occupancies of keys and multimedia commands.

The original typewriter writing was replaced by typing on the keyboard. The ten-finger system is used here to write “professionally” and as quickly as possible. Since the keys on modern keyboards are still arranged in exactly the same way as on old typewriters, this system is of course very similar to typewriter writing.

The flat, collected arrangement of the keys on the keyboard makes it possible to achieve a significantly higher number of attacks per minute. If writing programs are used for this purpose, the entire process is simplified once more and error corrections are easier to carry out.

Thus, the technical progress made that in offices, the writing with PC keyboards has greatly simplified the work. In addition, numerous keys have additional commands that make further manipulations unnecessary and thus further simplify the work.

What types of keyboards are there?

By use in many different fields of keyboards, various types of keyboards have been developed. For precise work, the control units are adapted to the terminal and manufactured differently. Thus, the user’s claim to the keyboards can be met and quick and easy work is enabled.

Normal keyboards for computers and laptops

Cost-effective, and above all, useful for typing and typing, “normal” keyboards are a staple of any desktop PC and an addition to a laptop. If you only use your keyboard sporadically, special features are not necessary.

The occasional use of computer functions, such as writing e-mails or playing computer games, is simple enough for classic, 104-key wired keyboards.

These “normal” keyboards are easy to use and often made with a large gap between each key. This feature, in turn, can be annoying when playing on the PC and helps to accumulate a lot of dust between the keys. For the prices for the type of keyboard are very low.

This category would include, for example, the Cherry KC 1000 keyboard, which you will find first in our keyboard comparison.

Wireless keyboards for computer or laptop

Are you bothered by all the cables around your PC? Then you should use a wireless keyboard. How to control your computer by radio or Bluetooth up to ten meters away.

Commercially, these are listed as wireless keyboards and work with the wireless transmission of data by radio to a receiver USB stick. This stick is connected to the appropriate terminal so that the wireless keyboard is operational.

With Bluetooth, tablets, televisions, cell phones, PCs, or laptops can be connected to the special wireless keyboard. No USB stick is needed for this, which offers the advantage that one port is more free in the end device. A disadvantage of the Bluetooth keyboards, however, is that the terminal must always be in the immediate vicinity so that a secure connection is possible. These types of PC keyboards include, for example, the Logitech K800 or K400 keyboards from our keyboard comparison.

Gaming keyboards for computers as well as laptops

This type of keyboard is specially equipped with additional functions and controls to meet the needs of the players. Gaming keyboards, for example, have multimedia keys, memory keys and the ability to individually assign keys to multiple calls.

The stops of these keyboards rarely work on the rubberized “Rubberdome” style, but rather mechanically. This will multiply your life. Instead of 5 million keystrokes, they can handle up to 50 million. It can also reduce typing errors and improve the gaming experience.

This category of keyboards includes, for example, the Razer Ornata Chroma, which you can also find in our Keyboard Comparison.

Special types of keyboards for computer or laptop

Among the more specific gadgets is the solar-powered keyboard. Here is a battery installed, which is charged during the day by incident light. This eliminates the need for cables or batteries to operate such a keyboard.

Another unusual feature is the laser-controlled keyboards. In these variants, the keyboard projects the individual keys onto a surface of your choice using a laser beam. A sensor recognizes the keys pressed by the user on the projected area. Special key combinations are difficult or even impossible with this variant.

Of these two types of keyboards, there are no comparisons in this post. The reason for this is their low distribution and their very special technical equipment.

What should you watch out for when you want to buy a new keyboard?

In order to get a product that is individually tailored to your needs, the following section will tell you in which points individual keyboards differ and which features are useful in which situations.

A keyboard with or without illuminated buttons?

For a conventional keyboard with illuminated keys, a budget of 30 euros is already sufficient. These are especially good if your workplace is poorly lit or if you work mainly in the evenings. Illuminated keys make writing and playing in the evening much easier. In addition, illuminated keyboards are always a visual highlight. This feature is therefore recommended in any case.

However, there are differences in the type of lighting. In some models, the letter or the character on the button is illuminated, in the other variant the entire area under the buttons lights up.

Mechanical vs. Rubberized stops

The so-called “Rubberdome” keyboards are among the cheaper variants. Here, the pressure of individual keys is stored and processed by a rubber mat. If you write too fast, the system may be overwhelmed and spelling errors occur. The same is true in games when you press too many buttons at once.

If you write a lot on the PC or often play on the PC, you should use a mechanical keyboard for the sake of simplicity. This type of keyboard allows for almost flawless, fast writing with finer handling and longer life. Logitech, Razer, and Cherry are among the best-known manufacturers of these types of keyboards.

The advantages of mechanical keyboards are:

  1. Significantly increased durability (50 million stops) compared to Rubber dome keyboards (up to 5 million stops)
  2. The handling of the keyboard is easier and faster
  3. Stops are registered and processed faster (MX-Browns and MX-Blues from 2 mm deep and MX-Black from 4 mm)
  4. Keys can be held lightly and re-triggered with a short path

The type of buttons

If you just want to write with the keyboard and do not need any additional features, a 78 or 87-key keyboard should be enough for you. Many new uses of the keyboard resulted in more and more keys, which are unnecessary for many users.

If a keyboard has more than 100 keys, multimedia keys are already included. This can be used, for example, to adjust the volume, the speed of scrolling or the brightness of the screen. Likewise, duplicate keys, such as FN keys, special characters, or the space bar, are included in these models for custom storage.

The selection of special characters can be activated in most keyboards by pressing the shift key. FN keys are multi-assignable keys, most of which have already been preprogrammed. The FN stands for function. They can be found on every common keyboard. Macro keys are keyboard shortcuts for defined commands, such as Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager. Macro keys can be pre-programmed or self-created and triggered at a single press

In the case of the wireless keyboards with compact design, many models have much fewer keys. They usually have the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9, in most models, however, without a numeric keypad.

Keyboards with palm rest

Wrist restraints are particularly popular with gamers and professional writers. This protects the wrist and the bale for fatigue-free use. The shelf serves as a smooth transition between the desk and keyboard. This transition is recommended if the keyboard has extra thick keys.

But gel pads can also be used to make typing easier and easier. If the keyboard has an ergonomic shape including a touchpad, it offers especially frequent typewriters in everyday office work easier and faster handling without getting tired quickly.

Cleaning and care of the keyboard

The keyboard forms the focal point on every desk. Of course, she gets dirty very quickly. Whether dust, drops of saliva from talking or coughing, crumbs or spilled coffee, the keyboard usually gets it off first. Particularly affected by this pollution are the spaces between the keys. These are a good breeding ground for germs. In some tests, it has even been discovered that uncleaned keyboards can be dirtier than the toilet seat. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the keyboard regularly.

Dirt and dust

Dust and dirt quickly settle on the keys and in the interstices. Luckily, there are many remedies that can help remove this dirt. With a brush, microfiber cloth or a small brush, it is possible to remove the loose dirt. Especially a brush is well suited to get into the small spaces. You can also use compressed air spray or a small hand pump.

Sits the dust especially deep, you can also use a hand-held vacuum or vacuum cleaner use with compatible tops, to achieve a truly thorough result in cleaning your keyboard. However, you must be careful that you do not remove any keys accidentally. Make sure that either the keys are firmly seated or that all keys and other small items have already been removed to replace them after vacuuming.

If the dirt has set too much, helps window cleaner or other similar cleaning agents that do not attack the plastic of the keyboard. For this purpose, the agent of choice is sprayed onto the housing and into the spaces between the keyboard and then wiped off with a microfibre cloth.

How can I prevent my keyboard from getting dirty from the start?

With keyboards that are much used, a protective film can help prevent excessive contamination. Such a film prevents the formation of heavy dirt, especially in the interstices, but can increase the resistance of the keys. However, the operability of the keys is not greatly affected.

A film also prevents the ingress of moisture and protects the keys from damp or dirty fingers. This makes it possible to extend the life of the keyboard a bit.

An overview of the best-known manufacturers

Numerous well-known companies in the field of keyboard production have developed. An overview follows for you:

  • Logitech: Logitech is a Swiss-based manufacturer headquartered in the city of Apples, Switzerland, with an operational headquarters in Newark, California. The company owns one of the largest product ranges of keyboards, webcams, mice, joysticks, headsets, and speakers and sells its products in over 100 countries. Logitech was founded in 1981.
  • Sharkoon: Sharkoon is located in Linden and was founded in 2003. The product range includes software and hardware around the computer. Locations are located in Taiwan and Germany. Sharkoon sells its goods worldwide. The company is known for low prices and high quality.
  • Razer:  Razer is a Californian manufacturer headquartered in San Diego. Razer’s products are mouse pads, keyboards, and mice, which are primarily adapted to the needs of gamers. The company was founded in 1998.
  • Cherry: Cherry was founded in 1953 in the USA. 1963 Foundation of the German branch. In 1979, the headquarters were relocated to Germany. Since 1967, keyboards have been produced for computers. In 2011, the company was dissolved and merged with ZF Friedrichshafen AG.
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