10 Best Headsets: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you telephone quite often, then a headset is ideal for you. This means that you always have your hands free and can work, write or even play on the computer in parallel.

But which headset is best suited for you depending on the application and what should be considered in the selection? We have compiled an extensive buying consultation on this page, which you can easily orient yourself to.

This also contains the 10 best headsets that are available for selection. In addition, we have evaluated some reviews of other consumer and electronic magazines in detail.

Top 10 Headsets

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Which models could prevail in the headset test of the consumer magazine of the Stiftung Warentest?

The consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a concrete comparison of the best headsets yet. In the menu item of the headphones and loudspeakers, however, there are primarily other product groups that have been examined more closely to date.

However, if Stiftung Warentest carries out a headset test in the future, we will update this article here so that you can continue to find out about the best models.

What do other technical and electronic magazines say about the headsets of the leading brand manufacturers?

Unfortunately, most electronic magazines have given a closer look to headsets for gamers, and usually no explanations as far as the other models are concerned, such as PC headsets or headsets for smartphones. Like the magazine Netzwelt.

In a test of the 9 best headsets for gamers, for example, it was found that the price range of the offered models is quite extensive. Thus, versions were compared, which are offered for 30 to 160 €. The winner was the model Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition because the workmanship is at a very high level and the comfortable wearing comfort was positively assessed.

According to the technical magazine, there are still some good alternatives for you to buy, such as the headsets Logitech G433, Nubwo N2 and the Sennheiser Game One, which was designed in very high-quality design. If you are interested in further results from this test of the best headsets for players, you will find more information on this page of the magazine Netzwelt.

Headset Buying Advice: All the tips for choosing the right models

Which versions of the headsets are available?

Today, many consumers rely on headsets, and usage patterns are always different. There are, for example, the gaming headsets, which are used very often by computer gamers and offer the advantage that one can talk in multiplayer games with the opponents or playmates.

In addition to these headsets, there are also the so-called PC headsets to buy, which are mainly used when working on the computer. The same applies to smartphone headsets, which are connected to the electronic companion.

Enclosed we have put together an overview with all the details about these types of headset, where you can orient yourself.

  • Gaming headsets

For more fun, while playing, you can have a well-equipped headset for real gamers. So not only interact with other players and opponents but at the same time keep full control during the game, which is very convenient. So, a good gaming headset not only processes the audio input from you, but also ensures that you can immerse yourself in sound technology very well and, above all, directly in the game world.

Especially high-quality headsets for gamers are characterized not only with a top-processing and a comfortable fit but also often with a noise reduction, which is also known as noise canceling. Thus, the sounds are filtered from the environment, so you almost exclusively perceive the sound from the game world.

Good gaming headsets can be purchased from a variety of brands, with the option of earphones and over-ear headphones.

  • Wireless Bluetooth headsets

For maximum flexibility, wireless headsets are what most manufacturers sell as wireless headsets. Appropriate models are available with both a hanger and a clip for the ear for you to buy, both variants each have advantages and disadvantages. For example, with Bluetooth headsets, you can make sure you have your hands free while driving.

  • Headsets

If you work frequently on the computer and use programs like Skype, you can use the time with a PC headset and write on the keyboard or do other things in parallel calls, which is highly recommended in terms of efficiency. Classic headsets of this type have a so-called boom microphone. The advantage of this microphone is that you can fold it away with just one hand, for example, to grab a glass of water. Compared to good headsets for gamers, these designs are usually much cheaper. But there are also expensive PC headsets, which are usually wireless. This has the advantage that you no longer have to worry about a cable when you wear such a PC headset on the head.

  • Headsets for smartphones

On the way, even special smartphone headsets are ideal for you. So while you’re walking, you can conveniently take calls and communicate with people without limiting your attention. Naturally, your hands will also be free for you to do other activities. Straight headsets for smartphones are already available for a fairly low price to buy, which nevertheless have a solid quality in terms of sound and processing. Further up you will find some product recommendations that you can use to orient yourself.

  • Headsets for athletes

If, for example, you want to listen to music while jogging, you can rely on a special in-ear headset, which can be easily connected to the smartphone via cable. For example, listen to an audiobook or listen to a podcast.

  • In-ear headsets

Headsets of this type are also often referred to as earplugs, with the front piece of the headphones must be plugged directly into the ear canal. Since these in-ear headsets are equipped with soft silicone, you benefit from a good wearing comfort. But make sure that a firm fit of the headphones is guaranteed.

  • On-ear headsets

These headsets are located directly on the ears and are composed of several speakers, which are usually connected to a bracket. The overlay on the ears has solid padding, with manufacturers using different materials.

  • Over-ear headsets

Over-ear headsets surround the ears. Thus, better shielding of the noise is ensured, as far as the outside area. Plus, even at high volumes, you can make sure that the outside world rarely hears what music you’re listening to.

The key criteria you should look for when buying a headset

Now that we have summarized the overview of the different versions of the headsets, we would now like to take a closer look at the most important features. This concerns the topics of the design, connections and an active noise suppression. Depending on user behavior and sound quality requirements, you should place an individual value on the specific properties of such a headset.

  •  sound quality

Especially in the case of headsets, most consumers do not expect the best sound quality, especially the models that are used when working on the PC. Of course, other users may also look a little different in terms of sound quality requirements. So pay attention to the descriptions of the individual models of the manufacturers, such as a surround sound or similar things. Some brands are also primarily known for their headset’s emphasis on bass-rich music. This is especially noticeable in the field of gaming headsets.

  • microphone

Of course, the quality of the installed microphones differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the case of a headset, it is above all important that your voice is picked up as well as possible from the microphone and transmitted, for example, to the contact with whom you are currently on the phone. For example, when selecting your headset, look for customer reviews where consumers are talking in detail about microphone quality. Finally, the microphone should be well suited, at least for voice transmissions, if you want to commit yourself to a new headset.

  • Ironing form

Commercially available PC headsets are usually equipped with a classic ear hook. This can be adapted to the head exactly as you would like it to be as a user. But there are also some models with a neckband for you to buy, which represent another alternative. Classic gaming headsets, on the other hand, are usually over-ear headphones that are in demand.

  • Noise-canceling

This describes the active noise reduction by the manufacturers. In this way, the brands attach special microphones to the headphones that filter the soundscape accordingly so that you as the user can listen to music undisturbed. However, good headsets that have such a feature tend to cost a pretty hefty price. On the other hand, assuming such noise suppression, you will definitely opt for this feature.

  • connections

In general, the manufacturers of the headsets equip the models with a classic 3.5mm jack connector. But there are also headsets to buy, which are connected via USB to an audio source. However, if the headset has no cable, a Bluetooth connection is always necessary. So keep in mind that the audio source supports this wireless technology, which is usually the case with standard smartphones, computers, and game consoles.

  • comfort

The wearing comfort plays a central role with headphones. Of course, this also applies to the headsets, which are often a little lighter than conventional headphones. Nevertheless, after ordering a headset on the Internet, you should check whether the model really fits you well and sits comfortably on your head.

  • Headsets with or without cable

If you would like to save as much money as possible when you buy a new headset, it is recommended that you rely on a wired model. For maximum flexibility, you benefit from wireless headsets. But keep in mind that these headsets are then equipped with a rechargeable battery that always needs recharging. Checking the battery life specified by the manufacturer is therefore definitely recommended if you are interested in a specific design.

  • Conclusion on the selection of a new headset

With a headset, you can easily listen to music while working on the computer, or make sure you communicate with other people while you play.

Basically, you should budget for a certain budget depending on the demands on the sound quality and processing of the headsets. For classic PC headsets, beginners can find just the right models from only € 20, which translate the language into solid quality. Nevertheless, it is advisable to spend a little more money here, for example, if you require a movable microphone armor if you want to use a remote control that can be used to adjust the volume or to switch the microphone on and off.

If you have a gamer headset, you should budget a few more euros. Beginner models are recommended from 50 €, which are usually characterized by a rich sound with a solid comfort. More expensive headsets are available in wireless versions for you to order and also offer some advantages that should not be ignored.

With headsets for smartphones, however, you can already get good models for sporting activities for quite a bit of money. From 20 € but you make no mistake. However, if you would like to make mobile calls while on the move using a wireless Bluetooth headset, you should expect a significantly higher sum.

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