Top 5 Best Infinity Massage Chairs – Features, Pros/Cons and Reviews

Do you want to get rid of a chronic pain, the stiffness of muscles or swollen feet? The best way to get rid of all of them is to get regular massage sessions from an expert massage therapist. If you are unable to hire the services of a professional therapist, just buy a suitable massage chair that could work in a humanized way to deliver a soothing and relieving massage to get you rid of the stiffness of tissues and pains. There are many brands available on the market to confuse your choices. But I would like you to go for Infinity as it is a reliable brand in massage chairs. It is economical to buy an infinity massage chair that brings a solution to all of your problems in one massage. Let’s see different types of massage chairs by Infinity.

Top 5 Infinity Massage Chairs

Model Built-in Programs Heating System Zero Gravity Backrest Other Features
Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500X3


6 auto and 4 latest manual programs Full heat blanket Dual zero gravity positioning S-Shaped 3D technology, foot and calf massager adjustable, quieter massage chair
Infinity Riage X3 3D Massage Chair


8 Pre-set and various manual programs Heat system partial Zero gravity up to 180 degree SL-Track 49” stroke length to accommodate a taller client iOS and Android enabled chair, high-quality speakers, adjustable back and foot massager
Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500


4 pre-set and 6 manual programs Lumbar Heat Technology Two Zero gravity positions S Track Decompression Stretch Technology, USB Sound System
Infinity Massage Chair IT-Escape-CB


6 auto, 8 manual programs Partial heating system Zero gravity at 180 degree S track Adjustable foot massager, speed and intensity adjustable, heating system
Infinity Massage Chair IT-Evoke-CB


A wide range of manual programs Partial heating system Two zero gravity positions S track Compression Therapy, 38 airbags for intense compression, triple layer of airbags for humanized massage

Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500X3

Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500X3


  • There are 6 auto and 4 latest programs added to the massage chair that can be used individually or in the combination.
  • The chair comes with ultra modern 3D technology for a humanized massage.
  • The foot and calf massager contains 6 sets of rollers and 8 airbags.
  • The foot and calf massager is adjustable up to 6 inches.
  • It remains quieter during operation.
  • It has a heating system for the entire body


  • None

The ultra-modern 3D technology makes the massage techniques human-like with the varying pressure and mild or pressured strokes now and then. It is one of the advanced massage recliner chairs among all. You can adjust the roller depth from low to deep and powerful muscular massage for a regular blood circulation.

The chair comes with different modes and types of massage to suit the needs of a large variety of people. It contains 6 auto programs with 4 new built-in modes to suit the needs of every person whether he is an athlete, sportsman, businessman or a younger student of 14+ years old.

The foot and calf massager has 6 sets of rollers to melt the knots in your muscles and limbs. There are 8 airbags for a deep tissue massage for arch, sole, heel and toes. The airbags at the ankles work with stretch and contracts technology to get you rid of the swellings and the joints pain. The footpad is adjustable up to 6 inches to accommodate a taller person.

The 8 airbags at the legs work with squeezing, kneading, rolling and swinging massage techniques to make your muscles completely peaceful and comfortable. The people with join pain come in a complete soothing state.

It contains Bluetooth capability. You don’t feel boredom while sitting in the chair for a massage session. You can enjoy listening to your favorite MP3 songs or any other audio program to kill your boredom. It keeps you in touch with your activities and does not let you feel boredom.

The slimmer remote control comes with more powerful functioning. You can any time set another massage program, set the mode of massage, set time duration or change the mode when you like it.

The IT-8500×3 works quietly without creating noise. It does not disturb your kids if they are sleeping in the room. You can easily concentrate on the reading newspaper while your spouse is taking massage session.

It comes with a powerful sensor to detect the length of your shoulders for a more peaceful massage. If you have broad shoulders, you may not be getting a satisfying shoulder massage in any other massage recliner chair. IT-8500×3’s powerful sensor detects the length of your shoulders and works through it deeply.

The heating massage soothes your muscles completely. You can use it individually or with a combination of other massage modes for a more effective and peaceful massage. It gently warms up your limbs and tissues to loosen them and reduces the pain gradually.

Don’t worry about your electricity bill. It uses a very low amount of voltage i.e. 220W when it is working in dual functioning mode. So, it does not let your electricity bill rising up.

It comes with an S-Track in the backrest to give you a relax sitting in the chair. The S-shape suits your natural curve of the spine and lets the massage mechanism at the back work its best for a deep tissue massage.

Infinity Riage X3 3D Massage Chair

Infinity Riage X3 3D Massage Chair


  • There are 8 pre-set massage programs with a lot of manual combinations.
  • The zero gravity is its prominent feature.
  • You can operate the chair by using your iOS or Android device.
  • It comes with high-quality speakers to make your boredom go away.


  • It does not come with a heat blanket.

It has been designed with a cutting edge 49” stroke length to accommodate a taller client. The SL-track of the backrest improves your natural posture and promises a great massage for a soothing and calming state of mind. This mechanism measures your spine to work effectively from your neck to the lower back for your entire satisfaction.

There are 8 auto programs with a wide range of manual combinations you can use for up to 30 minutes. It contains all effective massage techniques including Shiatsu, Heating, Vibration, Kneading and Tapping, etc.

The foot massager contains 3 rolling massagers to penetrate deep strokes on the calves, arches, soles and the toes. The 8 airbags work effectively with rollers to melt the knots in foot tissues.

The heat massage works on shoulders, upper and lower back, legs and arms. It improves the muscular functioning and restores the healthy circulation of the blood from the heart to all parts of your body.

It comes with high-quality speakers and Bluetooth technology. You can listen to your favorite songs or audio books while having a massage session on it. Moreover, it features Android and Apple apps. So, you can operate the massage chair by using your iOS device or Android device.

The true zero gravity technology in the chair makes you feel like floating across the sky. It brings your body into a condition where the vertical pressure of your body is finished and all your weight is spread on the chair horizontally. So, in such weightlessness, you experience the best strokes of the massage techniques on your entire body.

It comes with space saving technology. The innovative design of the chair needs only 3 inches away from the wall while functioning.

It needs less amount of energy when it is operational in dual massage technology. It only requires 240 Watts of energy and uses a constant voltage.

Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500

Infinity Massage Chair IT-8500



  • It has Decompression Stretch technology for full body massage with great soothing and comfortable outcomes.
  • The Lumbar Heat technology provides your upper and lower back intense heat for a deep tissue massage.
  • There are two zero gravity positions you can enjoy with true weightlessness.
  • The USB Sound System enables you to continue listening to the music or other MP3 files while having the massage session.


  • The heat blanket is not included.

The signature feature of this ideal massage chair is the Decompression Stretch technology. When you are using the full body massage mode, the Decompression stretch works intensively to grip your shoulders and legs area to sooth the joints and spine area. It works in back massage partially and on the full body in full body massage to make you mentally and physically more peaceful.

There are two zero gravity positions in the chair. In the zero gravity position, your knees are elevated to the same level of your heart to make the strokes and kneading more comfortable.

The people having bad back will love its Spinal Correction feature. It works on the basis of intense stretching to extend the spine and to decompress the surrounding area for a perfect spine posture. Thus, you get rid of all kinds of backaches within a few massage sessions.

The Lumbar Heat technology soothes the lower and upper back for a soothing sensation. It loosens your tight muscles and works to make you comfortable and relax. It works the best for the sportsmen and athletes.

The USB sound system works to kill your boredom. You can listen to your desired songs and MP3 documentaries while having a massage session. So, it keeps you in touch with your activities all the time.

The intensity of the massage, speed of the rollers and the time duration can be adjusted according to your requirements. The intensity comes with 4 levels while the speed has 5 different levels.

Infinity Massage Chair IT-Escape-CB

Infinity Massage Chair IT-Escape-CB


  • It contains 6 pre-set and 8 manual programs.
  • The S-track in the backrest improves your posture.
  • It has Zero gravity positioning at 180 degrees.
  • The massage chair contains an adjustable foot massager.
  • The heating massage technique soothes your muscles to reduce pains and to regulate the blood circulation.


  • The heating system is not for the full body.

The zero gravity positioning brings your body in such a state where you get a deep tissue massage in weightlessness. It eliminates your vertical pressure on the spine and spreads your entire weight on the chair horizontally for a perfect and more soothing massage.

The 47” longer backrest is perfect for the taller clients. The backrest of the chair comes with S-track that fits your natural body posture. It improves the backbench and makes your posture perfectly natural by removing the backaches.

It contains 6 auto programs with 8 manual programs that can be used individually or in combination. The manual programs include Kneading, Shiatsu, Tapping, Clapping and Heat massage therapy.

You can adjust the intensity in 5 different levels while the speed in 4 different levels. You can do it by using the manual system of the chair or by using the slim remote control that comes with the chair. It can be used to control the massage program, to set the time duration or the intensity.

The heating massage therapy makes your muscles more refreshed and comfortable. It loosens the tight muscles and works to rejuvenate the tissues around your spine. It works with the Shiatsu technology perfectly to bring you into the more peaceful state by removing your pains. Your joints get enough warmth to work properly.

The foot massager is adjustable. In every foot massager unit, it contains 4 airbags and 2 rolling massager to work more effectively on the soles, arches and heels.

Infinity Massage Chair IT-Evoke-CB

Infinity Massage Chair IT-Evoke-CB


  • It contains 38 airbags for an intense compression.
  • It comes with Compression Therapy for full body massage.
  • The S-Track on the back improves your natural spine posture.
  • There are two Zero gravity positions.
  • The foot massager is adjustable.
  • The heating function soothes your lower and upper back.
  • The triple layer airbags work in a humanized way.


  • The heat therapy is not for the full body.

It has 38 airbags for full body intense and mild compression therapy massage. The Compression Therapy improves the blood flow from the heart to the other parts of the body. It lowers the blood pressure level. When you use it with dual intensity, it makes your joints more functional and lessens the joints pain.

The zero gravity positioning promotes your mental and physical health and removes the fatigue entirely. It reduces the heart rate and loosens your strained muscles. You experience weightlessness during and after the massage session.

The triple layer of the airbags on the back, arms and the legs provide with the sufficient support for a deep tissue massage. When you are getting a full body deep kneading, it improves your blood circulation and rejuvenates your skin.

The foot massager is adjustable and it is capable of deep tissue massage to melt the knots. There are 8 airbags in each foot massage unit with 6 rollers for an intense sole massage.

The heated massage gradually improves the functionality of your tissues and limbs and restores the blood circulation function. It warms up your lower and upper back, neck and the hips area.

The heat intensity has 4 levels while the speed of the massage modes can be adjusted in 3 different levels.

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