10 Best Isat Prep Books: Reviews and Buying Guide

A good SAT score can help you enter the university of your choice. Fortunately, the SAT is not a test based on intelligence alone. Through an appropriate study, you can improve your score. Some students choose to take a preparation class, but you can learn much of the same information through self-study with SAT preparation books. If you are not sure which is the best book to use, check out the following descriptions of the best books to prepare for the SAT.

Top 10 Isat Prep Books

The Official Study Guide for SAT

The College Board, which creates the SAT, offers the book entitled “The Official SAT Study Guide”. Other SAT study books are not allowed to use copies of actual SAT tests, but this book uses real SAT tests and questions to practice, which gives you a more realistic view of what the test is like. The book includes eight practice tests, as well as information to help you understand what to expect from each section and tips for taking the test.

Cracking the SAT

The Princeton Review is a recognized SAT preparation company that offers the book “Cracking the SAT” for students who are unable to take their official courses or who want supplementary materials. The book focuses on skills to take exams for the SAT, as well as tests and practice questions and general information about the sections of the exam. In particular, “Cracking the SAT” will teach you how to answer a question when you do not know what the answer is. It is important to note that the tests and practice questions are not true SATs.

Study guides for Kaplan’s SAT

Kaplan is another company that offers in-person tutorials, as well as a variety of study guides, including a book of 12 practice tests and separate books to help you prepare for the different sections. The Kaplan book series also has extensive explanations of the correct answers.

The Ring of McAllister

“The Ring of McAllister” (“The Ring of McAllister”) offers a unique approach to studying the verbal section of the SAT. It is a mystery novel that uses 1000 words of the SAT vocabulary that you should know before taking the test. It includes a glossary so that it is easy to look up the definitions of the words. For some, this method of learning vocabulary can be more effective than trying to memorize word lists. The author, Robert Marantz, was the project manager of the SAT Kaplan preparation company, during which time he co-wrote some of the company’s test preparation software.

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