10 Best Indoor Grills: Reviews and Buying Guide

It is totally normal that, when the hot and sunny season arrives, you will want to roast your favorite meats and vegetables in the garden of your house. However, if you live in an apartment or a house without outdoor space, things get complicated. But, do not worry, there is a solution to everything. You can always opt for indoor grills, which use electric heating elements and mimic the heating of the outdoor grill. Know in this guide what are the best grills you can use inside the house.

In a country that is among the first consumers of fish in the world, it is impossible to make a ranking. However, these are unique places for their proposal, for the origin and quality of the raw material or for the way in which they cook it.

Top 10 Indoor Grills

To choose which barbecue to buy simply we have to worry about thinking about how many people we can get to cook and what space we have available to place our barbecue. With this in mind, we can now move on to the next level that consists of the comfort of the cook, how often we are going to use the barbecue and if our budget is designed for a purchase that will last for years or we just want to go out of the step.

5 tips before buying a barbecue

We present these tips that we consider essential when choosing which barbecue to buy. That your barbecue meets these 5 requirements will be a guarantee that the product is of quality and that you will be able to enjoy it with total comfort and safety.

  1. Must be able to move comfortably, without force. At any time we can change your location or accommodate it better if you have wheels.
  2. Ideally, the structure should be made of iron, steel or similar alloy so that the metal will heat well and retain the heat. If you have a cover to cook with the smoke, you should perfectly cover the whole barbecue and have very good ventilation for the exit of the smoke.
  3. The barbecue grill should be stainless steel, easy to clean and hygienic. We will discard any barbecue that does not have its grill built in stainless steel since over time rust may appear and this is difficult to remove and it also affects the flavor of the food.
  4. The barbecue that we are going to buy must have different possibilities of regulating the height of the grill. These levels are essential to be able to control them during the whole cooking so that everything is to our liking.
  5. Finally, the design of the barbecue must be able to stand firm, rigid and safe to the floor or surface where it is supported to be able to handle the fire with total safety and control. If the barbecue is uneven, it is likely to end up yielding and falling.

Keeping clear these 5 points, we will see all the possibilities we have to find the best barbecue that suits price and performance.

Woodburning or coal Ultranatura Denver with 2 combustion chambers

If you have entered this post looking for a charcoal barbecue or firewood outside and fully functional, we recommend without hesitation that you opt for this excellent Ultranatura Denver barbecue.

With this garden barbecue, you can serve many people for hours. Thanks to the fact that it is provided with an isolated module to prepare the ember, you will have plenty of fuel to prepare large quantities of food. In addition, it will allow you to add the fire to the cooking as you need it, increasing your control over the temperature of the whole barbecue.

Advantages and opinions of the Ultranatura Denver barbecue

  1. Great value for the price. For less than € 200 you have a two-level barbecue to entertain all your guests whatever they may be. 10, 20 people? No problems during the whole day.
  2. The structure built in iron allows an excellent distribution of heat as well as having an efficient lid to make smoked. Optimal for birds, fish, and vegetables.
  3. The annex for charcoal or firewood can also be closed, achieving a perfect oven ideal for smoked and pizzas. You can also make whole pieces of pork or lamb over low heat with total efficiency. The Ultranatura Denver barbecue comes standard with a fireplace.
  4. It has a perfect closing and an excellent smoke output which allows having control at all times.
  5. The only one we see against him is his metal wheels. Difficult to move on land or grass so we recommend placing this barbecue on firm ground. If we put it on the ground, plan ahead to move it as little as possible.
  6. The assembly instructions are a bit confusing. Better to be guided by intuition. Approximate time to complete it: 1 hour.
  7. Before the first use, burn charcoal or firewood for a long time to clean it of any residue that has remained in the factory. From this and if you are going to leave it out in the open, consider having a cover to protect it from rain and dew.

Tepro Toronto. Charcoal barbecue with height regulator

A good option is to buy a Tepro Toronto barbecue if what we have in mind are evenings for up to 8 people. This barbecue stands out for the robustness of its construction and materials. In addition to having rubber wheels with good grip to the ground, whether dirt, grass or concrete, you can move with total comfort and safety.

It is small but very bully. To emphasize the excellent work of design in the final product and the assembly, that comes perfectly indicated in the instruction.

The smoked lid has a well-constructed and reliable temperature thermometer. At full capacity, we can treat this barbecue as if it were an oven, with all its advantages to cook whole pieces or even pizzas, vegetables and fish.

Finally, this barbecue has a good pair of wheels suitable to move on any surface which undoubtedly gives us a plus of comfort, safety, and comfort.

Buy cheap barbecue. Price.

Of course, among all the options we have when buying our barbecue are the cheap ones and the results. This type of cheap barbecues will save us in a hurry or from a specific situation without major problems.

That yes, we do not ask for durability and quality in materials since we will find many shortcomings if we use them often. But there they are, for less than € 50 you will have a barbecue that will get you out of the way without problems.

Normally the material with which cheap barbecues are built is brass. This low-quality metal is very prone to premature oxidation so if we decide to keep our barbecue it is essential to keep it away from wet situations. A good cover and away from damp places will be enough?

NOTE: Whenever we buy a new barbecue, before placing the food, it is better to let it heat for a long time to eliminate any remaining material.

Buy gas barbecues

If you have decided to buy a gas barbecue, it is because you are going to put it to good use. Gas barbecues have the main advantage of cleanliness and comfort when working with them. Of course, they are also a little more spacious (minimum size of butane or Campingaz cylinder). The gas barbecues are made of stainless steel and are robust.

The manufacturers pay special attention to the wheels since with a full bottle it would be too bulky to move with it, so we recommend that you always have them. The other great advantage of buying a gas barbecue is the economy. If we are going to use it often, the gas lasts much longer and is cheaper than wood or coal.

Our choice goes for the gas barbecue of Campingaz.

  • We chose it because it is very robust, comfortable size for 5/7 people.
  • It comes with lava stones, optimal heat retention and ideal for cooking delicate foods.
  • Very good power, 7000 w with two steel burners.
  • Auxiliary tables can be folded very easily, taking up less space.
  • In the smoked lid, we have an embedded thermometer with very good visualization and real temperature measurement.

Buy barbecues for interiors without smoke

If you have outdoor space, do not worry that you also have options to make a good barbecue at home. The choice goes through a product that is practical, comfortable to use and clean.

Ideally, an indoor barbecue should be easy to move and we will use it mainly on the kitchen countertop, where we have the stove or the plate and under the extractor. Therefore, it is also important that it has a contained weight and that it does not transmit heat, especially if we have children at home.


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